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Scrawled filefish, sometimes referred to as "leatherjackets",
are characterized by a long snout and tail fin,
and a long, slender dorsal spine.
Triggerfishes, such as this orange-lined triggerfish, are close relatives.
Of all the marine creatures in our area,
one of the most striking is the clown triggerfish.
Like filefishes, triggerfishes have a pronounced dorsal spine
or "trigger" that they will raise when under threat.
Unlike the larger varieties of the family,
redtooth triggerfish are sometimes seen in large shoals
like here at Silvertip Bank.
The yellowmargin triggerfish is equipped with a very strong bite.
The largest of all triggerfishes is the titan triggerfish.
This is a highly territorial species
and aggressively defends its nest against intruders and bypassers.
Here at East of Eden a painted spiny lobster is out in the open...
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Filefish & Triggerfishes - Reef Life of the Andaman - Part 12

2051 Folder Collection
Yue Hua Liu published on December 14, 2013
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