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- Hi guys, I'm Priyanka Chopra-Jonas
and this is what I do in an entire day.
[upbeat music]
So a typical day when I'm filming The Sky is Pink,
say in Mumbai, because we shot all over,
we would have really early mornings
because we want the quiet.
It's basically this love story of this couple
that lose their child.
The grief of it, the joy of it,
celebrating the person who has lived
rather than mourning the person who has gone.
It's a very complex film
with many complex emotions,
and Aditi Chaudhary is a ferocious mom
who would do anything to make sure
that her daughter lives her biggest, best, longest life
and it was just a beautiful, beautiful thing
because I was raised by two ferociously protective
and possessive parents and I saw
how parents fight for their kids firsthand
and this was just very, very special to me on many levels.
So the movie travels a lot,
but we filmed all the set stuff and the set pieces in Mumbai
but we were on location in Delhi.
I would wake up around, say, quarter to six.
First thing in the morning I have to do
is check my phone [laughs].
I finish filming a big, big chunk of the movie
three days before I got married.
There was just so much going down
that I never was too far from my phone.
I would have my espresso, have my shower,
I'd get in my car.
We could take about 45 minutes to get to set, usually.
By the time I reached set,
I get into the zone of my character and I'm off hook.
I age from about 25 to 52.
In the movie, so we had different looks
for every decade or so that I played.
It was very subtle aging in the movie
because Shonali is a believer that, my director,
that women are never aged beautifully in movies somehow.
So at 50, why should a woman look dowdy?
I really agreed with that.
So it would take about two hours.
I would get into hair and makeup by about 7:00.
I would be ready to shoot by about nine o'clock,
but that process when I'm in my trailer,
it becomes like a cocoon.
It was a very intense movie with a lot of intense emotions
so the right music was important, like [laughs]
give me mood, give me angst, give me pain, sadness
and all of those things.
So that would happen.
I can't remember the specifics so I'm sorry.
It would be really funny if I did.
But I can't.
Walking from my trailer to set
is like a big, important zoning in sort of moment
because once I walk in the set, it's like all game.
Going to rehearsals, block the scene for us.
Shonali was very about what natural instinct
come to her actors
and she really depends on her actors and allows them to be.
I'm not method in a way where
I can't even have other thoughts.
I can't do that because then
you don't surprise yourself in a performance, I feel like.
Personally, as an an actor, I have to leave room for magic.
Then, while they set up the shot, I go sit on my chair,
have my coffee,
'cause coffee doesn't leave my sight
for at least four hours after I've woken up.
Terrible, I know, I know,
but my brain needs to wake up.
After maybe 20 minutes of shooting a scene,
I would have 60, 65 messages.
Images and images and a million images of a million things
and especially friends saying like,
we can only get this wine
or only these flowers are available
or what is the right color of ivory
because I'm very specific
but it's also kind of like my fault
because I wanted to see everything.
[laughing] I sort of talk to myself saying it's my fault.
And while I was working, Nick would handle it
because he was in the US at that time,
so we conquered really well
because while he was in the US, it would be night here
and it would be day here, so while I was sleeping,
he could get a lot of work done.
I guess that's how we,
I ended up shooting a movie
and planning a wedding in five weeks.
I don't know.
I do have a few favorite apps.
During The Sky is Pink, I mean, it was a wedding app
created for a wedding, but outside of that,
I feel like people will judge me for this.
I like doing math [laughs].
So there's this app called Math 42.
It's like, really cool and stuff.
Yeah, I do math for fun, okay?
I do like to stay hydrated.
I forget to eat and drink sometimes
when I'm on set for sure,
so I definitely have my system and we negotiate in the day,
like today, we're gonna get through six bottles of water,
more like five bottles of water.
We call it Hydration Harassment
and like, water has to come in front of me
whenever I'm doing touchups
and I have to, especially with the kind of,
like how much coffee I drink
and the fact that I hardly sleep
and I'm always in different timezones and planes
and I also hydrate with coconut water.
In Mumbai, from the coconut itself.
It's pretty cool.
In Mumbai, I have a home, so I live at home
and location could mean two hours away,
location could mean half an hour away.
First Nick and I would connect about
the progress he made during the day
and the progress I made during the day
and then we'd talk about the things that we have to do
and then we'd speak to our wedding planners
on a conference call.
All this would happen while I'm coming back home
and then there were so many friends and so much family
at my house, so when I go back home,
it was like dinner, and there's so many people
and I love that, but just,
while you're filming a movie, it was a lot.
I, it was a lot [laughs].
But my friends and family are kinda great.
They know me.
So they know if I'm getting quiet
in the middle of a lot of people, I need time.
So my mom would be like, why don't you just go upstairs
and grab me blah, blah, blah?
And I'm very happy to do it
and come back after 45 minutes [laughs]
which everyone knew what I was doing so it's okay.
I usually am a wine kind of girl,
but that was before the wedding.
I was trying to like, lose weight, get into shape,
so I was off wine at that point.
I wasn't really drinking too much 'cause I was on films,
but I would definitely.
I would sleep by about 2:00, 3:00 in the morning.
It always takes me a least a half an hour to sleep.
Even if my body is just giving up,
especially with the high stress and pace of my job,
I need at least like an hour, hour and a half
to just sit down, talk, maybe watch TV, dinner,
but just to come down from the energy and the adrenaline.
I didn't get much sleep, so right after I wrapped,
about three, four days before the wedding,
I had to take a day and a half of just,
sleeping, you know, facial massage,
nails, like just one day of decompressing
and then I got straight out of the way.
- [Producers] Thank you so much.
[people clapping]
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Everything Priyanka Chopra Does in a Day | Vanity Fair

25 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on February 26, 2020
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