B2 High-Intermediate AU 76 Folder Collection
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Hello, guys.
Welcome to another episode of TwoSet Violin.
Yes, look at that beautiful lighting.
So, uh...
This is a very special episode.
Yeah, we decided to try to play violin to some kangaroos.
Because, you know...
I think kangaroos deserve to
enjoy some classical music too.
Yup. I think they might like classical music.
Do you think they would?
Do you guys think kangaroos like classical music?
Yeah, they can get it. Everyone -
Everyone deserves a bit of classical music in their life.
We'll see what happens.
I think it's a bit of fun experimental video.
Hope you enjoy it.
And practice.
Yeah, practice.
Alright, so I lost scissor paper rock.
I have to play the violin.
Dude, look at that, so close!!
Whoo! So exciting!
What should I play?
Play, uh, what's the most kangaroo piece?
Waltzing Matilda?
Oh, man.
Then play some Bach.
Okay, here we go.
This one, this one, this one!
The group, the group is better, right?
- Play some Bach. Dude, I don't know. - Did they like it?
Yeah, play some Bach.
- Some Bach... - Yeah.
They are all listening.
Eddy, I don't think they like Bach.
You have to stick to Waltzing Matilda.
Play something nicer.
I think they like this one.
- Okay, they don't like that one. - They don't like it. They don't like it.
I think he caught his attention.
Ah, he is bored again.
I think this guy's just hungry.
What would you like to listen to?
Oh, nothing, okay.
It's okay.
That's okay.
I'm really nervous.
I know.
How you doing, mate?
How you doing, mate?
I think the ducks like it.
The ducks like it.
Alright, I think we should go look for the emu.
There's an emu.
Yeah, is there an emu here?
TwoSet Iguanas or whatever that is.
We are in a zoo in Australia.
Wow... What are you doing?
- Woah... - Woah...
Alright, so guys, this is a brush turkey.
Oh, look at this colorful bird.
Is your playing as colorful as this?
What do you have to say? Budgie?
I feel like he's gonna strike me.
The budgie says 'Subscribe to TwoSet.'
Yeah, subscribe! Subscribe to TwoSet!
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Playing Violin for Kangaroos

76 Folder Collection
urocissa_caerulea published on March 6, 2020
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