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  • Everyday I wake up knowing

  • that the more people I try to save,

  • the more enemies I will make.

  • And it's just a matter of time,

  • before I face those with more power

  • that I can't overcome.

  • I'm so sorry! I 'm late.

  • I had a traffic thing...

  • Did your "traffic jam" have anything to do with being...

  • I don't know...shot at by a machine gun

  • Yeah~Yeah~Oh, that was an imply.

  • I was implying that~

  • Peter Parker.

  • Harry Osborn.

  • You're gonna want to see this.

  • Oscorp. And you under surveillance.

  • Why?

  • Isn't that quetion of the day?

  • There's something you're not telling me, Aunt May?

  • I once told you that

  • secrets have cost.

  • The truth does, too.

  • My name is Richard Parker.

  • I have discovered what Oscorp

  • personally use my research for.

  • I have a responsibility to

  • protect the world from what I know they are capable of.

  • What is all this!?

  • The future.

  • We

  • literally

  • can change the world.

  • What about...Peter?

  • Not everyone has an happy ending.

  • This is bigger than you, Peter.

  • I made a choice.

  • This is my path.

  • Soon, everyone in the city

  • will know how it feel to live in the world

  • without power,

  • without mercy,

  • without Spider Man!

Everyday I wake up knowing

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The Amazing Spider Man 2

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    Solomon Wolf posted on 2013/12/13
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