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so hallelu fellow coin collectors are you going today let me introduce
yourself my name is Glen and well today we're going to talk about Australian
kangaroo $1.00 so when I was to talk about kangaroos I'm talking about d5
kangaroos so Australian 5 kangaroos that have a low mintage that I think that you
should collect so here I have the four coins with a mintage all under 10
million now I have excluded commemorative coins like this one
because I'll make a another video containing dem at the appropriate time I
do it in chronological order those commemorative coins but I haven't I've
just started on any one dollar coins and I'm not up to well 2014 yet so the dates
I have here 2000 2005 2004 2014 slightly 2000 has a mintage of 7.6 million and
then this also includes a mule but I do not have that coin as soon as I get it
I'll actually make a video showing the differences between them and that's
actually the highest value but this one there's an uncirculated vive bet $50 but
it seems to be a bit hard for me okay D 2004 has a point 8 million
and so you could a values about twelve dollars think it's more reasonable 2005
is both put ain't knowingness and so you can I pay you ten dollars and the 2014
they didn't actually make mini I made about 1.1 million the coin Kellogg says
but the mint site says 1 million and 20 thousand coins and that allocate the
look value of a $20 but hmm we'll see whatever the price eat and then what are
the reasons white actually made so little coins well for the 2000 in 1999
actually had a commemorative coin which Aisha
twenty-nine million so too fast and it could have been like a not enough demand
to make a high mintage threshold so that could be it
mm in for mildly to faster than to add a high mintage over 35 million so maybe
that was a backup 2005 is actually two commemorative coins so this one yeah
he's the kangaroo 35 kangaroos and I have this one here 2005 but it is came
I'm ready sixty years since the end of the Second
World War and that had a mintage of thirty four point two million so that
explains why the kangaroo one actually had a low mintage because this one had a
high mintage and then we have 2014 and that is basically the same with the 2005
so this 2014 it's actually just a normal five kangaroo coin and here I have
another 2014 but this one is commemorates the first year of the first
world war so this is 2014 actually issued this every year until 2019 so
this year and in 2014 they issued 20 but 22 million coins something like that so
that explains why there wasn't many kangaroo and because this number is so
low I did a very much this was actually supposed to be release for circulation
so these are the four kangaroo coins you should actually get in circulation
because if you Furman well at least the 2008 fraud on ebay you
can actually sell it but I've actually not tried to sell these coins but in
high grades you should actually get him because
maybe they might be demanded a I'm not too sure can i nee try so I'm gonna try
myself and I should tell you the results later anyway I'd like to thank you very
much for watching this video and just keep collecting coins and banknotes go
there awesome and have an awesome coin collecting time people bye bye
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Australian $1 coins worth $$$

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on February 26, 2020
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