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- I pick orange.
- All right, basketball's my jam, yo. (laughs)
- Oh man, I'm gonna get picked last again, I just know it.
- If I were picking teams,
I'd pick you first Mr. Apple (laughs).
- Yeah and your team would lose.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, who's the new guy?
I pick him.
- Move pipsqueak.
- (laughs) I have a feeling I'm gonna like this new guy.
- Great, now shut up and pass the rock.
- Rock?
Stupid apple, you don't play basketball with a rock.
- Boy don't I know it.
- Oh yeah, then riddle me this.
How you gonna play basketball without a basketball? (laughs)
♪ On the road again ♪
♪ I can't wait to get on the road again ♪
(lemon screams)
It's the shower crowds.
(car explodes)
(dramatic rock guitar music)
- Well I heard he got kicked out of his last school
for giving a bunch a bananas a bruising.
- I heard his parents kicked him outta the tree.
- Shh, hear he comes.
- All right bruisers, everybody hand over your lunch money.
- How, we don't have hands? (laughs)
- A wise guy, eh, you won't be laughing
after I tie your shoelaces together.
- How, he doesn't have feet?
(Apple, Pear, and Orange laugh)
(Bad Apple growls)
- It's really tough being a bully when nobody has any limbs.
I got it, I'll give you a swirly.
- A swirly, I love ice cream
Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum. (laughs)
- No, it's when I put your head in the toilet and flush.
Come on everybody knows that.
- True, I know from experience.
(pear shudders)
- For reals?
- Yeah apparently I was sitting on Bad Apple's swing.
- Which swing is Bad Apple's Swing?
- Which ever swing Bad Apple wants it to be, pipsqueak.
(Bad Apple laughs)
- Okay guys, we need to do something about the new kid.
- I say we try and be nice to him.
- Worth a shot.
Do your work Marshmallow. - Yay!
Excuse me Bad Apple, it looks like you need a friend
to play on the teeter-totter.
- Yeah, actually that would be nice.
- Hooray!
See not so Bad Apple, isn't it nice to be...
(Marshmallow screams)
- Happy landing shrimpy.
- What the?
Marshmallow can fly.
Why am I always the last to know things?
- Hey Pear, you're standing on my grass.
- What? - That's my grass, move!
- This isn't your grass, this is the school's grass.
Anyone can stand here. - Get off my grass.
- It's not your grass!.
- That's it, eat grass.
Eat it, you love it. - What?
- Eat your grass Pear.
- Orange, little help here please.
- Hey, hey Bad Apple, hey!
- Looks like loud mouth wants to lick some grass too.
- Nah, I prefer my eye balls.
- That's it, lick the grass geek, lick it.
You love it. - This tastes delicious.
- No it doesn't, I tastes like grass.
- Nuh uh, it tastes like candy.
- No it doesn't it.
Does it?
- Hey look, Orange is makin' Bad Apple lick the grass.
(Pear laughs)
- What?
- No, I-- - Wee!
I love candy grass.
(Bad Apple growls) (Orange laughs)
- You're lookin' a little red there Apple. (laughs)
- You guys are mean.
I'm gonna tell on you.
- Who are you gonna tell? - Teacher?
- Yeah, I am gonna tell the teacher.
- No, teacher.
- Huh?
(Bad Apple screams)
Don't eat me!
- Whoa, this new kid's really getting chewed out. (laughs)
I'm sorry, too soon.
(Orange beatboxing)
(Orange laughs)
- Ouch, watch it bub!
- Whoa, hey, what are you?
- I'm an apple.
(Orange laughs)
- Oh that's good. (laughs)
- What's so funny?
- Oh so seriously, what are you?
- Like I said, I'm an apple.
- Yeah, and I'm a hippopotamus. (laughs)
- Hey, I'm an apple.
Why is that so hard to believe?
- Apples are red not green.
- No apples can be green too. - What, you're pulling my leg?
- No I'm not. - I know you're not,
I don't have any legs. (laughs)
(green apple growls)
Hey maybe you're green because you fell in some toxic waste.
- What? No!
- That's it you're a mutant,
a teenage mutant ninja apple. - No.
♪ Teenage mutant ninja apple ♪
♪ Weirdo with a green peel ♪
♪ Apple power ♪
(Orange laughs)
- Would you please stop it?
- Hey, hey mutant ninja apple?
- I'm just an apple.
