B1 Intermediate 18 Folder Collection
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(electronic music)
- [Annoying Orange] Hey yo, it's A to the O back again with
another gaming video.
We're back in Roblox, check it out.
I gotta get my, I gotta get some upgrades.
On my obit.
Check out all these Orange shirts you guy made,
oh my goodness, so good.
I think my character needs to get fruity.
What do you think?
Check it out, let's see.
That is lookin' good on Dem, we gonna get that for sure.
Thank you, buddy.
What's this, sandwich swordpack?
Oh yeah, don't mind if I do.
Yeah, I'm gonna be that orange that brings a sandwich
to a sword fight.
Oh, yeah.
Lookin' good.
Got the sandwiches on the back, now we're ready.
Buddy, I like that shirt.
Looks good on ya.
Alright, let's get playin'.
Wait, wait, check it out, check it out!
(cow bell rings) Oh yeah, more cowbell!
Now we can get playin'.
Okay, somebody told me to play The Normal Elevator,
which, I don't know why I'm gonna play this one.
If it's just a normal elevator, what fun is that?
I don't know, but you guys want me to play it.
So, okay, here we go.
What's this guy saying?
"Who's Gavin?"
I don't know, but whoever he is, you seem to be
really floored by him.
Alright, well, I guess I'm just going in
the normal elevator, might as well.
Alright, what, whoa. (rock music)
What is even happening?
Whoa, okay, I'm on the 17th floor.
What's up here?
What the?
There's sharks everywhere.
(screams) They're flying!
This is not finny.
This is not finny.
Oh man, what the heck is even going on out here?
This does not seem normal to me, guys.
(garbled noises)
Owie, what happened?
What the sharks?
That bites.
Okay, well.
For a normal elevator, that was really weird.
Okay, what, what, whoa, whoa.
Well you don't have to fall to pieces.
(garbled noises) She disappeared.
What is even happening?
Okay, what, uh oh.
Um, that, that's a little creepy.
Am I supposed to go in here?
Oh man.
Great, there's gonna be some creepy-peepin'
butt-touchin', isn't there?
I can tell.
Ooh, can I go down here?
(whimpers) Who turned off the light,
okay, there's lights.
It's creepy.
Oh, gotta get out, where am I going?
I'm so lost.
I don't even know what's happening right now.
(crash in the distance)
Ooh, oh!
Okay, that sounded like Slendy.
That, that definitely sounded like Slendy.
Slendy Bendy?
Is that you?
How did you end up in Roblox?
Ooh, wow.
Oh, oh, how'd I get back in here?
What is even going, ah!
No, Slendy!
Ooh, ooh, you leave me alone.
How is this a normal elevator?
Here's one word for you.
Slendy Bendy.
Well, that's three words, but you get the drift.
Aw man, where are we going next?
This is weird.
I still don't even understand what the point of
this game is.
Maybe that's the point.
Maybe the point is there is no point.
What's this?
Ooh, it's a slide!
(garbled noises)
You pushed me, what are you do, oh no!
No, don't eat me!
Don't you understand I'm an orange?
This is my worst nightmare.
Uh oh.
Oh no, he pooped me out.
Now I'm gonna need a shower.
Okay, I can't get up.
I can't get up.
Man, I hate being eaten.
It's a real bummer.
The struggle is real, especially when you're an orange.
You guys try being an orange for a day.
See how well you like it.
Okay, here we are, almost done.
What's this place?
Is that a tent?
Yeah, it's a peaceful tent.
Alright guys, we're going camping.
Wait, there's somebody going into that tent.
(woman screaming in the background)
Um, I don't think they're okay.
Well, I think he's moving.
What is even, hey!
Oh no, knife-knife-knife knife knife, knife knife!
I still don't understand what's happening.
But I kind of love it.
Let's get back in the elevator.
Okay, what's next, what's next, what kind of crazy,
uh oh.
Uh oh.
Oh no, I've seen this video before.
It's the Asdfmovie.
He likes trains, and that means there's a train coming.
Uh oh.
- [Female Voice] Oh, it's singing.
- [Annoying Orange] Yeah.
- [Child's Voice] I like doxing.
- [Annoying Orange] Yeah. - [Male Voice] I like trains.
- [Annoying Orange] Uh oh.
Ooh, just skimmed my butt.
Yo, that was off the rails.
Come on guys, laugh with me.
It's funny.
Okay, here we are.
What is this?
Uh oh, who's that guy?
He's not gonna throw knives at us, is he?
'Cause that seems to be what happens every time.
Someone comes over here and starts scaring me
and throwing stuff at me.
It's, it's the Big Cheese?
So that's no gouda.
Hey, did it say you could come in here?
So you're just gonna hang out with us?
Hey guys, the Big Cheese is nacho average character.
Cheese puns!
Uh oh, what's next, what's next?
We're almost to the next floor.
Ooh, it's creepy, I don't wanna go near it.
Oh, I see skeletons on the wall.
Oh no, someone's gonna try to scare the pulp out of me.
Uh oh.
I think that skeleton just got off the wall.
(screams) There's a skeleton coming.
(screams) Get away.
(screams) Make no bones about it.
Ee, ooh, oh.
Is he just gonna ride in the elevator with us too?
Ain't nobody like a skeleton party,
'cause a skeleton has no body.
Uh oh, ooh.
♫ Do you like waffles
♫ Yeah we like waffles
♫ Do you like pancakes
- [Annoying Orange] Yeah, I like pancakes.
