B1 Intermediate US 171 Folder Collection
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What are you doing?
I'm watching a movie.
Right, move over there good lad.
That's my spot.
I haven't sat down all day.
I'm trying to watch a movie.
Is it suitable?
Is it suitable?
Yeah it's suitable it won an Oscar.
Oh God it's very violent.
Oh God that's shocking nudity.
Oisín, turn that off.
Mum it's a shampoo ad!
Oh God she's beautiful skin.
doesn't she?
Why do we have so many remote controls?
This is for the television,
This is for the DvD player,
That's for the satellite,
and that's the house phone.
There's no need to be smart.
Now, I did repot them now.
They're flourising...
We had the carpet cleaners in here,
the other week now.
and I tell ya they did
a fierce good job.
It was absolutely excellent.
(hoover noise)
Is this the one now yeah?
It's too loud.
I'm turning it down.
Mum that's the channel.
You changed the channel!
The other one!
Go back!
Go up!!
GO UP!!!
Oh is that..wh
Is that the Antiques Roadshow?
Up one more!
Jesus that's a beautiful vase.
Will you run out there and make
us a cup of tea like a good lad?
Ah mum...
That's too strong.
Did you put any milk in it at all?
Did you scald the pot?
That's too sweet.
Put it in a proper cup.
Who's that?
It's Antonio Banderas.
I thought you said this was
meant to be good.
Oscar me backside.
Oh Jesus it's almost nine.
Turn over to the news there.
Wha... no mum...
Will you go over to the news Oisín.
My living room, my rules.
My house, my rules.
My TV, my rules.
All this shooting and killing.
Would you have a song or something?
Oh God there's the rain.
There's the rain, Jesus,
gimme a hand with the clothes.
Oisín get out here!
Oisín will you hurry up for God's sake!
Thank you very much for watching.
we're Foil, Arms and Hog.
We've got a new video every Thursday.
And we just want to thank you very much
cause we recently got to
100 thousand subscribers on YouTube,
and we are delighted
so thank you very much.
If you subscribed...If you haven't,
Where were ya?
Where were you?
When we needed you most.
One hundred thousssandd subscrriiibberssss
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Watching TV with your Parents - Foil Arms and Hog

171 Folder Collection
Pedroli Li published on February 29, 2020    Alisa translated    Evangeline reviewed
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