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One of the most common questions people ask me is, what is the best way to get to from
the airports in Tenerife to the hotel.
In this video I want to cover quickly all the options, and clearly explain the pro and
cons, and we will figure out together what is the best way for your specific case.
At the ending of this video I will also give you a quick tip that can save you load of
Also… in case you didn't know yet, Tenerife has 2 airports...
1 in the South and 1 in the North.
So be careful when booking flights since they have very similar names.
North is TFN and South is TFS and also called the Reina Sofia airport.
I have known quite a few people who went wrong when travelling to Tenerife the first time.
In this video I will be talking about the South airport as most flights from outside
of Spain arrive in Tenerife South Airport.
If you want to know more about the options from the North Airport, then I have a separate
video on this.
PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION So the first way to get to your hotel from
the airport is the public transportation… so the standard bus.
The public transportation is very easy to find as it is right in front of the arrivals
Just look for the bright green busses.
The public bus to the South of Tenerife…
Costa Adeje, Los Cristianos or Playa de la Americas costs about 4 euro 1 way.
If you want to take the bus to the West coast of Tenerife...
Los Gigantes, Puerto de Santiago, Playa la Arena, Playa Paraiso or Callao Salvaje…
then know there is no direct bus, so would definitely not advise this option.
For going to the North of Tenerife, the bus to Puerto de la Cruz costs 14 euro and the
Capital of Santa Cruz about 10 euro.
Busses from the airports to all these holiday destination drive pretty often... at least
once every hour.
Do know that most of these bus lines only go to the main stations, most of them in the
back or on the side of the tourist areas.
This may cause it to be still over half an hour or more walking distance from your hotel,
so something I would definitely not advice for travelling with small children or a lot
of luggage.
SHUTTLE OR AIRPORT TRANSFER BUS A better way to get from Tenerife South Airport
to your hotel is the shuttle bus service or shared airport transfer.
Do know that these can not be booked in the airport but you need to book them online before
arriving at the airport.
There are many companies online offering these services, ranging from very dodgy to highly
I always have a link on my website checkedholidays.com/tenerife to the company I used while travelling on
Tenerife and always update these links incase I find a better company… so to avoid any
unpleasant surprises… have a look there.
There will also be a link at the ending of this video.
If you book a shuttle online then simply contact the desk it says on your reservation papers.
All of them are located in the arrivals terminal.
They will tell you where to find your shuttle bus.
Taking a shuttle to Costa Adeje, Los Cristianos or Playa de las Americas costs 5 euro, only
about 1 euro more than the public bus but a lot less hassle and walking.
If you want to go from the airport in the South to Los Gigantes, Puerto de Santiago,
Playa la Arena, Playa Paraiso or Callao Salvaje the price is about 10 euro.
Going to the north of the island by shuttle or transfer bus costs 18 euro to Puerto de
la Cruz and 10 euro to Santa Cruz.
The shuttle busses will drop you of at your hotel reception.
They will cost you just 1 or 2 euro more but will take all the stress, searching and walking
out of travelling from the airport to your hotel in Tenerife and will make you arrive
faster as well.
TAXI If you are travelling with a family or group
of 3 or 4 people a taxi might be your best option.
I very much like to advise this option as not only will it get you faster to your hotel
but since you will be faster at your hotel, then all the other people on busses and shuttle,
you will have a faster and more smooth check in and be able to enjoy your hotel longer.
The taxis are all located on the right hand side when leaving the arrivals terminal.
A taxi from the airport in Tenerife south to Costa Adeje, Los Cristianos or Playa de
las Americas costs between 25 and 32 euro.
To Los Gigantes, Puerto de Santiago, Playa la Arena, Playa Paraiso or Callao Salvaje
the price for a taxi is about 60-70 euro.
To the north of Tenerife, a taxi costs 90 euro to Puerto de la Cruz and also about 90
euro to Santa Cruz.
Prices for taxis are about the same at the airport as reserving them online in advance,
there might be a small difference of a few euros, but reserving your taxi online before
your arrival has many advantage.
Reserving your taxi online is great if travelling with young children as they will prepare you
all the correct car seats for them.
Taxis you take directly at the airport might not always have them available.
Also the price is locked in and traffic jams or a dodgy taxi driver cant make the price
go up.
I am not saying that every taxi drive is dodgy, but since I travel quite a lot through Spain
and use a lot of airport taxis, I have know many of them to take further routes then needed
just to run up the meter.
Seems to only happen when I act like a tourist and not speak Spanish to them.
So for all these reasons and to start you holiday good, book online.
You can find a link to a great company, as I mentioned before, on my website.
There will be a link to that at the ending of this video.
RENTAL CAR A rental car is definitely a great option
as well if you don't mind driving yourself.
Rental cars with full coverage and insurance at the airport start at about 15-18 euro per
This is less than half the price of what most car rental agencies in the holiday destination
and resort in Tenerife will charge you.
If you are renting a car at the airport be sure to go with a good company as some of
the rental companies at the airport will apply a lot of surprise charges when picking up
your car that will make the price go way up.
You can find the company I like to use on my website as well… checkedholidays.com/tenerife
QUICK TIP: If you haven't booked flights yet, have
a look at the difference in price between Tenerife South and North airport.
Even tho the one that is closest to your resort might sound like the best choice, the actual
difference in travel time is only about 45 minutes.
So if one airport is much cheaper, what it often is, that might be a better option if
you are willing to drive a bit more and pay a few euros more on airport transfer.
I hope this video helped you and that you will have a great time in Tenerife.
If you want to find the best companies for taxis, shuttles, transfers and car rental
you can find those links on my website and feel free to subscribe to the channel for
more advice about holidays in Spain and Tenerife.
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Tenerife South airport to your hotel: Taxi, bus, shuttle or rental car?

22 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on February 27, 2020
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