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[Lemon 1] Lemons!
[Lemon 2] Fresh-squeezed lemonade for sale! Only 25 cents!
[Lemon 1] L E M O N S!
[Lemon 3] Lemonade! Come get your lemonade! Just a pinch of pennies for this perfect concoction could be
[Lemon 1] LEMONS!
[Lemon 1] Lemoooons!
[GingerPale] Ew! You got lemons on my car!
I'm gonna take their money.
*slidy slippy GingerPale taking all of the Lemon Kids' money intensifies*
♫ GingerPale, he just mugged children! ♫ (call da police)
[GingerPale] *laughs* I took their money!(achivement unlock: mugging)
Hi, I'm GingerPale. Welcome to G-Papi's Pop-py Shop-py
We're gonna be talking about pop, soda pop, whatever you want to call it. How can I help you?
You do have money, right?
Ooh, that's too bad 'cause it's 50 cents a pop chief, GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!
*soft drink throw* (he just hit a child how dare)
[Green Guy] aaaaaeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
Eh, calm down. It was only a soft drink, after all. (puns)
*laugh track*
*distorted Seinfeld theme song*
*normal Seinfeld theme song*
But why is it called a soft drink? (I dunno)
I mean, aluminum cans carrying a bunch of liquid don't exactly scream soft to me.
Well, it's because any drink containing less than 0.5% alcohol is referred to as a soft drink. Any more and you (nerd)
got a wobbly pop on your hands. You know, like beer and wine and grandpa's old cough medicine (pls no). We're
getting really off-track. Let's talk about pop, now.
[Coke Can] Did you know that I was originally green?
[GingerPale] Ew! *crinkle* Fake news! A lot of people think to seem Coca-Cola used to be green, but I'm pretty sure
that rumor just came from the green bottles that Coke was originally packaged in. The original recipe always
called for caramel coloring and this is because back in 1886, when Coke was invented, they added brown color
to help hide impurities between the small batches. (the dark origin that haunted everyone till this day)
[Blue Guy] Well, it's been about a week. I don't think I need this Band-Aid anymore.
[Blue Guy] Uh, can I get some help over here?
[Red Guy] Did a guy fall in?
[Blue Guy] Yeah, a guy fell in.
[Red Guy] Man, second time this week!
Just toss some of this caramelized sugar in there. No one will know.
Is that a Band-Aid? (ew gross)
[GingerPale] Yeah, it sounds kind of gross, but you got to remember this is back in a time where the F.D.A.
didn't exist and everyone was pro-cocaine.(S N I F F)
At the same time, pops actually existed as medicinal beverages. Mmm, that's the taste of health! (wait, really?)
Let's go shopping at the old 1850 pop shop, which was just a pharmacy. Ooh Pepsi! 1893.
This was originally called Brad's Drink and it was marketed as a digestive aid.
I mean, I've watched videos of cola ripping rust off metal, so I'm pretty sure it could help break down food in
your stomach.
But who's this 'Brad' guy?
If I tried to sell you something called 'GingerPale's Drink', would you be a little skeptical? (nah idk how about you )
But probably, if it can break down rust it can break down food. Drink Pepsi. (just don't eat durian and drink pepsi at the same time , you will die )
Ooh, 7up, 1929. This contained lithium citrate, which was a mood enhancing drug, which made this drink
pretty popular during its release right around The Great Depression and The Stock Market Crash of 1929.
It was also marketed as slenderizing and that's a little weird because lithium and soda pop are both known for
weight gain, so I don't know about that.
Gaining too much weight drinking? Are you sad? Huh, us, too! Drink 7up! (and forgot about your ex!)
And we can't forget about Coke, 1886. It was invented as a cure for morphine addictions. It gained it's
popularity it included coca leaf extract, which did contain a small amount of cocaine. I mean yeah, sure
just replace your old addiction with a new and potentially worse one.
Kick the addiction by getting new and potentially worse one. Drink Coca-Cola!(the best way to suicide!)
Root beer, 1876. This is one of the many sodas the contain a bunch of alcohol, even though the guy who
originally marketed root beer teetotaler. That's a guy who doesn't drink. He swore off drinking. Now, he did
this so he could call it beer so it would appeal more to the local coal miners, but I got to think that if he swore
off alcohol, does that mean he didn't try his own drink before selling it? (no)
Do you like beer? This is beer. Drink root beer, now with alcohol. (and better!.....okay i'll stop)
Mountain Dew, 1940. Mountain Dew just means moonshine. It was made as a syrup to mix with
moonshine. I hate Mountain Dew.
We suck. Don't drink us! Mountain Dew is trash! (it just like 7up but more green)
[Berd] GingerPale just said Mountain Dew is gross. (o no berd is getting angy) Gamers, rise! (berd has summon Gamer)
*gamers booing* (it super affected)
[Intercom] The store will now be closing due to The Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906 and The Prohibition of 1920.
[GingerPale] Ha, ha! Neat!
[Jerry the Cop] Stop! We're the Pop Cops!(ok)
[Cop 2] Wait, what? Jerry, I thought we were the Fizz Fuzz! (isn't that like a furries name?)
[Cop 3] He's getting away!
[Cop 4] Yeah, we don't want to do anything to scare your children. That's the last thing we want to do. We don't
want to scare anybody. (but you are)
[Cop 5] Jerry, don't touch those. We've got a team for that.
[GingerPale] Now that we have the F.D.A, there's a little bit more regulation and pop's a bit better to put into your body.
*cans crash*(now that good)
But, even with that said, I think I drink a little too much. These things are, like, a hundred calories each, four
times a day, times thirty. That's 12,000 calories a month in pop! Disgusting. (Fortnite kids)
[Berd] What? That's so mean. What the heck?
[GingerPale] Whoops! That's the window. My bad. Disgusting.
But if I switch over to diet pop, problem solved! Zero calories, baby!
[Nerdy Green Guy 2] But diet soda contains aspartame and that gives you the -
[GingerPale] Just do everything in moderation and you won't die - probably. Heh, we all got to go sometime!
ehhuhuAAHUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH (I think devon is ded lol get rekt)
Hey, guys. Thanks for watching the video. If you liked it - uh - thanks. There's a couple links in the description for
some people who helped make this video possible. There was Alana the voice actor, who helped with some
voices, Berd, who featured as himself and Daniel from Nevercake, who helped storyboard the animation.
Anyways, I hope you guys are having a good day. I'll see you guys - uh - I'll see you soon.
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Pop Culture

44 Folder Collection
Dora Chyi published on March 5, 2020
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