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The lord of the rings
Hobbits, dwarves
Elves and men
Kings and queens
Lord of the rings
The greatest tale ever told on your screen
Frodo must bring the ring to the elves
Aragorn fights off
The nine evil ringwraiths
The fellowship forms
Saruman's a jerk
Gandalf's torn from the group
You shall not pass
Boromir's embedded
Uruk-hai's beheaded
Like a boss
The fellowship is broken
Thank for that j.r.r. tolkien
Frodo's gone
And sam's coming with you
Gollum leads the ring to mordor
My precious
Gandalf the white returns to wage war
Pip and merry hug trees
Théoden is like benjamin button
He's aging backwards
Legolas surfs on a shield to defend
Helm's deep
Big trees
Are attacking the orcs
The sword has been reforged and
Now a legion of ghosts are at hand
Sam uses his spider slay skills
While the elf and gimli count kills
One last battle
It's good vs evil
Frodo you must
Destroy the
Ring of power
Destroy it!
It's mine!
Destroy it!
It's mine!
Aragorn sits on his throne
Middle earth is saved
By the smallest of things
In the lord of the rings
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Lord of the Rings in 99 Seconds

4084 Folder Collection
VoiceTube published on March 24, 2013
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