- Hey a mutant ninja apple, hey?
- I'm not a mutant ninja.
Look there are all kind of apples out there.
- Yeah mutant apples.
- No, no look!
There's apples like Red Delicious.
- Ooh, ooh. - Easy ladies.
There's plenty of delicious me to go around. (laughs)
- And there's apples likes red's cousin, Golden Delicious.
(oranges cooing) - Easy ladies.
There's plenty of delicious me to go around. (laughs)
- Heck there's other green apples.
Check out Granny Smith.
- Come here and give me a kiss.
I've got a dollar.
- You see what I'm talkin' about Orange.
- Whoa, you guys aren't mutants at all.
- Thank you.
- You're mighty morphing power apples.
- Ah crap.
- Make a giant robot.
Make a giant robot. - That's it, I give up.
- Hey, hey might morphing mutant ninja?
- What? - Can you beatbox?
- Beat what? - Beatbox, like this.
(Orange beatboxing)
- Oh God, stop it.
(Orange beatboxing)
Hey! Knock it off.
(Orange beatboxing)
Stop, stop it, stop it stop it!
(Orange laughs)
You give me a headache with all that noise.
Can you please just be quiet, just for a minute, please?
- Okay, man. - Thank you, jeez.
(Orange beatboxing) (Green Apple growls)
Would you please knock it off?
I've had enough.
No more beatboxing.
- Why it's cool?
- No it's not cool.
It's stupid and annoying just like you.
Tell me something, where you dropped on your head
one too many times?
- Hey, hey mutant ninja apple!
- What? - Shredder.
(Green Apple screams)
- Oh no, Green's down, we've got to stop it.
- And we can, but only if we use our combined powers,
right Granny? - Where's my hug?
(apples scream)
- Ow, there's no knife in teamwork. (laughs)
Ooh, ouch.
(dramatic music)
(Orange laughs)
Hey, hey teenage mutant ninja apples,
you mutated into a pie. (laughs)
♪ Teenage mutant ninja apples ♪
♪ Heroes in pie shell ♪
♪ Pastry power ♪
(Orange laughs)
- Who want's some prune juice.
- Mirror, mirror on the wall,
do you wanna hear my bird call?
(Orange bird calling)
(Orange laughs)
- Ugh, leave my be.
I'm busy, can't you see?
- Yeah, busy reflecting. (laughs)
- No silly fruit, I'm working for the queen
trying to find-- - A unicorn spleen?
- What? - A fish wearing jeans?
- No. - Ooh I know, a farting bean.
- Silence!
- What? I'm just trying to help.
- My rhymes don't need an assist.
Besides, those things don't even exist.
- Tell that to those guys.
- Don't exist, eh?
This comin' from a talking mirror.
- You tell 'em Greg.
(creatures laugh)
- That guy's a real pain in the gas. (laughs)
- Ugh such frustration.
You're not helping my situation.
- Oh I know what's wrong.
You don't have any phat beats to go with your rhymes.
- What? No!
(Orange beatboxing)
Stop! - Come on you're not rhyming.
- No.
(Orange beatboxing)
- Stop it! (Orange laughs)
- Jeez, someone's being a real pain in the glass. (laughs)
You just used that joke, pulp for brains.
- Whatever McChubby. - That's MC Chubby.
- Uh, listen.
What the queen asked requires the greatest wisdom.
I must find the most poisonous apple in the kingdom.
- Wait, who's in the what now?
- I have to get a poisonous apple for Snow White to eat.
I can't find one, okay.
Do you get it now?
- Oh, well why didn't you say so?
There's one right there.
- What, really?
- Holy moly is it hot in here?
- What, what is this?
- It's what you wanted.
A moistened apple.
- Seriously guys it's so hot
that squirrels are pouring ice water on their nuts.
(record scratching)
- What is there a problem?
We like cold acorns.
- I don't mean to be cruel,
but I said a poison apple you fool.
- Oh I get it, well how about that one.
- Ugh, don't get to close to me, I don't feel very good.
(apple sneezes)
- This is most outrageous.
That midget apple isn't poisonous,
he's merely contagious.
- That's what (apple sneezes).
- Gesund midget. (laughs)
- The time draws near.
I will never find a poison apple I fear.
- Steer clear of the deer
that poked you in the ear. (laughs)
- Please stop before I blow my top.
- Ooh, wanna flop and shop for a mop at truck stop? (laughs)
- Would you be quiet?
