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- I remember renting these movies as a kid.
- Remember the Titans is also Disney!? What!?
- Oh my gosh, I love all of these movies.
♪ (industrial intro) ♪
- (FBE) So today, we will be taking a look at
every movie Disney has ever made.
- We're gonna be here a while.
- I love Disney!
- (FBE) Well, we might not show every movie,
but recently Disney released a three hour long video on YouTube.
- Wow!
- (FBE) That showcases every TV show and movie
that will be available
when their new streaming platform, Disney+, launches.
- Mmm, that's a really smart way to make more money.
- I don't wanna get it,
but I feel like I'm gonna end up getting it.
- (FBE) To get you a little bit more familiar with the content
that's gonna be featured,
we separated this three hour long video
into three parts, so first up we're gonna show you
some of the classic films that will be streaming on the platform.
- Okay! (laughs)
I think I'm gonna be exposed as fake,
'cause I have not seen a lot of Disney movies.
♪ (upbeat music) ♪
- I remember renting these movies as a kid, like from the video store.
Like, this is my childhood right here! This section.
- Okay.
Cinderella, yes, we love her.
- Alice and the Wonderland, Peter Pan,
okay, I love Peter Pan,
but like, I haven't seen most of like the OG films.
- Lady and the Tramp, uh, I don't know that one.
Sleeping Beauty.
- Oh my gosh, this is so much fun!
It brings back, oh, Mary Poppins!
- Oh I didn't know Disney made Sound of Music.
- Aristocats is like my favorite movie, hands down.
- Well Star Wars, back in the day,
the first one, I think I saw 10 times.
- I'm the biggest Star Wars freak in the world, bro,
so when I saw that they're dropping exclusive content on Disney+,
I'm gonna have to go get me a subscription.
- I love the Rescuers, too.
- Oh, The Muppet Show!
Dude, like gimme a freakin' break.
Like Animal, and the Swedish Chef.
I don't, it's hard to see.
But if I was gonna put like a list of top 10
most influencial things, The Muppet Show would be that.
- (gasps) No way! Spider-Man?
[bleep] Disney, man!
- Oh wow!
- Care Bears was Disney?
No, that's not Care Bears, what is that?
Oh the Gummi Bears!
(gasps) I'd watch that on Saturday mornings!
- Oh my God.
- Aw, DuckTales!
- Unbelievable!
- Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, yay!
- The Simpsons. Okay, wait.
It's gonna have all of the Simpsons on here?
I'm getting a little bit more excited as I see a bunch of these things.
- I'm going to try to get Disney+,
because I love ♪ The Simpsons ♪
- This is unbelievable!
I can't believe all of these. Oh, Whoopi Goldberg!
- (laughs) Yeah, I'm a Disney guy.
- Was that X-Men?
- The Sandlot! Dude, classic!
- Hocus Pocus, I just watched that.
- Oh my God, I just saw Boy Meets World up there.
Okay, hold up, I love that show so much.
- Okay, I'm getting it.
Nightmare Before Christmas is on. (laughs)
- Aw.
Lion King.
- I'm just excited about a lot of the old stuff,
'cause I haven't seen a lot of it.
- Younger kids don't really watch the classic Disney movies,
they watch like all the new ones.
So, this is important.
- I can't believe that Disney put out so many movies.
They were all fascinating, they were wholesome,
they were fun! Disney will live forever!
- (FBE) So fans are talking about how the new streaming service
will contain Disney's entire library.
This means that the illustrious Disney Vault is ending.
So do you know what that is? The Disney Vault?
- I don't, but when you said Disney, then I heard Vault,
and then I heard ending,
I don't know, I'm scared, what does that mean?
- (FBE) So, the Disney Vault held classic films
like Snow White, Cinderella, and many more
that were unavailable for consumers to purchase.
The films would come out of the vault and go into stores
every seven years, so that new generations
could enjoy the classic films.
So now, with the introduction of Disney+, this vault is no more.
- Yeah dude, so now, every kid gets to watch the Disney stuff.
