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00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:03,840 All right, what are three words that best describe you?
Very proud father.
Very good.
Very good.
Wearing borrowed clothing.
Not my watch.
But like it.
Who was the last famous person you were excited to meet?
Garth Brooks.
Nice guy.
Amazing guy.
Do you think you would name a pig after Garth
if you got another pig?
Seems like you like country stars, to name them.
I want to have--
I'm going to have Opryville.
I'm going to have all of Nashville of pigs.
That would be amazing.
You should do it.
I would.
It's a good idea.
I like that.
If you had to change your name, what would you change it to?
Quris Pratt, but spelled with a Q.
Quris with a Q. I want to be Q-U-R-I-S. We'll figure--
we have time to figure this out.
We have time.
We have plenty of time.
What do you do that makes your son laugh?
I do voices for him.
For instance?
Oh, I basically-- it's awesome, because he'll
figure this out one day.
But I just rip off bad impressions of people and voice
characters in his books that I read to him at night.
So we're reading Narnia.
And I'll be like, just doing really bad voices for him.
But yeah, that's what I do.
It makes him laugh.
Thanks for not explaining.
What do you think about when you see this picture?
00:01:31,070 --> 00:01:31,940 Oh--
It has hotness around it.
Spray tan.
What are three things that you say to your pet pigs?
Oh, suwee!
00:01:44,830 --> 00:01:46,230 Come get it.
And I love you.
I feel sexy when--
When I get the spray tan.
This episode brought to you by--
Spray tan.
Spray tan.
The thing that surprises me most about my spouse is--
Oh my gosh, her ability to just fill in my many deficits,
and that's it.
Yeah, I've got a lot, too.
So it's like, that's why it's so surprising.
She just steps right in.
She steps in, it's a really good fit.
What body part are you most proud of?
Think about it.
My skull.
It's very thick.
It's a good one.
What's something that you do that annoys your wife?
I leave napkins folded all over the house.
Like, I'll use a napkin.
And instead of taking the time and effort to go throw it away,
I'll just fold it up and set it down as if well, that's folded,
so that belongs there.
So you just-- a little trail of napkins.
Portia just forgets to-- when I'm picking up, like,
the placemat or the plate, she--
I always can come back 10 minutes later,
and she's holding her napkin in her lap.
She refuses to ever let go of the napkin.
Yeah, like I'll find her, like, maybe the day after,
holding her napkin.
What do you sleep in at night?
Ellen underwear.
Yep, that's right.
What did you think you would have done but you
haven't done yet by this age?
Been in jail?
There is time.
All right, Onward isn't theaters March 6th.
We will be right back.
Chris Pratt, everybody.
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Chris Pratt Answers

15 Folder Collection
abbottabbott999 published on February 25, 2020
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