- Please eat a balanced diet. (laughs)
(mirror screams)
- Hey guys, I don't mean to interrupt,
but seriously could we turn on a fan or something.
- Quiet you wet fruit.
Since I have failed, I will certainly get the boot.
- Yeah, and besides Snow is coming anyways.
- Really, that sounds wonderful.
- No, not snow, Snow. - Wait, what?
- Snow White. - Oh a delicious apple.
(apple screams)
- Oh. - Oh I don't feel so good.
- Oh, looks Snow White is a real flake. (laughs)
- Oh my I was wrong,
that apple was poisonous all along. (laughs)
- Well he was an apple.
- The queen will be thrilled.
Her wish had been fulfilled.
- Because Snow White has been chilled. (laughs)
(Mirror groans)
- Hippity, hoppity, wha, wha, woo.
Midget apple. - Achoo.
(Orange laughs)
- Break it down.
(Mirror screams) (glass breaks)
(dramatic explosion)
(dramatic music)
- [Pear] Whoa guys you gotta check out this meteor.
- Bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored,
bored, bored, bored, bored.
Anyone else bored?
- Yes but mostly just annoyed.
- Whew, at least I'm not the only one. (laughs)
(Pear groans)
- Does he have an off button?
(Orange screams) (fruit screams)
(Marshmallow screams)
- Orange, orange can you hear me?
- Orange?
(fire explodes)
- Whoa! - Whoa!
- Oh pretty.
- Smores anyone? (laughs)
Behold I am the Mandarin Orange.
Bow down before me or perish.
- Oh great, it's another magical meteor
that turns people into evil versions of themselves.
- Thanks very much captain plot point.
- Orange don't freak out, we'll get you some help.
(Pear and Marshmallow scream)
- Yes Midget Apple, well tell me,
who's gonna help you?
- Oh I told you, it's not Midget Apple,
it's Iron Apple.
(dramatic music)
- And now time to really cut you short.
(laser fires) (Orange laughs)
- There. (laser fires)
(Orange screams)
(lasers fire)
- [Iron Apple] Time to think Mandarin.
(lasers fire)
(Orange screams)
(lasers fire)
(Iron Apple groans)
(Orange laughs)
- Heroes, there's no such thing.
- What a jerk.
- Tell me Iron Apple, any last words?
- Yeah, Aveggies up and lock.
- Aveggies, what's that?
(Iron Apple mumbles)
You think this ragtag team of tin cans can stop me?
I'm the Mandarin.
- I'm a rocket launcher.
Whoa, I have a real rocket launcher.
Call me Snore Machine.
(lasers fire)
(Orange yells)
- Ow, I landed on my keys. (laughs)
I mean you will pay for that.
- Oh yeah, Mandarin is toast.
- Is that the best you've got?
- That's my cue.
(Orange laughs)
- And to think, I was almost frightened.
(Marshmallow yells)
(laser fires)
- Whoa, that was insane.
- Totally and yet kinda sad.
- Heck yeah I'm okay with it,
especially if we get to keep the suits.
- Yeah it must be hard to find anything in 48 extra fat.
(Orange laughs)
- Orange! - You're still alive.
And you're not evil anymore.
- Yeah and what about the meteor?
- Don't ask me, I'm a vegetarian? (laughs)
- Yay, it's still pretty.
(Marshmallow screams)
- Marshmallow splat.
- Oh no, here we go again.
- Hey, hey Apple, hey Apple, hey?
- What Orange, what is it?
- Can do you do this?
(Orange mumbles)
- Nope but I can do this.
(Apple mumbles)
- That's easy.
(Orange mumbles)
- What? Copy cat goes meow.
- Oh yeah, knack knack goes.
(Orange mumble)
- Oh yeah, well Thunder Cat goes (yells).
(Orange laughs) (Apple laughs)
- Oh God, shut up.
You've been at it for hours.
- Duh, that's 'cause Apple's the best.
- No Orange you're the best.
- No Apple, I'm the zest. (laughs)
Hand. - Hey watch it juggle head.
- Ah, that figures.
Finally meet an apple that's not a total apple.
(Orange sighs) - Sorry dude.
- Huh? - I can't hear anything,
up here on Fort Awesome.
Woo! - I think you mean
Fort Death Trap, but don't let me stop you.
(Apple screams)
(Orange yells)
(Apple screams)
- This really tingles.
