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Who you living with now?
>> I'm living with Joe, actually, we just moved in together in Sherman Oaks.
>> You and Joe are living together?
>> Yeah, it's very sophisticated over there, very adult.
But yeah, we live together.
I think it's nice for both of us to have that to come back to,
we're both really busy, he's got his band DNCE.
And so being able to come back and actually hang out and
kind of decompress from the crazy years we both had.
>> Y'all are both doing really, really well.
I mean, both of you, do you think that you're gonna then,
his music is gonna bleed into your ideas and
your music is gonna bleed in, maybe you're gonna start sounding alike?
>> Maybe.
[LAUGH] We both actually in different times, without even realizing it,
copied songs that haven't been released of each other and
it gets really uncomfortable when we come like check out this song we play it and
it sounds exactly like one we actually already released.
So we just end up taking credit for each others music anyway.
It works out. [LAUGH]
>> But then you have to decide who is
gonna release it first.
>> Who's gonna do it.
>> Yeah. >> Well,
right now we haven't run into any issues but we'll see what happens.
>> Yeah. Well, you're both gone all the time too.
>> Yeah, gone a lot.
>> so it's not like you're gonna be home at the same time.
We, well there are times when we are.
>> Yeah.
>> Like today for instance, we're actually home at the same time.
>> And that's fun?
>> It's great. It's nice to come back.
You know, I. [LAUGH]
>> Who's neater?
>> I am for sure.
>> You're much neater.
>> [LAUGH] >> Yeah.
>> Does it bug you if he's not neat?
Is he messy?
>> No, I mean, I, but
I definitely do grab things off the table if they're left out and put them away.
And he'll be like, do you know where my phone charger is?
I'm like, yeah, it ended it up back in your drawer where it belongs.
>> That's why he
wanted you to live with him.
>> [SOUND] >> And I don't know why you [INAUDIBLE].
>> I'm actually his housekeeper.
>> Yeah. [LAUGH]
>> [LAUGH]
>> Congrats on the great year, Joe.
Here's your water.
>> [LAUGH]
>> [LAUGH]
>> So you went to
the Met Ball, right? >> I
did. Yeah.
>> And how was that feel?
You were chosen
best dress.
Congratulations. >> Thanks.
>> That's very cool.
>> Thank you.
It's a fun night.
I'm not gonna lie.
For the people watching, first of all, cuz it's a fashion event so
you're dealing with people that really go above and beyond, to be seen and so it's
always very interesting.
And then there's the stairs.
So the stairs are dangerous.
>> [LAUGH] >> And
obviously you know I wasn't in heels.
>> [LAUGH] >> I didn't wear them this year.
>> No? >> [LAUGH]
>> But it's still really frightening,
because I don't want to be that guy that stumbles up the stairs and
looks like a real idiot.
>> Because it's bright, there's bulbs flashing and you probably don't see.
>> There's bulbs flashing, there's Beyonce.
[LAUGH] >> And then there's Beyonce.
>> [LAUGH] >> Yeah.
>> It's very exciting.
>> Did you talk to Beyonce?
>> I didn't, unfortunately.
>> No?
It looks like you were single, you were there by yourself.
>> I was there by myself. >> [SOUND] [APPLAUSE]
>> But I work with Jay so I can't-
>> People are cheering your loneliness.
That's great.
>> [SOUND]
[APPLAUSE] >> You're really single right now?
>> I really am, yeah I really am.
>> [APPLAUSE] >> You don't believe me?
>> No. [INAUDIBLE] So how's Kate Hudson doing?
She's good? >> She's great.
>> [APPLAUSE] >> Yeah, it was great,
we had a group dinner the night before the Met Gala.
>> Uh-huh. >> With lots of people.
>> Uh-huh.
>> [LAUGH] >> And she was there and I was there.
>> Uh-huh.
>> But it was a group.
>> [LAUGH] >> Whatever.
>> [LAUGH]
>> So and you and Demi
Lovato. >> Yeah.
>> I'm so excited.
>> I mean, that's a fantastic tour.
And I know that you cancelled your dates in North Carolina
because of the laws against gender issues.
And first of all, I commend you for that.
Bruce Springsteen did it, you did it.
assume it's hard cuz not everybody in North Carolina feels that way and yet
they're getting punished because everyone's cancelling but
did you, how did you both come to that conclusion?
>> Well I think you know Demi and I had a lot of conversations together and
with the team about the best way to handle it.
Cuz it's just an incredibly frustrating situation overall.
>> And we are very aware of our strong LGBT
community fan base and the support they've give us.
And the support we wanna give them.
And this was a time where I feel we say we have to make a bold statement.
And put our foot down and stand firm in something we believe in.
And so it's unfortunate for the fans there and
for us cause we want to go play as many shows as possible.
In our minds it's the right thing to do and
hopefully our fans well stand united with us.
[APPLAUSE] >> I'm sure they well, I'm sure they well.
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Nick Jonas Talks Relationships

9 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on February 26, 2020
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