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  • Voting in Los Angeles County is about to get much easier

  • In 2020 you will have many voting options

  • Traditional polling places will be replaced with fully accessible vote centers

  • That will be conveniently located throughout the county

  • You will no longer be limited to voting at an assigned polling location on Election Day

  • You may vote at any vote center near your home work or favorite park

  • And voting will begin 10 days before Election Day

  • Let us review some of your options

  • Prepare in advance by using the new interactive sample ballot

  • or remote accessible vote-by-mail

  • These options will allow you to independently access and digitally mark your sample ballot

  • using your personal computer tablet or mobile phone

  • The interactive sample ballot is an easy-to-use web app which guides you through marking your votes

  • and creating a poll pass you will print or download and take with you to any Vote Center

  • Remote accessible vote-by-mail will guide you through a similar process

  • However you will need to print your selections and return them in your assigned return envelope

  • Both options provide an independent and secure voting experience

  • Once you've arrived at a Vote Center on of our vote center staff will check you in using an electronic poll book

  • If needed they can update your voter registration right then and there

  • And give you the appropriate ballot

  • After check-in staff will guide you to one of the secure new

  • ballot marking devices where you may choose to go through every contest on your ballot

  • or scan your poll pass to transfer your previously marked selections

  • The new ballot marking device is wide enough to accommodate assistive mobility devices

  • And includes an audio ballot

  • An adjustable touchscreen

  • And a tactile keypad to make voting faster and more accessible

  • A recessed paper path indicates where to insert the ballot and can be detected through touch

  • On the left is an audio jack if you wish to use your own audio device instead of the ones provided

  • And on the right is a dual switch or AV switch for use with compatible assistive technologies

  • To begin the voting process touch the circle on the screen or press any button on the keypad

  • Continue following the instructions on the screen or listen for instructions

  • The ballot marking device will prompt you to select the language you would like to see or hear throughout the voting process

  • If a language other than English is selected

  • You will be able to switch between the selected language and English at any point while voting

  • You will then be prompted to load your ballot and proceed to make your selections

  • During voting you will have the option to move back and forth

  • between contests as shown by the back, skip and next buttons

  • The settings button will provide options to adjust the text size and screen contrast for easy viewing

  • Or adjust the audio volume and speech rate

  • There is also a help button to assist voters who have questions during the voting process

  • If you're using a poll pass scan it to transfer your selection on to the ballot marking device

  • Review your selections and make any changes

  • When you are satisfied with your selection you may print and cast your

  • paper ballot by selecting cast now on the touch screen

  • The ballot marking device will then automatically deposit your paper ballot into the integrated

  • ballot box that is attached to the back

  • Vote Center staff will be available for voters requiring assistance

  • And to issue your 'I Voted' sticker

  • If you are unable to visit a vote center you still have the option of voting using the newly redesigned vote-by-mail ballot

  • Welcome to the future of voting in Los Angeles County

  • Fast convenient and easy

  • Visit to learn more about the new voting experience

  • Or call 1-800-815-2666

  • For TDD call 562-462-2259

Voting in Los Angeles County is about to get much easier

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How to vote in L.A. County in 2020 (expanded)

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