- Oh man that is so wrong.
- Hang with it buddy, you gotta peel with it.
- OMG, I'm naked,
- Dude you're nude.
- You can't see my seeds can you?
Can you?
- No dude. - Dude, that's rude. (laughs)
Just foolin'.
I love chillin' in my birthday suit.
- Nude dude. - Nude dude.
- Nude dude. - Dude is nude, dude.
- You guys are killing me.
- Hey, hey El Nudarino?
- Sorry nobody here but his Royal Nudeness.
- Knock knock. - Who's there?
- Apple. - Apple who?
- Apple corer. (record scratching)
(Apple yells) (Orange screams)
(Potato yells)
- Nude dude, what's wrong?
You look subdued. (laughs)
Ooh, nude dude.
- Psych. (laughs)
Nude dude totally got you dude. (laughs)
- (laughs) Looks like I'm a rube dude.
- Ah, it's never gonna end.
- You shoulda seen your face.
You were all boo hoo nude dude.
Boo hoo. (laughs)
- No way!
I was all like, hey nude dude, hey.
- Huh? - Hey nude dude?
- I don't get it. - Knife!
- Huh? I don't get it.
(Orange laughs)
- Nude dude is such a noob. (laughs)
- Now I get it.
(Apple screams)
- Whew, yes it's over.
(Apple screams)
- Ah, poor nude dude.
- Whew, (laughs), for a minute there I was really worried.
- Knife! (Potato screams)
Hey Apple?
Apple, hey?
Hey Apple?
Hey, Apple?
Hey Apple?
Hey Apple?
Apple, hey?
Hey Apple? - What? What?
What is it?
- Orange you glad I didn't say Apple again. (laughs)
- Yeah, yeah that joke was funny
the first four hundred you said.
- Hey Apple? - What?
- You look fruity. (laughs)
- Yeah, that was hilarious.
- Hey, hey Apple? - What?
- Can you do 10 pushups in 10 seconds?
- What kinda question is that?
I don't even have arms.
How am I gonna do one pushup?
- Hey? - What?
- Hey Apple? - What?
- Can you do this?
(Orange mumbles)
- No. (Orange mumbles)
- Try it. - No stop it.
(Orange mumbles)
Okay, you've made your point.
Stop it.
(Orange mumbles)
Would you please be quiet?
For crying out loud, would you stop yammering
for longer than three seconds?
I can't even hear myself think.
(Apple sighs loudly)
(Apple breathes loudly)
- Hey Apple? - What?
- Knife. - Huh?
- Ooh, oh, I warned you. (Apple screams)
Ow, well that looks like it hurts.
(Apple screams)
Tried to warn him.
(Orange sighs)
- Hey pear? - Oh God.
- [Announcer] It's time for fun in slow motion.
Get ready for Foodsplosion.
- What up tootie fruties, I'm Agent O,
and this Foodsplosion,
the game show where I got all the fruits
posin' to be chosen. (laughs) (audience laughs)
Announcer dude guy, who's our contestant?
- [Announcer] He's an apple,
but don't hold that against him.
Coming all the way up from the orchard,
give it up for Andy. (audience cheers and applauds)
- Hello Andy.
Tell me, are you feelin' randy.
(Orange laughs) (audience laughs)
- Dude I can't believe it.
I just came to the city and now I'm on TV.
- Even better you're on a low budget web video.
(audience laughs)
- Uh, who's that laughing?
There's no one else here?
- Just go with it Andy.
(audience laughs)
All right Andy, if you get this question right, you win!
Get it wrong and you still win!
- Sweet let's do this. (audience cheers and applauds)
- Okay Andy, here's the question.
- Is Marshmallow a boy or a girl?
- Oh well you see that's a trick question.
Everyone knows marshmallows reproduce asexually
in a process commonly known as yay.
Pretty easy stuff.
(Orange imitates buzzer)
- Wrong. - And that means,
we've got a winner. - Woo hoo!
(audience cheers and applauds) - Yeah man, I love this show.
- Now let's see what you've won.
- [Announcer] It's a sledge hammer.
- Uh, that's cool,
but what I'm gonna do with a sledge hammer.
- Well, I've got a few ideas.
How about we start with Foodsplosion?
- What's that? (screams)
- Ugh.
What's a Foodsplosion?
- Grab your parachute pants, 'cause it's hammer time.
