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The Chip & Dale cartoon characters were created in 1943 by Walt Disney Productions.
Their names are based off the last name of the famous 18th century British cabinet maker,
Thomas Chippendale.
They aren’t part of the fab 5 but they’re definitely some of the original characters
that were seen in the park when Disneyland first opened in 1955.
Now before we go any further there’s probably a lot of you that don’t know the difference
between Chip and Dale, so we’ll break it down.
Chip: he has a black nose, like a chocolate chip cookie, and has one tooth.
Dale on the other hand has a dark red nose and two spaced out teeth.
Today he’d definitely need braces.
He also has a little bit of hair on the top of his head, cause you know he's cool like that
So now that we have that out of the way, today we’re gonna be looking at the history of
Chip and Dale in the Disney Parks and the fails and falls that have come with the characters.
So here are the top 10 Chip and Dale Character Fails and Falls.
Number 10- The 50s and 60s When Disneyland first opened in 1955 a majority
of the character costumes were borrowed from the Disney Ice Capades show, including the
Chip and Dale costumes.
Considering its 1955, they don’t look too bad compared to some of the other characters.
Its a pretty close resemblance to the scale and look of the characters in the original
Disney animated shorts.
Now fast forward to 1960.
At this time, Disney designed their own versions of Chip and Dale which were a downgrade and
a fail, to say the least, because they look nothing like their cartoon characters.
They’re actually kinda scary looking, and I don’t blame this kid here for freaking
The Ice Capades costume was much more accurate at representing the chipmunks, but Disney
used this 1960 version for 8 years until 1968.
Number 9- The Giant Rodents In 1968 Disney created an updated version
of Chip and Dale with much larger heads and eyes that resembled the cartoon characters
a bit better but they definitely weren’t perfect.
The head proportions were a bit too big and made the characters pretty tall.
When you think of Chip and Dale from the animated shorts you think of these small little cute
rambunctious characters, not these giants rodents.
So again, in a sense this design was a fail by Disney but, these versions of the Chipmunks
were still used for 13 years until 1981, when they evolved even further into the current
look we know today.
The current look has been used for the past 36 years, and they’ve been seen in every
Disney park across the world from Disneyland to Walt Disney World to the Tokyo Disney Resort.
The only recent update Chip and Dale have received has been in 2008 when the articulated
talking versions were used in the holiday stage shows at Magic Kingdom.
They have fuzzier cheeks and Dale now has the hair on his head like he has in the cartoons.
Although these updates look great and should be used on a regular basis in the park, they
only get used for stage shows and promo events.
Now like we said Chip and Dale’s look has definitely changed over the years but one
thing that seems to have remained the same is the energized characterization given to
these characters in the park.
Which can be seen here in these old videos.
Today it seems like Chip and Dale have even more energy especially at the overseas parks,
Which leads us to our next set of clips.
Number 8 Now this highly energetic energy overseas
leads to one thing though, Chip and Dale falling over…a lot.
Most of the falls come from the Tokyo Disney Parks, like the last two clips you just
saw, and there’s more where those came from as well.
Number 7 A Table is Waiting performed daily at the
American Waterfront’s Columbia Harbour at Tokyo DisneySea, until it closed March 17, 2017.
The show used Chip and Dale to sing a song called My Tacos is Wonderful.
Grammatically its not correct at all, but you know things get lost in translation so
we’ll just go with it.
In this clip Chip gets ready to sing his big solo in the song and then…well you’ll see.
And the great thing about Chip and Dale being a pair
is that whenever one of them falls the other always reacts like, oh there goes crazy chip
Number 6 We’re still in Tokyo, but this time we’re
looking at Minnie oh Minnie.
Its a show thats performed daily in Adventureland at Tokyo Disneyland with the star being, well
Minnie Mouse.
In the finale of the show, all the characters rush up the platforms and are supposed to
freeze on stage while the curtain goes down.
Since they don't use the articulated heads in this show, when they freeze it just looks
weird but….anyway.
Keep an eye on Dale.
To be fair those platforms look very narrow, but at least he froze after he recovered
Number 5 It’s Showtime was a variety show at Tokyo
Disneyland that included guests but starred Chip and Dale in some sort of quest to keep
a gold acorn or something.
Not really sure what’s happening in the clips, kinda hard to understand.
It’s also really bizarre hearing Howdy proceeded by someone speaking Japanese
Anyway, it seems like Dale, just can’t catch a break and finds himself on the floor once again.
Number 4 This time we’re heading on over to Disneyland
Paris and taking a look at The Disney Dance Express!
It’s pretty much the Paris version of the Move it, Shake it, Celebrate it street party
at Magic Kingdom and uses a recycled float from a 1998 parade.
So its pretty much the Paris version of Magic Kingdom’s once excessively over used
castle float.
This show features a bunch of dancers and Disney Characters including Chip and Dale,
who like we said earlier, have a lot of energy in the show.
This time Chip is the victim and if someone said he was trying to slide into home base
or someone’s DMs, we’d totally believe you.
Number 3 We’re heading back over to Tokyo at DisneySea.
During the spring season, DisneySea has a show called Welcome to Spring
(its a very creative title).
At the end of the show Mickey, Minnie, Duffy and ShellieMay leave on a boat with Chip and
Dale running after it to say bye.
You probably get where this is going, but Dale doesn’t just fall, he also gets a good
little beating from his good pal Chip.
Number 2 The Legend of Mythica was a water show at
DisneySea that played for 8 years and closed in Sept 2014.
If you’ve been counting, this is going to be Dale’s 5th fall and in this one he totally
face plants right into the pavement, but brushes himself back up and gets on the boat before
it leaves without him.
Number 1- Dale!
Poor, Dale.
We’re closing this off with another clip from Minnie, oh Minnie!
These platforms definitely have to be too narrow if Dale keeps falling.
Wonder how many other times he’s fallen off this exact same platform that weren’t
caught on camera.
So what did you think of Chip and Dale’s old costumes, and do you have a funny memory
or experience with Chip and Dale at the Parks?
If you do feel free to leave a comment!
If you have any of your own videos from the Disney Parks that you’d like to share with us
to be used in future videos, follow the link in the description bellow!
Thanks so much for watching!
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Evolution of Chip and Dale- Top 10 Disney Fails, Falls & Character History

9 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 9, 2020
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