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  • I've been a blacksmith armor for over 30 years.

  • I've created weapons for over two hundred feature films.

  • This is Man at Arms.

  • I really enjoyed Kick-Ass and Hit Girl's double-ended Naginata spear.

  • It was always a fun one and we have a ton of requests for it, so I'm really enjoying building it.

  • I'm basing what I'm building

  • more off of the concept art for the poster that shows a socketed spearhead

  • as opposed to what was actually used in the movie.

  • On Hit Girl's spearheads, I didn't really need a pattern.

  • I just knew that I needed quarter-inch thick 5160 steel

  • about 20 inches long

  • I cut that on the ban saw and then start forging the ends on the power hammer.

  • It's actually more work in making the spearhead for the socket

  • The shaft I start out with is a red oak shaft

  • inch and a quarter in diameter.

  • So we're looking at almost four inches. I need to take a piece that's two inches by quarter-inch thick

  • and spread out four inches wide. I switched out the drawing dies

  • that I normally use on the power hammer to a fullering die

  • to give it more abrupt spreading of the edge of the metal.

  • And then wrap that around using the swage block.

  • And then

  • joining it together, tig welding up the seam. And at that point

  • taking it to a mandrel and hammering it to round.

  • I forged the bevels on the blade which caused the plate to

  • curve outward like a scimitar, but I wanted it curve inwards like a sickle.

  • In this case, I should've put the curving into the piece beforehand.

  • Instead I have to do it after the fact which is a little more difficult.

  • So I held it up on the edge of the block on the anvil

  • and hit it the hard way down to cause it to curve back inwards.

  • After i've got the blade rough forged in

  • I took it back over to the plasma cutter and just trimmed all the

  • edges, so I didn't need to grind it all the way.

  • The plasma cutter will reach temperatures forty-five thousand degrees Fahrenheit.

  • it strikes an electrical arc with a high-pressure

  • gas stream going through it. And will blow through up to three-quarters of an inch of steel.

  • The blades are ground and look good. I'm now going to harden them

  • in the heat treating furnace.

  • When I quench this, I'm only to quench the blade. I'm going to do an edge quench.

  • The socketed spearhead I've made

  • are a very hard steel so what I'm trying to do

  • is maintain the socket softer

  • area so that I can drill through it afterwards so I didn't quench that

  • oil that leaves the socket still relatively hot probably about 1200 degrees.

  • Whe oil gets on the twelve hundred degree piece of steel, it's gonna catch on fire.

  • The fire department isn't going to be happy to hear this but

  • you know I probably have flash fires least once a week.

  • I tried putting smoke detectors in my shop few years ago

  • but it was useless crawling up on the ceiling and turning them off.

  • So I just kind of gave up on that.

  • I've tempered the spearheads and taken them over to the belt grinder.

  • And smoothed out the grinds on that.

  • I've also taken the wooden oak dowel and cut that down to 24 inches.

  • And tapered the ends to fit into the sockets.

  • Not only is Hit Girl's spear double-ended, but it comes apart in the middle.

  • I have Alicia working on the jewelry bench

  • making a coupling out of a steel tube with another tube on the inside.

  • It'll have a rivet through like a bayonette connector so you can use it as two blades

  • or you can use it as a double blade.

  • The final portion of this build would be to rivet the sockets to

  • to oak poles at which point I'll wrap the whole length of it in parachute cording.

  • I wrap the oak dowel in paracord and now Hit Girl's spear is complete.

  • Thanks for watching Man at Arms.

  • Be sure to subscribe and tell me in the comments what weapon you'd like to see next.

I've been a blacksmith armor for over 30 years.

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Hit Girl's Detachable Sword (Kick-Ass 2) - MAN AT ARMS

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    Tong Wang posted on 2013/12/15
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