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  • It's time for your weekly exchange rate update so let's find out what's

  • happening with the Australian dollar.

  • You need to know the exchange rates between

  • the Australian dollar and other major currencies if you're about to head

  • overseas or transfer money so here they are.

  • The second column shows us the rates

  • Australia's major banks would offer you when you do either of those things.

  • And here we can see how different these rates are. If you're traveling or need to

  • transfer money overseas we can compare exchange rates and fees for you on our

  • site

  • Let's have a look at how the Australian

  • dollar has trended against the US dollar lately. In the last seven days the

  • Australian dollar got up towards 75 US cents before dipping again in the middle

  • of the week. But it was still trending higher than it has been previously. As

  • we've discussed lately the dollar is much lower at the moment than it was at

  • the start of this year. We hit a high in January but since then it's dropped more

  • than seven cents.

  • Let's check on the forecasts for our dollar from Australia's major banks.

  • Here are the forecast for the dollar by December 2018. There is the expectation

  • that the Aussie will either stay the same or slightly increase against the US

  • dollar. Which shows us that the banks are optimistic we won't see it drop any

  • further.

  • We post weekly videos about the Australian dollar and our channel is

  • also full of videos about how to make international money transfers, company

  • reviews and general tips about currency. If you're traveling soon or if you need

  • to send money overseas we can help you compare exchange rates at

  • so that you don't get caught out.

  • Have a great week!

It's time for your weekly exchange rate update so let's find out what's

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