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  • Here in such great shape and you are so vibrant and you're really funny too.

  • But, when you look down at people and you're insulting them,

  • usually the entire time.

  • Do you lose faith in humanity?

  • >> You know, I think that as you get older,

  • you realize that there are very few really important things.

  • Your health, family's health, the world around you.

  • And when people fight over minutia, and ruin their lives, a period of their lives

  • fighting over whether or not a button came back wrong on the shirt, or whether

  • somebody stole your mother's tea service when she was moving from her apartment.

  • And that, takes control of your life.

  • I think it's a ridiculous mistake.

  • I also think women make a terrible mistake because they usually are so

  • desperate to nest, that they pick on schlubs and worthless

  • pieces of trash that they pick up in a bar >> Okay [LAUGH]

  • >> And then turn around,

  • give them the keys of their car, invite them to move in,

  • give them a credit card and they're surprised one day when their car is gone,

  • their credit card is maxed and they're alone.

  • And they seem to replicate that behavior again and again.

  • And so that frustrates me.

  • >> Yeah. >> It especially frustrates me when

  • women are taken advantage of which as you see, happens more often than not.

  • >> Yeah, that's why I don't date men.

  • >> [APPLAUSE] >> So that's the whole reason.

  • >> [APPLAUSE] >> Just for that.

  • >> [APPLAUSE] >> So,

  • I wish that that would seep in though, because you seem to be, and

  • thank goodness, cuz you have a show 20 years running because of these

  • people making the same mistakes over and over and over again.

  • >> That's true. >> But I mean,

  • it is frustrating when you see women being taken advantage of,

  • cuz you would think that, cuz your show's very popular, it would kinda stop.

  • Women wouldn't be so desperate, and wouldn't let those schlubs,

  • as you call them, into their lives and start giving them all the stuff.

  • >> The only way it won't happen is if you equip yourself

  • to be financially independent.

  • >> Mm-hm.

  • >> Because once a woman gives up financial independence to a mate, it's over.

  • >> Yep.

  • >> Because there's not an equality anymore.

  • And I know I'm going to get a lot of mail.

  • I don't care.

  • I don't read negative mail.

  • Don't send me negative mail.

  • What I'm telling you is, you don't necessarily have to use your craft,

  • use your career, but you have to be prepared.

  • Because if you're not prepared then you're stuck,

  • and more women have to accept lifestyles that

  • are unpleasant because they are financially stuck.

  • So if you're smart, you teach your daughter,

  • teach your granddaughters, everybody has to have something that they're good at

  • where they can earn a living.

  • Not everybody's gonna be a millionaire >> Right.

  • >> But you gonna learn how to make a living.

  • >> Whether you work or not you have to do that.

  • >> [APPLAUSE]

Here in such great shape and you are so vibrant and you're really funny too.

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