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- Wow!
- Puppy!
Oh, my heart! (speaking in foreign language)
- Cute puppy.
- Oh my god!
- Come here.
- [Taehyun] What's your name?
- [Soobin] You're so cute.
- Hi.
- [Beomgyu] Hello, I'm Beomgyu.
(upbeat guitar music)
- One, dream.
Hi, we're Tomorrow X Together.
- Hello, I'm Taehyun.
- Hi, guys, I'm Yeonjun.
- Hello, I'm Beomgyu.
- Hi, I'm Soobin.
- Hi, I'm Hueningkai.
- We are here at BuzzFeed to answer questions
and play with some puppies!
- Puppies!
- Yeah, of course!
- I love puppies.
- Puppies, puppies!
- Cute, cute, cute, pup--
- Wow!
- Do you know Cat & Dog?
- Choose me.
- Hey, hey, come here.
We love.
Don't be scared.
- Aw.
- Do you wanna play with this?
Do you wanna play with this?
- Ah.
(speaking in foreign language)
- Dionysus.
("Dionysus" by BTS)
- BTS, yeah.
- Yeah.
- Naul's Living in the Same Time.
(speaking in foreign language)
- Beyonce, All Night.
- [Taehyun] Oh yeah, All Night.
- Shawn Mendes, In My Blood.
- Rainbow.
- Rainbow, wow.
- Clear color.
- Like this bottle?
- Yeah.
- Sky blue.
I want to try sky blue.
- I want to do blue like Yeonjun.
- I want to...
- Cherry.
- Mint chocolate.
- Oh my god.
- Why? - What?
- Why?
- I know you don't like mint choco...
- No, I love mint chocolate.
- Wow, he's liar.
- I like vanilla.
- Choco, I love choco.
- I also like mint choco.
- Oh, mint choco.
(cooing to the dogs)
- Okay, guys, focus, focus.
- Oh, okay.
- He talks.
- Yeah.
- Oh, yeah.
- Sometimes scream. - While sleeping, yeah.
- Mom, mom, mom! (cries)
- Yeonjun-hyung!
Oh, Taheyun opened his eyes.
- Yeah. (laughs)
- He's...
- Oh, so adorable.
- Oh, I will choose teleportation.
- Yeah, me too, teleportation.
- I think I want a mind-reading power.
- Oh, me too, mind-reading.
- Time control.
- Oh, yeah. - Time control.
- Okay. (laughs)
I wanna try hip hop, strong hip hop.
- [Hueningkai] Oh, strong hip hop.
- I want powerful...
- Powerful hip hop?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, okay.
- I want chill and cool.
- I want to try R&B or acoustic.
- I also want to try hip hop like Yeonjun. (laughs)
(speaking in foreign language)
- Guam.
- Guam?
- Yeah, because I love beach.
- I want to go to my home town.
- Hawaii?
- Yay!
- Hawaii, yay, aloha.
- I want to go Cebu.
Do you know Cebu?
- Yeah, I know.
- Yeah, it's so beautiful.
- I want to go Swiss.
- My home. (laughs)
I love to stay my home.
- His home is Ansan.
- Ansan in Korea.
- Next question.
Oh. (laughs)
- Hi, say hi, say hi, hi.
- Sorry.
- Ten years ago, I watched SHINee's Replay.
That made me, I want to be a singer.
- When I first danced on the stage, I felt really good,
and I can't forget that feeling.
- I played a guitar in the band.
I felt so happy to perform in front of other people.
- I went on a talent...
- Talent show.
- Aha, I went on a talent show in middle school.
I felt so happy on the stage.
- When I was young, I played many instruments,
and I heard lots of different musics,
so I just wanted to be a singer.
- Justin Bieber.
- Travis Scott.
- Post Malone.
- Bebe Rexha!
- Bruno Mars.
- Ah, ah. - My face.
- No yeah, my handsome face.
- My handsome face.
- No no, my handsome face.
- I want Soobin's beautiful falsetto.
- Ooh.
- What?
(speaking in foreign language)
- I want to have Taehyun's high notes.
- Me too.
- Like his voice, it's beautiful.
Show me.
- Yay! (clapping)
- Thank you.
- Clap for him, clap for him.
- Your turn.
(speaking in foreign language)
- Hueningkai was cute.
- Yeah, so cute.
- I know, I know, I'm cute.
- Not now.
Yeonjun was cool.
- Yeah.
- Yeonjun was awesome.
- Eyes and nose, so big, so.
- Handsome, I know.
Thank you.
- I met Taehyun when he was...
- 15. - 15 years old.
At the time, he looks like a baby.
- And Hueningkai was so cute.
- I want perform on large stages like Billboard
just like BTS one day.
- Ah, yeah.
I want--
- [Taehyn] You're mine.
- New Artist award.
- I want to meet many fans.
I want to show best performance to our fans.
- I want to have a title like Super Rookie 2019.
- Yeah.
- No, you're mine.
- I want to meet Yeonjun of Tomorrow X Together, yeah.
(hands patting)
- I want to meet Mozart.
- Ah, Mozart? (laughs)
- Yeah.
- Ah, okay.
Are you a big fan of...
- I saw the movie Avengers: Endgame,
so I want to meet Ironman.
- Oh, Tony.
- Yeah.
(imitates blast sounds)
What is Tony's real name?
Ah, Robert Downey Jr.
- I want to meet my mom and dad.
I love you mom and dad.
And also I like Kendrick Lamar.
- Oh.
- I want to meet Kendrick Lamar.
- Shawn Mendes.
- [Yeonjun] Oh, Shawn Mendes.
- Oh, there's one more.
It's a really (squeaky toy squeaks) important question.
- [Soobin, Yeonjun, Taehyun] Dogs.
- [Beomgyu, Hueningkai] Cats!
- Sorry.
- No, dogs, sorry, sorry, dogs.
- Dogs, yeah.
- [Hueningkai] I love dogs, yeah.
- Especially Welsh Corgi.
I love Welsh Corgi.
- I love every puppies.
Look at his eyes.
- Hey guys, why don't we sing a song for our puppies?
- Yeah.
- That sounds great.
- The song is Cat & Dog.
- Listen, listen, this is for you.
- Six, seven, eight.
("Cat & Dog" by Tomorrow X Together)
- Ah!
(cheers and claps)
- Thank you.
Thank you for listen to our song.
- Do you like it? (squeaky toy squeaking)
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- [Beomgyu] Wow.
- Sit down.
(speaking in foreign language)
- Thank you puppies.
- Thank you.
Thanks BuzzFeed.
This was so much fun.
- All of these puppies are adoptable from Mardi Paws,
so go check them out.
- Thank you, bye!
- Bye!
- [Together] Thank you!
Thank you guys, thank you!
(light strings music)
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TXT Plays With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions

36 Folder Collection
clare4174 published on March 8, 2020
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