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Now explain what keto is. 2
What's your definition of keto? 3
Well, what keto really is, 4
to sum it up, 5
high fat, 6
moderate protein, 7
low to no carbs and sugar. 8
There's kind of two main principles that you try to follow. 9
Very low carbs and sugars, 10
those are the enemies. 11
Good fat and high fat is really good for you. 12
Avocados. 13
Different things like that. 14
MCT-- Olive oil 15
Olive oil. 16
Now have you tried over the years 17
several different diet disciplines? 18
Yes, I have. I mean 19
being an athlete? 20
When I was playing I was looking 21
for that next thing. 22
The best thing. 23
What can I do? 24
I tried a lot of different diets. 25
Then in 2012, 26
really before most people knew about keto, 27
I started it. 28
You've been eating this way since 2012? 29
The beginning of 2012. 30
Wow! 31
I loved it. 32
A trainer I worked with told me about it 33
and he told me what was happening for so many people. 34
I tried it, 35
I loved it. 36
Unfortunately, 37
my dad got diagnosed with Parkinson's. 38
The doctor said, "Hey, you need to get on this diet." 39
Then I had a nephew-- 40
Now, why would a doctor 41
because of the Parkinson's he thought 42
the keto might help control some of the symptoms? 43
Yeah. 44
A big reason is because Parkinson's, 45
we don't need to get all into it, 46
but it's about creating dopamine in your brain. 47
The brain needs to work faster. 48
When you have Parkinson's it slows down a little bit. 49
All of the good fats, 50
they believed that it would help his brain 51
and it would be good for brain healing. 52
The good fats would train the brain. 53
So they put him on it 54
and then I had a nephew living overseas that 55
had a lot of severe illnesses; 56
the doctors put him on it. 57
All of my family was kinda being affected 58
in really three different ways. 59
Me for sports, 60
dad for Parkinson's, 61
the nephew. 62
It kind of changed our whole family 63
and the way we ate. 64
Wow. 65
Now what about, 66
I mean every diet plan has critics. 67
Yes 68
It sounds like a lot of doctors are being 69
very supportive of this. 70
What do you say to people that say, 71
"Well too much animal fat, especially, 72
"or too much fat period is not a good diet"? 73
Well, I think whatever diet you are gonna have 74
people that are gonna knock ya. 75
I wouldn't say that it's right for everybody, 76
but if you are looking for an alternative way. 77
Talk to your doctor about it. 78
Then it could be something you talk to your doctor 79
or you give it a try You're right 80
give it a try. 81
For me its been something special 82
and I think a lot of people have found 83
really good results. 84
I think what a lot of people can agree on 85
is that sugar and carbs are the enemy. 86
I do think that people are more thoughtful 87
about what they eat now 88
and how they eat. 89
That's why I wanted to do Food for Thought as a segment. 90
So that we can have a conversation as a country. 91
I love it. 92
Like you don't have to give up everything. 93
If you understand a little bit more about the way 94
some of your friends and family, 95
or people in your community are eating, 96
and those differences 97
maybe you'll try vegan 98
or vegetarian-- (clapping drowns out speaker) 99
I agree 100
` I have a very important question. 101
Is your soon to be missus also down with the keto? 102
For the most part (laughing) 103
She likes her chocolate a lot too. 104
Yeah 105
Every now and then she'll grab a french fry. 106
For me it would be very hard 107
to never twirl a plate of spaghetti again. 108
I think I would get kicked out of my group, 109
like you know what I mean. 110
My family wouldn't speak to me if 111
I gave up spaghetti. They would kick you out? 112
They wouldn't kick you out. 113
Oh for sure baby. 114
Oh yeah. 115
(audience cheering)
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Tim Tebow On Doing Keto For Over 7 Years

37 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on February 27, 2020
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