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At this time of year, polar bears, on average, succeed only once in 20 hunts.
If the hunter is skinny, like this one, that may not be often enough.
All she can do is keep trying.
To prevent her scent betraying her, she makes a wide sweep to get downwind of the seal.
Getting close.
She's now right behind the seal.
Incredibly, she caught the seal underwater.
It's only small, but even so, its blubber alone will contain 100,000 calories, enough to sustain this bear for a week.
And, in that time, she might even catch another.
But this can't go on forever.
As summer continues, temperatures are rising.
Each hunt requires more energy, draining the bears of their reserves.
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Hungry Polar Bear Ambushes Seal | The Hunt | BBC Earth

1073 Folder Collection
lauren.huang published on March 5, 2020    lauren.huang translated    adam reviewed
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