- I've never been scared for Netflix before,
but I'm scared for Netflix. (laughs)
- (FBE) So up next, we have a montage
of some of the more modern movies and shows
that are coming to the platform. - Okay, okay.
- Let's see what we have.
- Heavyweights, never seen it. A Goofy Movie, I have.
- Toy Story!
- I still haven't seen Pocahontas.
So, I really want to, so this is a good excuse.
- James and the Giant Peach, ugh!
- Kazaam!
- Hmm, Donald Duck.
- Just success after success.
- See that, that's 1997, but the animation quality
like looks so vintage, and it's so cool.
- Oh Winnie the Pooh, love that.
- Recess! Oh my God, bro.
Middle school TBT!
- Flubber.
- Yes, Lindsay Lohan. (laughs)
Sorry, just gotta like shout out to my girl Lindsay.
- That was like one of my favorite, I love Brink! so much.
- Oh my gosh, I haven't seen these movies
in such a long time!
- Santa Claus?
- Ugh, what a good movie. Bug's Life.
- Some of 'em, you didn't realize they were Disney,
as I'm watchin 'em now.
- 10 Things I Hate About You?
Why have any other streaming service?
- Inspector Gadget! Johnny Tsunami, oh my gosh!
- Annie, yay!
- There was a Tigger movie?
- Oh, they made a lot of movies in 2000.
- Remember the Titans is also Disney, what!?
- Oh, Emperer's New Groove!
- Oh my God, Lizzie McGuire. I'm so excited for the sequel!
Oh my God!
- Look at how wholesome these movies are!
- Monsters, Inc.
- Oh, Snow Dogs.
- The Rookie, also?
- Lindsay Lohan, they kinda went all in on her, didn't they?
- That's So Raven, yay!
- Favorite movie ever, Finding Nemo. The best.
- It's amazing, and how many big stars they get into their stable.
- There's so many good movies and shows on here.
Wow, okay, it makes sense why they're like the richest company now.
- Damn.
I'm so screwed when this comes out!
- Oh my God, The Greatest Game Ever Played,
I'm a golfer! Oh, do I love that movie!
- Oh my God, Chicken Little!
I take back what I said about like Nemo, that might be
like my favorite movie ever.
- ♪ High School Musical ♪
- Are they adding like all Hannah Montana?
Like, Jesus!
- Oh my God, I was just rewatching Hannah Montana the other day.
So I discovered that I have like the old DVDs of it,
so now that I won't have to like, you know, attach a DVD player
to my computer to watch the show, that'll be nice.
- It's unbelievable. Disney made so many films.
They're ageless!
- Phineas and Ferb!
I love, okay, that's how I used to get my students to write.
I'd have them summarize episodes of Phineas and Ferb.
- Oh my gosh, I love all of these movies!
- Iron Man. Oh yeah dude,
Marvel, oh my God, bro. Marvel is Disney.
The Simpsons is Disney.
- It's amazing how many of these I've seen. (laughs)
- See, now there's no excuse for you to be like
"I've never seen that movie."
- To be able to sit down with your family
and enjoy these movies with some popcorn,
I mean, what a great night.
- And more Muppets, I'm all in for Muppets.
(gasps) Gravity Falls!
- Ooh, Wreck It Ralph!
- I'm literally so excited.
- I love it, I love it, I love it!
- Frozen came out in 2013?
♪ (John Williams, "Star Wars") ♪
- What I'm thinking about is like you know,
for all the streaming platforms there's an app, right?
How much storage is this gonna take on your phone or something like that?
- I never saw The Good Dinosaur.
I've always wanted to see it, too.
- Some people are never gonna see the light of day
when this comes out.
Like, we're really just gonna be in our rooms for like a whole month.
- Oh my goodness. - Moana!
- Is that like Newsies on stage or something? (laughs)
- (hums) Ah, 2019.
- I have not realized how much Disney
is seriously in the DNA of who I am.
- At first glance, you probably think you're just getting the movies,
but there's so many things that nobody realizes is Disney
that is Disney, that this is basically as huge, if not bigger
than any of those major streaming platforms.
