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- Come on, go to sleep.
- You said 50%. - Go to sleep.
Come on, come on. - You said 50%.
Come on. (TJ tapping)
Come on.
Yo, what's up TJ?
- What's racin' Jason?
- Are you ready for the fight tonight?
- Is the flag red, white, and blue?
Gettin' it ready right now, baby.
Old Glory's gonna be flyin' high tonight.
Hell yeah, I'll see you at the crib.
Alexa, play Linkin Park.
(aggressive rock music)
*delusional shadow boxing*
*intense exhaling*
(aggressive rock music)
(TJ making gunshot noises)
- [Jason] You ready to roll?
- [TJ] Like a joint at a Creed concert.
(aggressive rock music)
- Yo, what up, Facebook?
- Fight night! - Fight night,
we'll hit the after party later.
- Buffalo Wild Wings parking lot, or what?
- B Dubbs, we'll be there.
Bruce. - Tell your party,
check this out.
- Come on Bruce. - It's time!
- Let's go!
- I think I might apply to have his job.
- You could start at the VFW, they do MMA fights.
- You think? - Yeah.
♪ Back off, I'll take you on. ♪
Felt that burn that bad since I took a piss this morning.
- Is he going for the rear naked choke there?
- Guillotine, guillotine. - Come on.
- Dude.
- Ah, he slipped out.
- Get off the ground.
Get off the ground!
- The ground's where you win it, man.
Knockouts are, it's all about submissions.
- I don't know, I just like knockouts
because it brings me back to high school.
What's up Tanner?
- Dude, you've never been in a fight.
- I have, you just weren't there, that day.
You were suspended that day.
That's the day I got in a fight.
- I was suspended that day, wasn't I.
- Yeah, it was pretty sick.
- I blew up that toilet with a--
- M80, dude.
That was sick.
Did I show you that yet, the one, two?
(whistles twice)
(whistles twice)
- You gotta do that whistle thing?
- That's what they do in the pros.
(whistles twice)
It's like NOS, but for your biceps.
(whistles twice)
Yeah, I just do a whistle
to kind of scare them a little bit.
- Let me try this new move out on ya.
I can't get this to go loud enough.
This is as loud as it goes.
- I just really wish it had a double pedal,
like (grunting and vocal drum noises).
- It won't be like last time.
- You promise?
- Yeah, like 50%.
- Okay, half speed. - I'll go 50%.
- Half speed. All right.
- Sweet. Come here.
- Yo, you said half speed!
Yo, that's like 75%.
- Come on, go to sleep.
- You said 50%. - Go to sleep.
- Come on, come on. - You said 50%.
- Come on, come on.
(TJ tapping)
Are you tapping?
- No. - Are you tapping?
- It's just the rhythm of a song I'm thinking about.
- God!
Yeah, it's whatever.
- Come up. - Give me an arm bar.
- Arm bar. - Is that an arm bar?
Give me the arm bar.
Give me the arm bar!
Dude is so out of shape, bro.
I knew he wasn't ready for this fight.
But all the press, he's talked.
Is that a rear naked Alaskan E-vape thunderslam?
Get him in there, get him in there!
- [Both] Ooh!
- Is that a French bolognese bicep flex?
- The Brazilian bus ride, right there?
Is he gonna ride the bus?
- Oh, dude, he's ridin' it.
- If I was in there,
I woulda just countered with a low elbow.
- Yeah, it's all in the legs.
Big leg kick guy.
(Upbeat rock music)
Oh, f**k, bro.
I swear to god, if Tanner's there tonight.
I feel like if you walked in that arena,
people would ask for your autograph.
- I have got that on the street.
- That's so sick.
- I walked into Planet Fitness,
and this lady working the front desk was like,
"Are you Chuck Liddell?" - Are you Chuck?
- [In Unison] Yeah.
- I'm more of a Tito Ortiz kinda guy,
but honestly, this is real fighting right here.
Boxing's cool, but you can't (grunts),
you can just get in there, you know.
- UFC's way more primal.
- UFC's like what boxing wishes it could be.
Floyd Mayweather wouldn't last a chance in this.
- What'd you say?
- I said McGregor's overrated.
He lost last time.
- That was two times ago.
He just won.
- Well he still lost.
- I'd like to see you fight him.
- You wanna see me fight,
go to YouTube.com/WreckItandCheckIt14.
- Is that Joe Rogan?
I thought he was just a Fear Factor guy.
- No, Joe Rogan's a comedian.
That's Dana White.
- No, I'm pretty sure that's Joe Rogan.
- No, Joe Rogan's a comedian.
Joe Rogan the comedian's at the fight
because he likes UFC.
But that's Dana White.
- Well, did Dana White do Fear Factor, then?
- I think that's Steve Harvey.
All right, bromigo, I'll see you
at community service tomorrow?
- See you there. - Peace.
♪ Keep on rollin', rollin', rollin' ♪
♪ Keep on ♪
(wind blowing)
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Die-Hard UFC Fans ?

20 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on February 26, 2020
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