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  • Hi, my name is Luis Jimenez, and I am the executive chef at La Loncheria in Brooklyn.

  • Tortas are a traditional dish from Mexico.

  • There are different kinds of tortas in Mexico, depending on the region.

  • But they're mostly famous in Mexico City.

  • They're made with bread, beans, protein, sometimes a little bit of cheese, and that is it.

  • There's a traditional bread we use called "telera."

  • Most of the tortas come from the baguette you find in boulangeries, but it's a wider

  • type of bread than the baguette form.

  • You can find torta stands all over Mexico City, but most of the time it's made with

  • that style of bread.

  • You can currently find tortas in New York City, but we're taking tortas to the next

  • level by using our skills and experience.

  • We have a lamb-belly torta, which is called "La Niña Popov."

  • Lamb is a really special meat.

  • It's tricky sometimes.

  • We took on the challenge of making it really nice by braising it over night and marinating

  • it for 48 hours prior to cooking.

  • We mix garbanzo beans, or chickpeas, with black beans, and that's what we smear on the

  • bottom of the bread.

  • Then we add the roasted lamb belly.

  • We cook the belly in a barbacoa style.

  • I'm a big fan of the barbacoa from the city of Hidalgo, which is east of Mexico City.

  • We add pickled tomatillos and Oaxaca cheese, or string cheese, on our torta.

  • Then we serve the sandwich au jus, which is the lamb stock, or the consommé.

  • People can actually dip the torta into the jus and make it really nice and juicy.

  • We also have the "Ben Ami," which is a play on the banh mi: a traditional Vietnamese sandwich

  • from Southeast Asia.

  • We take a nice piece of brisket, salt it for 48 hours, and then put a double-rub into the

  • brisket and braise it.

  • We get this really nice, pink color around the brisket and put the adobo sauce on top.

  • We take two slices of the brisket and then always the same order of ingredients: A smear

  • of mayo on the bread, and then black beans with avocado leaf on the bottom.

  • The black beans always have to be on the bottom.

  • And then we add the banh mi ingredients, which are red cabbage, lots of cilantro, and slices

  • of jalapeño.

  • What we really want is to show that tortas can be made in many different ways.

  • I have a background in French cooking and Japanese cooking, and I wanted to bring that

  • to La Loncheria.

  • I wanted to combine those experiences with the traditional way of making tortas, which

  • I grew up eating.

  • I wanted to combine both elementsthe traditional way of making tortas and my experienceinto

  • La Loncheria.

Hi, my name is Luis Jimenez, and I am the executive chef at La Loncheria in Brooklyn.

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