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Welcome to TPM Vids Disney Beat where we talk about all things Disney!
D23 is the ultimate Disney fan expo that happens every two years in Anaheim California
This Year's D23 just ended and there are some pretty exciting announcements made about additions to the Disney Parks
In particular to Walt Disney World. Some were just confirmations of rumors that were circling the internet for the past year
but some were complete surprises and very welcome additions. The parks and resort panel is arguably one of the most
popular panels at D23 and Bob Capex, President of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts,
lead the presentation. A big focus of the announcements was on the reimagining of Epcot.
Capex said Disney is thinking big on this part. More timeless. More relevant. And more Disney.
So today we're going to be counting down the top 10 new additions and attractions for the Walt Disney World Resort
Starting our list off at number 10
We have a brand new outer space themed restaurant that will find its home adjacent to the mission space attraction at Epcot
This was the concept art released this weekend for the new table service restaurant, and it looks like it's going to be a very cool
futuristic looking place. A very welcome addition to the restaurant lineup at Epcot
Next at number 9 is Toy Story Land. It was announced at D23 in
2015 that Toy Story Land would be built at Disney Hollywood Studios and
construction is already well underway. Some new concept art was released this weekend showing the entrance to the Slinky Dog Dash
attraction and they also announced that this new land will have an opening of summer of 2018 which is only a year away
No exact Date was given
But you can probably expect this new land to have soft opening sometime near the end of may beginning of June
fully opening in time for the busy summer months
At number 8 on the List we have the Disney Skyliner
The Disney Skyliner is a set of gondolas that will connect guests from Disney's Art of Animation, Pop Century, and Caribbean Beach Resort
with Disney Hollywood Studios and the International Gateway at Epcot
This will be the newest mode of transportation to get around the Walt Disney World Resort
which kind of pays homage to the old Skyway attraction at Magic Kingdom. The gondolas will be themed to your favorite Disney characters,
which is shown in that concept art, and will give guests a bird's-eye view of the Walt Disney World resort
At number 7 we have the Star Wars
Immersion hotel. That's right, a fully 100%
immersive, Star Wars hotel experience. There will be a multi-day adventure where you become an active citizen of the Galaxy
including being supplied with a costume
Every window in the Resort will have a view of space and will be unlike any other hotel experience at the Walt Disney World resort
No exact opening or location has been announced
but it would make sense that this new hotel is open by the time Star Wars Land at
Disney Hollywood Studios is fully opened, which is expected to be in 2019
Which brings us to number 6, Star Wars Land. Like Toy Story Land
construction is already underway at Disney Hollywood Studios for Star Wars Land well
We can all stop calling it a Star Wars Land because alongside the new model that was on display at the expo
it was also announced that this land will now be called Star Wars Galaxies Edge
It's going to be a brand new unnamed planet. Many characters from the films will be featured in this new land including BB-8
Chewbacca and the droid Rex. It will first open at Disneyland in Anaheim and then shortly after at
Disney Hollywood Studios in Orlando
with an expected opening date of
Looking at this new Model
You can see just how immersive and detailed this land is going to be and if Pandora is any indicator
Star Wars Galaxies Edge will really be something special
Next taking the number 5 spot on our list is the Magic Kingdom Theater
based off the Willis Wood Theater in Kansas City. This new theater at Magic Kingdom will be located right off
Main Street in the backstage areas between Main Street and
Tomorrowland. This overhead map shows where the approximate location would be but it has not been officially confirmed
The new theater will bring the caliber of shows that are presented in the hyperion theater at Disney California Adventure
This is a very welcome addition for Magic Kingdom since the park desperately needs capacity
And it's not a major addition that will draw even more people to the park. No exact opening date has been announced
Coming in at number 4 is Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway
This new ride will find its home in the Chinese Theater at Disney's Hollywood Studios
replacing The Great Movie ride which will have a final operating day on August 13th 2017
Now this is the first ever ride built around Mickey Mouse in the parks history
It's going to feature the look of the current Mickey Mouse shorts on the Disney Channel
and will take Riders inside the unpredictable world in Mickey's mind
So they're describing this ride to be two and a half d not 3D
so no 3D glasses will be required and it's going to be using a trackless ride vehicle system
Which is already debuted at other attractions in international Disney parks. Although not officially announced, it's rumored to have a
2019 opening date.
Next on our list at number 3 is the Ratatouille
attraction at Epcot as part of the
redevelopment of Epcot. The France Pavilion in World Showcase
will receive a brand new Ratatouille ride that is going to be brought over from Disneyland Paris
This ride will be added to a brand new area of the Pavilion right past the Eiffel Tower, in what's now a
backstage area. World showcase has always been a little sparse on rides and considering how the movie takes place in France
it seems like a fitting location for this new ride
So you'll be able to shrink down to the size of Remy through a journey in the kitchen on another
trackless ride vehicle. This attraction is expected to be open for the 50th anniversary in 2021
At number 2 we have Guardians of the Galaxy. It was announced at D23 that the
fantastic world would become real and a guardians of the Galaxy inspired Ride will find a new home at Epcot
replacing universe of energy. Now Capex did say that Guardians will follow an Epcot type story and is also
expected to be open in time for the 50th anniversary in 2021. So the ride is rumored to be a new rollercoaster
with the queue and the pre-show being built in the existing universe of energy building. Based on recent
permits that were filed the coaster and the ride would be housed in a brand new building that's going to be built behind
Universe of Energy. Universe of Energy will have its last day of operation on August 13th 2017.
And the number 1 new addition that will be added to the Walt Disney World Resort
Tron. The hugely popular Tron coaster from Shanghai Disneyland
will be brought over to Orlando at the Magic Kingdom
It's going to be built in Tomorrowland
right beside space mountain. As you can see in the concept art it shows it will be placed directly
behind the small land Speedway with the railroad and train going right through the right queue. Like we said earlier
Magic Kingdom really needs more capacity and this thrilling fast paced coaster will be a welcome addition to Walt Disney World
It's expected to be open by the 50th Anniversary in 2021
So which edition are you most excited for and if you have any other opinions on the additions announced for Walt Disney world
at 23, whether their negative or positive, feel free to leave a comment below and start a conversation
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Top 10 NEW Attractions Coming to Walt Disney World | D23 Expo 2017

6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 9, 2020
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