- (FBE) The last thing we're gonna show you
is a quick montage of all the new original shows
exclusive to Disney+. - Oh, okay!
Wow, let's look at it!
♪ ("When You Wish Upon A Star") ♪
- A lot of documentaries and stuff.
- Another High School Musical.
- I was afraid at first that they were gonna try
to like exactly copy High School Musical,
but the fact that they're doing it like some kids in a high school
making a musical about High School Musical.
Like, it could be good. I'm gonna watch it.
- Whoa.
- The Mandalorian!
I'm telling you dog, (claps)
this new content right here baby, let's go!
- I'm excited for the older stuff, but I feel like
when you put the word Disney and exclusive, everyone goes nuts.
- I like the looks inside Disney that they're doing.
I know that stuff is like really exciting for fans
of like the park and things like that,
to get a look inside of that.
- You don't have to go to the store to rent the videos,
you don't have to wait til it's on,
you don't have to record it when it's on.
You get this, and you got kids,
boom, instant videos for your children.
It's a babysitter!
- (FBE) So in recent years, it seems like more and more people
are switching over to On Demand streaming services,
like Netflix or Hulu.
So we're curious to see how your generation consumes television.
So do you still watch traditional TV,
or have you adopted streaming services?
- I watch only streaming services.
I think my TV has like three channels.
- TV went out like a while ago.
Ever since like streaming services came up, and they're so cheap.
No commercials, like that's a huge thing
that like sometimes you'll be watching a show
and it'll like hit the climax point,
and then they'll hit you with like Dove.
- I still watch traditional TV.
For me, it's just a convenient thing.
I don't have much time to sit there and search,
and this and that.
- I just like my remote, and I just like my cable TV.
- We like cancelled our cable subscription
like two years ago. My parents did too,
and we're all on Apple TV.
- I have one of the smart TVs where you can watch
like YouTube and Netflix and Hulu on it.
But when I'm like in the family room, I have,
I don't have a smart TV in there, so I just,
I flip through the channels and I see what's new.
- I always watch it on my phone, unless I have people over,
then I will, if I have people over, I connect my phone to my TV,
and watch it on there.
- (FBE) So Disney+ launches on November 12th,
and it will cost $6.99 a month, or $69.99 per year.
- Yeah, I think it's, I mean, it's cheaper than Netflix and Hulu.
- (FBE) Reports have also surfaced that episodes of their
newer shows on the platform will be released on a weekly basis
instead of releasing all the episodes of a season at once.
So do you prefer to binge watch a TV show all at once,
or do you like having to wait week for week?
- I love to binge watch.
- I do love a good binge.
Because if I'm out of town then, I can't watch it,
and I have to wait.
- If you're gonna wait, you might as well
buy a regular TV, right?
'Cause you're gonna have to wait anyway.
- I like all at once, but I think that's just like
a short attention span thing that comes with being in my generation.
- People have become so accustomed to binge watching,
so it's gonna force people to kinda still circulate
in the Disney realm.
I think I'm still kinda traditional.
- I would go with the week to week.
If you binge watch, that's the same thing
as people always on their iPhones.
- (FBE) So finally, after seeing all of Disney+
and what it has to offer, do you think that you'll
want to sign up and use their streaming service?
- Of all of them out there,
I'm saying there's a chance.
- I'm sold. - Yes.
- I think I am going to.
- I will most definitely sign up for this.
- I want to get Disney+.
- Yeah, I'm in!
- I already did! (laughs)
I'm ashamed and proud at the same time. (laughs)
- I think I might actually, and especially my little sister.
She'll probably convince my mom to get it,
and she might not even have to convince her.
My mom will probably be all for it herself.
- Hi, it's Brooke-Monae,
and sadly this is my last Kids React,
and it's okay, because I'm gonna be on Teens React now,
so you guys can still watch me on Teens React.
I just want to thank all of you guys for watching me
throughout the years that I've been on Kids React.
Just thank you, bye!
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Generations React To Every Disney Movie Ever Made (Disney+)

8 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on February 25, 2020
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