(Orange laughs)
(Andy screams) (Orange laughs)
Now let's see that in slo-mo.
(Andy screams)
Now let's see it in rewind.
(audience cheers and applauds)
(Andy screams)
- Let's not do that again, okay?
- You mean, Foodsplosion?
(Andy yells)
Oh, poor Andy.
He was no nice, we had to crush him twice.
(audience cheers and applauds) (Orange laughs)
All right guys, see you back her next time
for another dose of Foodsplosion.
(upbeat music)
- [Announcer] And this episode brought to you by
the Daneco Family of products.
Are you a bad mama jamma in need of a sledge hammer?
Then call Daneco.
Operators are standing by.
- Step forward, state your name.
Read the line on the card.
- Yo, you my name's Big Apple.
Put your non-existent hands up and give me the purse.
- Is that the apple that bruised you?
- No.
He was shorter. - number two.
- I'm Apple.
Put your non-existent hands up and give me the purse.
- Not him, still too big.
- Well I think you're gonna like what you see next.
- [Police] Number three.
- Put your non-existent hands up and give me the purse.
- Well?
- Not him.
The apple that attacked me was smaller than that.
- Smaller than that. (laughs)
- I can hear you, you know.
- My attacker was even smaller.
- I'm stumped.
I've never seen an apple smaller than a midget apple.
- Hey, am I in the right place or what?
Name's Microscopic Apple.
I'm here for the police lineup.
- It's, it's him.
(dramatic music)
- Where were you Wednesday night?
- I ain't sayin' nothin'.
Go suck an egg copper.
- What you have against eggs?
- They suck, that's what.
(Officer Egg growls)
- I gotta tell you something,
this guy's teeny, but he's duff.
He's not givin' us anything.
- I can get him to confess. - You?
Take it easy there short stuff.
Our guy'll crack him.
- I am sayin' nuttin' and you're mom's rotten.
(Officer Egg yells)
- Okay, maybe not.
- I know how to work this guy.
Give me three minutes.
- Officer Egg is a pro.
He's trained for this kinda thing.
He'll pull it together.
- What's the matter, shell shocked? (laughs)
(Officer Egg yells) (Orange laughs)
- Shell shocked.
I gotta remember that one, oh goodness.
- I can't believe I'm actually saying this,
but get in there kid.
- You won't regret this.
(door slams)
- Who are you?
- I'm the guy who's been waitin'
his whole life for this moment.
Tell me small fry, how tall are you?
- Six inches. - Sure.
- I am!
- Please, you're so short
you gotta reach up to tie your shoes.
- Hey. - So let's try this again.
How tall are you really?
- Okay, okay, five inches.
- Buddy, you're embarrassing yourself.
There's no way you're five inches tall.
I mean you're so short your best friend is an ant.
You're so short you went hang gliding on a Dorito.
You're so short you-- - All right, all right.
I'm one quarter inch tall.
- Oh I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you.
- I'm a quarter inch tall, okay?
- What are you gonna do with all that purse money stole,
huh, Martin Short, buy yourself some stilts?
(Microscopic Apple groans) (Orange laughs)
- Stilts.
- He's really doin' it.
He's gettin' under Microscopic Apple's skin.
- Well yeah, he's been stockpiling these insults
for his entire life.
- Huh, you're one to talk.
You're not exactly tall yourself.
- My retort to that is in the blue folder.
Could you grab it for me?
No, can't reach it?
Well let me do it for you.
(Microscopic Apple groans)
Been waitin' a long time to use this folder pal.
So last chance.
Confess to stealing the purse.
- Ain't sayin' nuttin' copper.
- Well I was kinda hopin' you'd say that.
Microscopic Apple, you're so short
your Mini Me's mini me.
You're so short, you don't roll the dice, you push 'em.
You're so short, you don't have to open the front door
to get in your house.
(Microscopic Apple groans) (Orange laughs)
You're so short, when it rains, you're the last one to know.
You're so short, you sit on a dime to eat off a nickel.
- Okay, that's enough.
- You're so short you're the teller at a piggy bank.
You're so short you gotta look up to look down.
- I said stop it!
- You're so short, you gotta slam dunk your bus fair.
Heh, and you're so short you went surfing on a popsicle.
- You're so short that you-- - All right I did it, okay.
I took the purse.
Lock me away.
Do whatever you gotta do, just get this guy away from me!
