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  • [ ]for

  • ScGlhoadol I b welasl rrie

  • that pop quiz today.

  • I wasn't.

  • Pop quizzes will sneak up on ya, Bubbs.

  • It's in the name.

  • You gotta be like me.

  • I'm always prepared for anything.

  • [ Noisemaker blows ]

  • [ Both laugh ]

  • Blech! [ Groans ]

  • I wish I knew who was pranking me!

  • Boy: I can help you out with that.

  • Meet my secret swapper. It can tell you the future.

  • [ Gasp ] The future?

  • I totally believe you! I'm all in!

  • Here's my wallet!

  • That's impossible!

  • A piece of paper can't predict the future.

  • Yeah, only Goatradamus can do that.

  • [ Bleating ]

  • Ask it a question.

  • But you have to tell it a secret first.

  • Like how Maylyn told me when she picks her nose,

  • she names the boogers.

  • [ Both chuckle ]

  • Buttercup! Don't gossip!

  • Check it out.

  • Maylyn picks her nose and names the boogers.

  • Now ask it a question.

  • Ooh, why don't you ask it

  • if your crush, Jared Shapiro, likes you?

  • Uh! I am not going to ask if Jared Shapiro likes me!

  • Does Jared Shapiro like me?

  • "Want to know the thoughts of love so true?

  • The answer lies in front of you."

  • ♪♪

  • Oh, he does like me.

  • If this secret swapper is real,

  • think of what else it could tell us.

  • Time to take this baby for a spin.

[ ]for

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The Powerpuff Girls | Predicting the Future | Cartoon Network

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    Mayu Okuuchi posted on 2020/02/25
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