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- Hello, my name is Pamela Apkarian-Russell
and I am the Halloween Queen,
which is my registered trademark,
and this is Castle Halloween Museum.
Welcome to Castle Halloween Museum!
Ooh, lightning!
This fireplace and mantle came from a miniature golf course
in Windsor Locks, Connecticut.
We have approximately 35,000 items here at the museum.
48 years of collecting.
Whether its folk art, pottery, paintings,
spiritualism, the Salem Witch Trials.
What's a witch without her hat?
This is the Costume Room.
There are over a thousand costumes in this room.
They were not flame-proof
and don't forget these people were using live candles
at this time.
Over here we cover over a hundred years of games.
But of course, you have the Ouija Board.
If you're a good person, you bring good things out.
If you're a bad person, you're gonna bring bad things out.
It's you that brings the things to you.
Memento Mori was for remembering the dead.
They're interesting because they're made of human hair.
It was like having that person there with you.
These are the Earth Spirits.
I would love to have one of these guys come alive
in my yard and just come in here
and just be part of my life.
It was junk, as far as people were concerned.
That's how I got my moniker, the Halloween Queen.
We were set up in a very posh antique show
and this man took great umbrage to my big Halloween display,
really very snobbish.
"I don't want all this Halloween Queen junk."
I remember looking at him and saying,
"if you don't like it, leave."
Now, especially after my books came out
and people started seeing the value
and the sophistication of the artwork
and the beauty of the artwork,
then all of a sudden it started coming out of the woodwork.
Halloween has nothing to do with blood and gore.
It was a way of giving.
It represents the harvest
and the fact that you're gonna make it through the winter.
It's the life force being kept unbroken.
Real life, it can be very, very harsh and ugly.
Halloween, it's a healing process.
It's like you have a big cauldron of water
and you start putting in all these wonderful spices,
whether it's the voodoo flags, the Day of the Dead,
the Easter Witches from Sweden, the troll from Norway.
It gathers things together.
It is intolerant of intolerance.
This is what makes our lives richer.
Hubba hubba, dingle dangle,
I can see from every angle.
- Who said that?
- It was in a magazine or a book
from a hundred thousand years ago.
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On Witch Watch at Castle Halloween Museum

25 Folder Collection
ally.chang published on March 9, 2020
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