- Microscopic Apple you're under arrest.
- But considering how short you are,
there's probably nothing you're not under. (laughs)
(Microscopic Apple yells)
- Thank you so much.
(Tomato kisses Apple)
- I knew all those insults I'd been writing
down in my diary would come in handy one day.
- Whoa, this is your diary?
- Hey give that back!
- Here you go. - You're holding it too high.
- Am I? I don't know.
It feels like a pretty reasonable height to me. (laughs)
- Really, even after bring a dangerous criminal to justice,
I can't get no respect?
- No, not even a little. (laughs)
- Chugga, chugga, chugga, chugga, chugga, chugga,
chugga, chugga, chugga, chugga, chugga, choo choo!
(Orange laughs)
- Boy, when Little Apple said, "let's buy a train",
I thought he was nuts.
- Yeah, like totally loco. (laughs)
- But now I'm startin' to see the appeal.
- For sure.
With this sweet set a wheels,
we're gonna have the best adventures ever!
(air horn blows)
- All aboard.
- So where do the tracks lead?
- Beats me, I'm just the conductor.
- Yeah, I'm just an orange.
- And I'm the caboose!
- Yeah, and that's a creepy deserted tunnel.
(record scratching) (train chugging)
- Did you just dessert?
Yay! (suspenseful music)
Ah, what a rip off, I didn't see any cupcakes.
- Where the heck are we?
It looks like--
- The Land Beyond the Kitchen.
- You mean the bathroom?
- No way, everybody knows that's just a legend.
- Nuh uh, I've been to the bathroom plenty a times.
- Ha, still think it's just a legend?
- I know, I know, I know,
best adventure-- - Ever!
Now prepare yourself for sights you've never seen before.
- What you mean like those guys?
Hey, hey, apples, you're in the way, the railway. (laughs)
- Welcome off-worlders and thank you for visiting.
- [Group Of Apples] Land Beyond The Kitchen.
- Which is, temporarily closed for repairs.
Come back soon, thanks a lot.
Bye, bye now.
- Ah, the bathroom's closed already?
Man, talk about a potty break. (laughs)
- Ugh, I can't believe we came all the way to--
- The Land Beyond the Kitchen.
- And now we have to turn around.
- Yeah, and I didn't even get a stupid t-shirt.
- I know, I know, it is kind of a bummer,
but there is something you need to know about--
- The Land Beyond The Kitchen.
- Yeah, you see.
We've gotta little issue with our dragon fruit.
- Yeah, we've gotta little apple with our train.
Wanna swap? (laughs)
(Dragon roar)
- Uh oh, was that my tummy?
- Watch out, he's gettin' closer.
- Oh man, we're all gonna die.
(apple yells)
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
why are you apples so scared of this dragon fruit?
- Oh no reason, you know besides the fact
that he's a fire breathing monster
that destroys pretty much village in--
- The Land Beyond The Kitchen.
- And he's recently gone totally insane.
So you know, that's a bonus.
- You mean loco? (air horn blares)
(Orange laughs) - It's so funny.
(dragon roars)
- Well thanks for havin' us,
but we should probably get back to the kitchen.
- Hey, how about a lift yeah?
- We've got gas money too.
- Guys we can't just leave, that's desertion.
- Eh, that's the problem with apples,
you get a lotta turn over. (laughs)
- Well okay, you call it whatever you want,
but we're not going down in flames.
(apple groans)
- Fear not lovely lady apple,
for we shall slay the dragon fruit
and restore peace and prosperity to--
- The bathroom.
- That's really very sweet of you, but--
- Sweet, pah, not nearly as sweet as you fair maiden.
- Oh, (laughs) stop it.
(dragon roars) (fruit scream)
- Yay, it's just like a trampoline.
(dramatic music)
(dragon fruit roars)
- Holy shnikes! - It's gourdzilla. (laughs)
(Pear screams)
- Put it in reverse, put it in reverse.
- It's a train, not a Mitsubishi!
(apples scream)
- Say uncle, say uncle, say uncle.
- Jeesh, talk about a hot head. (laughs)
- That's it, it's the knife.
Dragon Fruit's not crazy, he's in pain.
(Pear cries)
- I wanna go home, I wanna go home.
- Pear, stop!
(metal clanking)
Oh no, now you've done it.
- Say uncle, say, whoa.
- I feel much better.
- Whoa, Dragon Fruit can talk?
