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- Well, congratulations to you. - Thank you.
- That's a big deal, first time in 40 years.
- That's crazy. - Yeah.
- Since Lynda Carter. - Yeah, really, really cool.
Have you seen--you're too young to have seen those shows.
- I saw--I've seen a few episodes.
- Yeah. - Yeah.
- To do research for this? - Yes.
- Yeah. [audience laughter]
So, I mean, everyone's talking about the show.
There are billboards everywhere.
Is that surreal, to see yourself everywhere?
- Well, I know that they're there,
but I've really not seen that many of them.
- Really?
- I take the same way to work every day.
- Oh, I see. - So--and then I'm here--
I'm at Warner Bros. like all the time.
- Yeah, that's the only problem, you're kind of--
you're in a bubble, 'cause you're here working,
so you don't really know the impact,
but I'm telling you, a lot of people are talking about it,
and there are billboards everywhere.
- Right. I've seen pictures of the one downtown,
where it's like an entire building.
- Yeah, it's really exciting.
So, do you have to learn a lot-- I mean, some of this--
Obviously you didn't fly in the air like that.
Or did you fly in the air like that?
- I do. Actually, I can fly.
- Wow, you can fly. That's how--
Maybe that's how you got the role,
'cause you can actually fly.
And you went to school in New York?
- Yeah, I went to college at Marymount Manhattan College
on the Upper East Side.
- And you had interesting jobs. - I did have one day job at--
Do you know the store Hollister?
It's like a sister store to Abercrombie and Fitch?
- I've heard of it. - I was--I was a--
They have these people that are "greeters,"
is what they're called, and they wear bikinis
and they stand at the front of the store,
and all I did for like six to eight hours a day was,
"Hey, what's up?
Hey, what's up? Hey, what's up?"
To everyone that walked into the store.
We were just greeting everyone shopping at Hollister.
- You were on the street in a bikini?
- Sometimes, like on Broadway in Soho in New York.
- Wow. - If it's nice outside.
I mean, if it's freezing cold,
we're, like, two steps inside the door.
- Inside the door. And did you find that
you would pull people in that maybe
were going to pass the store?
- We might've.
I guess I wasn't paying attention to that.
But I'm sure some people were-- - Well, that was your job.
What were you paying attention to?
- All I--Ellen, all I was saying was, "Hey, what's up?"
- Yeah. - "Hey, what's up?"
You kind of phone it in after a while.
- So maybe you were perhaps looking like a crazy person
saying that, and no one was passing the store at all.
- To air. To just thin air.
- Yeah. Just, "Hey, what's up?"
- "Hey, what's up?" - Yeah.
You brought a picture.
What is this picture that you brought to show us?
- Well, I know that you sometimes will show people
pictures of bad hair,
and I've got a doozy.
I got a few doozies. - Is this recent?
- It's not recent, no. - Oh, then it doesn't count.
I'll look at it, but it doesn't count.
I ask for current pictures of--
[audience laughter]
- It's--it's good!
[cheers and applause] That's a good one!
[cheers and applause]
Seeing it so big like that is--
I did not expect it to be as traumatizing as it is right now.
[audience laughter]
- It's almost like there are several hairstyles
going on at once.
[audience laughter]
- Do you know what? I think it looks like
I'm the Ghost of Christmas Present, though.
That I'm--like I've got a Christmas wreath.
I could be like, "Ebenezer." - Yeah.
[audience laughter] Oh.
Wow, so that's like a photo shoot.
You've got a little chair, and--
- Yeah, like glamour shots. - Yeah.
Someone thought that hair was good enough
that we should put her in a photo shoot.
[audience laughter]
- That's just the good ol'--
- That's a-- you've got thick hair.
You've got a lot of hair. - I do.
- Yeah. - Well, it's--
My mom actually chose that hairstyle
and did it herself, because my dad would come home every day
and I was such a wild child that my hair would be in my face,
and he'd be like, "You need to do something
about that girl's hair."
- Yeah. - And so she gave me a mullet.
[audience laughter]
- Mm.
Well--and, look, you know, again, you persevered.
- I did. [audience laughter]
- It just shows that that did not stop you,
having hair like that.
How long did it take to grow out that look?
- Oh, I had it, like,
till second grade, from preschool to second grade.
- Well, that's about second grade right there, right?
- No, it--well, I think it-- Yeah, it might be.
- Something like that. - Uh huh.
- Well, you're still adorable.
And I know you have dogs that are--
I saw the pictures of the dogs. They're so cute.
- They're awesome. - They're cute, cute dogs,
And because... - [gasps]
- They should have-- - [screams]
God, oh, my God, oh, my God! - Like Mommy.
- Oh, my God! - Like--
[cheers and applause]
- This is amazing! - They're super dogs.
-They are! [cheers and applause]
[cheers and applause]
All right. [cheers and applause]
Those are for your dogs.
- This just made my day. - And they're adorable, too.
- They're going to look so cute.
- Well, they're going to love it, and congratulations, again.
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Supergirl Melissa Benoist

12 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 6, 2020
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