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  • So... what's your plan, Mr. Garrett?

  • How would you like to buy a bank?

  • What the hell do we know about banking?

  • Owning a bank is like owning the other side of the real estate business.

  • There's a few complexities you just left out.

  • -Like what? -I'm sorry.

  • Did I not wake up black this morning?

  • 'Cause I'm pretty sure I did.

  • Yep, still black.

  • I came here to try my hand at real estate.

  • You married a millionaire, Eunice?

  • I like seeing black men succeed.

  • Sometimes I even invest some of my own money to back 'em.

  • I know you're smart and ambitious.

  • You and I both know that's not enough.

  • It is time that someone shine a bright light on that

  • in order for things to change.

  • Are you starting to buy real estate in white-only neighborhoods?

  • Think about all the good we can do for the community.

  • Taking it to the man.

  • That's exactly what we're gonna do.

  • And just how in the hell do you plan on pulling that off?

  • We get Matt to front for us.

  • You want me to what?

  • Be us to the rest of the world.

  • We can't set foot in the bank unless we're the help.

  • Should've took limo driver when you had the chance.

  • I don't know anything about banking. I don't know how to buy a bank.

  • We'll teach you everything you need to know.

  • You gotta learn how to talk to rich white folks like you one of 'em.

  • And you can't fake a golf game.

  • Make me proud, son.

  • The whole country's talkin' about how two Negroes managed to buy two banks

  • full of white folks' money and loan it to other Negroes.

  • You should've known you couldn't keep this a secret very long.

  • FBI, you're under arrest.

  • A black man tries to bring other brothers up, that's intolerable.

  • Even a rigged game's fun to play, Bernard.

  • If this was easy, somebody else would have done it a long time ago.

  • You a revolutionary.

So... what's your plan, Mr. Garrett?

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