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00:00:04,480 --> 00:00:05,110 RAYMOND: Hi.
I'm Raymond.
And today, I'm going to show you how to set up and navigate
your new Chromebook.
First, let's set it up.
Before you begin, you'll need your Google account username
and password, along with internet access.
If you don't have a Google account,
go to google.com/accounts to create one.
Make sure your Chromebook is plugged in.
And then press the Power button.
Once your Chromebook turns on, you'll
see on-screen instructions that ask you to choose your language
and network.
And then sign in with your Google account.
Now you'll choose your profile picture.
You can always come back and update this later.
Now that you're all set up, I'll show you
the basics of navigating your new Chromebook.
This is your desktop.
Your Chromebook's desktop does not include icons.
On the bottom of the desktop, you'll
see what's called the "shelf."
This is where you can access apps that are
pinned or currently running.
On the bottom right next to your profile picture
is the status tray, which contains quick access toolbar
your settings.
On the bottom left, you'll see a circle icon.
This is the Apps Launcher.
To view all of your apps, click the App Launcher and then
the All Apps icon.
To create a folder of your apps, just drag one app onto another,
like so.
And for easy access, you can pin them to the shelf
by two-finger clicking and selecting "Pin to shelf."
To view your Chromebook status and settings, open the status
area by clicking your profile picture on the bottom right.
From the status area, you'll find your networks, battery
life, settings, and more.
There's also a question mark icon,
which is the Get Help app.
Here, you can search for help articles within Chromebook.
To change your settings, click Settings.
You can search for what you want to change, like wallpaper.
Let's go through some touchpad and keyboard tips
to help you navigate your Chromebook.
Use two fingers and move them up or down to scroll.
To right-click, do a two-finger click.
For a map of keyboard shortcuts, press Control, Alt,
and question mark.
Depending on which key you hit, you'll
see the corresponding shortcut.
That's it.
You're all set to start using your new Chromebook.
For more information on getting started,
visit the Google Help Center or the Get Help app.
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Video Tutorial: Getting Started with Chromebook

15 Folder Collection
YUAN published on February 23, 2020
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