- And who might you be?
- Me, I'm not a bee, I'm an orange.
- What my friend means is, we are seekers of adventure.
- I like adventure, I love adventure.
- Did you see the look on that dragon fruit,
when Bob jumped on his tail?
- Awesome, Bob's all like, yah,
and Dragon Fruit he's all like, "oh no, roar."
- Roar. - Roar.
- Roar. (Dragon Fruit roars)
(knives scream)
(Orange laughs)
- It's like they say, alls weld that ends weld.
(Orange laughs)
- Seriously guys, this has gotta be...
- [Group] The best adventure ever!
(Dragon Fruit roars)
- Hey, hey Apple?
(Apple sighs)
- Here we go again.
- Hey Apple, hey Apple, hey?
- What. - Hey Apple?
- What? - I want Hay Apple. (laughs)
- You want Hay Apple.
- Yeah, hey Apple, I want Hay Apple.
- That doesn't even make sense.
- Makes sense to me.
Hey there, I'm Hay Apple.
- Wait, what? - I'm Hay Apple.
You know, an apple made outta hay.
- Like that's a thing?
- I'm a scarecrow.
Hey Orange.
- Hey, Hay Apple. (laughs)
- Okay, well I guess that clears up
some of the questions I have.
- Hay Apple. - Yes.
- No other Apple. - Ugh what do you want Orange?
- Can you tell Hay Apple hey for me? (laughs)
- Ugh, why can't you just tell him yourself exactly?
- 'Cause I'd hate to bother him on a job. (laughs)
(Hay Apple laughs)
- Good one Orange.
- You can hay that again. (laughs)
- What is happening and why do we need a scarecrow anyway,
we're in a kitchen?
- Great question.
My job is to shoo crows away from the nacho cheese
ever since he lost his lid.
- What can I say, birds love dairy much. (laughs)
(Orange laughs)
- Oh that is gold right there.
- Ugh, I'm so confused.
Let me get this straight.
So we have an apple scarecrow?
- Hay Apple. - Apologies, Hay Apple.
- Well I wasn't correcting to you.
I was just saying hey.
- Ugh, and Hay Apple's job is to protect--
- Nacho cheese!
- Yes, I know his name, Orange.
- No, get away crow, that's not yo cheese.
- Huh, ah, get him away, get him away.
- Get him, shoo, shoo.
- Whew, thanks for the heads up Orange.
You got it Nacho Cheese.
- Ugh, is he back?
- No, I was just saying your name that time.
- Whew, see I thought Orange was saying not yo cheese
'cause there was another crow coming over to eat me.
(laughs) Guess it was just a verbal misunderstanding.
- Yeah, seems to be a few of those today.
- Hey, hey Nacho Cheese? - Yeah?
When they take your photo, do you just say me? (laughs)
- Ha, ha, never heard that one before.
- Oh oh, Nacho Cheese? - Yes?
- Is your favorite celebrity Brie Larson? (laughs)
- Ha, ha, another killer joke my dude.
- Oh, Nacho Cheese?
- Hit me with another cheese joke, I'm ready.
- Oh yeah, I wasn't saying your name that time.
(Nacho Cheese screams) - Shoo, shoo.
- Get away you mean old crow.
Not your cheese, shoo! - Shoo!
- Can't thank you enough Hay Apple,
you're the only thing keepin' me safe until I'm able to--
- Put a lid on it.
- Are you actually talking about a lid
or are you telling me to shut up?
- Yes. - Ugh, okay, that is it.
- There's so many misunderstandings flying about
we can't even hold a conversation.
- Hey Apple. - No, no more hey got it.
If you wanna talk to me, say excuse me Apple,
I'd like to speak with you.
If you wanna address the scarecrows, call him Straw Apple.
- Well that technically is more correct.
- This is why we have language people.
It's why the dictionary's three inches thick.
Use your words and for cryin' out loud,
if something is coming for Nacho Cheese,
just say what it is.
If it's a crow, say crow.
Don't just yell Nacho Cheese or Hay Apple or--
- Shoe!
- Whew, I was worried for a second there.
I was afraid a bird was comin' back.
- Nope I'm using my words now remember.
I'm saying what the thing is.
- Oh well, that's a relief.
- Wait a minute.
(food screams)
(upbeat music)
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Annoying Orange - Invasion of the Apples! (Supercut)

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on February 25, 2020
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