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How would you like to make money from home?
Whether you're just looking for some extra cash or a way to be able to quit your job and still have money coming in while you're working on building your business, this video is gonna be incredibly helpful for you.
Hey, it's LeahRae from ToddAndLeahRae.com.
And I'm gonna give you seven websites and apps that you can start earning real money with, and you can get paid daily.
Yes, daily.
So, you're going to want to save this video and write these things down.
Now, these websites vary on how much they pay out, usually tied to how much time and skill it requires, but if you wanna know our preferred program for creating full-time income from home, make sure that you click the link at the top of the description to check it out.
Number one is field agent.
This is actually an app for your phone, Android or iOS.
Now, this app actually has you do specific tasks and you get paid per task.
This is pretty cool, 'cause you can actually help the marketplace.
You're basically going to be looking at businesses, giving them some specific feedback on what they're doing and allowing them to get better, kinda serving the public in the process, and you're getting paid.
So, you just download that app and you can read the instructions and get started, but here's the type of information, the type of things you're gonna be asked to do.
Common jobs include price checks, in-store display checks, like going to a specific store, looking for a very specific product, and then taking a picture of it and answering a few questions on it.
You can also do customer surveys, which can be done anywhere, right on your phone.
You can actually get paid 1 USD to 12 USD per job.
The second, Gigwalk, is actually very similar.
It's also an app on your phone and you get paid to do specific jobs.
Now, obviously, you can see from the website, they work with some really big names, so that is a good sign for a reputable company.
Now, from their website, you can learn some more information, but you're going to need to download the app.
Obviously, that's gonna be key 'cause it's an app that you're working with.
Now, in Gigwalk, you can actually make 3 USD to 100 USD per task and it pays out through PayPal.
Number three is Ibotta.
Ibotta's a pretty interesting app.
You simply are going to take pictures of your receipts and you can earn money, earn cash back, by doing that.
Pretty simple.
I actually have some family and friends that do this and they love it.
Just take a quick picture after shopping and earn money.
Number four is a really neat site, actually from Amazon, called mTurk, and when you get signed up with them, you can do things like data validation, research, survey participation, content moderation, there's all kinds of different things that you can do here and it's all through Amazon.
And Amazon's a pretty big name, so that does lend credibility.
And the type of opportunity that you have your hands on.
Number five is called OneSpace.
This is just an app that you can do tasks for different people.
Basically, freelance work.
Anything from adding receipts to a database, doing research work, whatever.
They also work with a lot of big names, big brands, and so that's a good sign.
TestingTime is actually number six.
This is a really cool thing.
You can earn up to 50 USD to 60 USD an hour, testing websites or new apps right from your home.
From their main website, they have a button right here to become a test user.
And the seventh option, guys, is called Qmee.
This is basically, you're paid to shop online.
You share your opinions, fill out some surveys, and do searches.
Like all of these, there's no startup fee, so it's a great option for just bringing in some side income from home.
Now, I hope these websites got you kind of excited about creating extra money from home.
Make sure to check out the next video, should come up here shortly, for our 100 USD-a day blueprint for affiliate marketing.
It'll be in the upper right of the video.
Again, this is LeahRae from ToddAndLeahRae.com.
Know that we are rooting for you.
We are here to help you create the time freedom that you and your family deserve.
If you're new to our channel, say hi in the comments so that we can welcome you to the community.
I'll see you soon.
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Work At Home Jobs | 7 Websites That Pay You Within 24 Hours

5839 Folder Collection
Ingrid published on March 3, 2020    Ingrid translated    adam reviewed
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