♫ Do you like french toast
- [Annoying Orange] Yeah, I like french toast.
♫ Get did-i-dit can't wait to get a mouth full
- [Annoying Orange] That was weird.
What the, hey!
I'm a waffle.
(screams) Help!
Help, I'm a waffle!
Guys, help me.
I'm a waffle.
Don't pour syrup on me.
When I woke up this morning, I figured hey,
I'm just gonna remain an orange.
But now, I turned in, uh oh.
Who's this (mumbles)
Don't turn me into a rutabaga, please.
Uh oh.
He's barfing on us.
Ah man, now I'm a barf waffle.
What is this game?
Whatever it is, it's awesome.
Man, it is an elevator party in here.
Look at all the peeps.
Uh oh, what's this?
Is that a tyrannosaurus rex? - [Rex] Well, well, well.
- [Annoying Orange] Oh, he's talking.
- [Rex] What have we here?
(Rex mumbling)
- [Annoying Orange] I'm a waffle.
- [Rex] I'm really scared.
- [Annoying Orange] You should be scared of waffles.
(Rex mumbling)
- [Annoying Orange] Yeah, huh?
- [Rex] What's gonna happen?
- [Annoying Orange] That's what I'm wondering.
- [Rex] Oh, we know.
- [Annoying Orange] Oh, you're spinnin' the wheel.
Spin that wheel, uh, uh, spin that wheel, uh uh.
What'd it land on?
Are you gonna try and turn me into a chili cheese burger?
Uh oh, ah!
Oh no, another arrow.
I get the point.
Hey, I'm not a waffle anymore, yay!
I'm back to my normal self.
I'd ride the elevator a lot more if it was like this.
A surprise at every level.
What the, what's this one?
What's it gonna be?
I think we were meant to be on this level.
It was bovine intervention.
I find this level to be quite moving, right?
Ride 'em, cowboy.
Or just cow.
Come on, cow.
Hoof it.
So is this a level?
Hey, get off my cow.
This is my cow.
Yeah, get your own cow.
Uh oh.
Who turned off the lights?
Ooh, okay, here we are.
Oh, check this out, gonna play some b-ball.
Let's Stephen Curry it up.
Here we go, for three!
Okay, into the wall.
I meant to do that.
I was just trying to make everybody feel better
about being really terrible basketball players so.
This one's going straight, okay, into the wall.
No, okay, nevermind.
Oh, this one definitely gonna go, oh.
Did it go in?
I don't even know if it went in.
Stephen Curry it up, here it is!
I think I bounced it off my groin.
Someone should tell Stephen Curry that's not how
you play basketball.
Okay, what's the next floor?
Hey, what's going on, Stephen dude?
I saw you before.
What's going on?
♫ It's peanut butter jelly time
♫ Peanut butter jelly time
♫ Peanut butter jelly time
♫ Where he at
♫ Where he at
♫ Where he at
♫ Where he at
♫ There you go
♫ There you go
♫ There you go
♫ There you go
♫ Peanut butter jelly
♫ Peanut butter jelly
♫ Peanut butter jelly
♫ Peanut butter jelly
♫ Peanut butter jelly, peanut butter jelly
♫ Peanut butter jelly with a baseball bat.
- [Annoying Orange] Peanut butter jelly, peanut butter
jelly, peanut butter jelly with a baseball bat!
That level was appealing.
Get it?
Banana jokes.
I'm bananas.
Okay, what's the next one gonna be?
Just let me ride on your head a little bit.
We got, we got that road blocks totem pole going on.
Uh oh, whoa.
(garbled noises)
What is even happening?
Oh no!
Uh oh, oh.
I'm back.
I don't even know what happened.
What, whoa.
Look out, guy.
Are we in an alternate elevator?
I don't even know what's going on,
but I love it.
Hey yeah, yeah, yeah.
Here we are, okay.
Almost there, almost there.
Next level comin' up.
What is it?
Okay, looks like a TV or something.
Yep, there's a TV.
Play some Annoying Orange.
Uh oh.
Oh no.
Nope, oh no, it's the Ring.
It's the Ring!
Oh, she's comin' out of the TV.
No, no, no, no, I'm gonna say no.
Oh no.
Who turned out the lights?
(screaming in the background) (Orange laughing)
Ooh, ooh.
I'm sorry, buddy, you got scared to pieces.
Oh no, it was Stephen dude.
Stephen dude, no!
Oh, there you are.
You're back, yay!
You didn't die forever, good.
Alright, well, while I keep riding the elevator,
the normal elevator, I'm gonna sign off.
Thank you guys so much for watchin'.
It's a great game.
Until next time.
Huh-later hot potaters!
Oh wait, I better wait and see what's on this level
before I sign off.
Ooh, creepy.
Things got black and white.
Okay, just going over here, ooh, check it out.
Piano, whoa, oh.
How do I do that again?
How did I get over here?
Oh, I have another perfect song.
I call it the fart-tacular jam, here we go.
Yeah, yeah.
Oh man.
Alright guys, make sure to do everything you can to make
this the most popular video on the internet.
Totally deserves it, 'cause it's so good.
'Til next time.
Huh-later, hot potaters!
Keep playin' that sweet music.
(electronic music)
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Annoying Orange Plays - Roblox: THE NORMAL ELEVATOR!

18 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on February 25, 2020
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