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  • Congratulations, you're a grandpa.


  • It's amazing.

  • Hillary and I only have one child,

  • and she's quite wonderful.

  • But it's been a long time since she was that age.


  • I tell you, the biggest hoot for me,

  • my granddaughter turns six weeks on Friday,

  • is watching them wake up to the world.

  • For three weeks, kids can't see very much.

  • You've got to hold them, talk to them, and all that.

  • And then their vision goes from here,

  • and it starts, from three weeks to three months,

  • it just gets out.

  • And so she almost doesn't have time to laugh.

  • She never cries.

  • She just soaks things up.

  • And I think god, if my mind had worked like that,

  • I'd be so happy.

  • She's just a sponge, just taking everything in.

  • It's a hoot.

  • Well, that must be the most wonderful thing too.

  • And then you can also go away.

  • You don't have to take care of her full time.

  • You're the grandpa, so you can get that part and then leave.

  • I don't mind that.

  • I told Chelsea that I--

  • she would never hear me repeat the bromide

  • about being a grandparent is better

  • than being a parent because--

  • Really?

  • --you get all the joys, none of the responsibilities.

  • I like being a parent too.

  • But it's a great feeling.

  • And it's part of the rhythm of life.

  • It helps you come to terms in a really positive way

  • with your own mortality and the way things go.

  • It's just a joyful experience.

  • I love it.

  • I'm so happy.

  • Her name is Charlotte.

  • Her name is Charlotte.

  • And when Hillary is with her, is she presidential with her,

  • or is she more--


  • God, no.

  • --grandmotherly?

  • She's a doting, giddy, deliriously happy grandma.

  • Who spoils her more?

  • We haven't had much spoiling time.

  • We're both under--

  • I told Hillary, right, when we were

  • going to the hospital for Chelsea to give birth,

  • I said, now we have to remember this is not our child.


  • And we have to show up when we're invited.

  • And do what we're asked But I suppose

  • we'll have a chance to spoil her, but we haven't yet.

  • She's too busy soaking things up.

Congratulations, you're a grandpa.

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President Bill Clinton on Being a Grandfather

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