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  • Happy birthday to you

  • Uh!

  • Happy birthday to you

  • - ♪ Happy birthday, dear Bretty Bang

  • - Nah. - Hahahaha!

  • Okay, so today is the day...

  • where I'm going to get Eddy's belated birthday present...

  • in a Japanese costume store.

  • Now, the question is what to get him.

  • Hmhmhmhmhm!

  • Coz we all know he has some interesting fetishes.

  • Hmmm

  • Maybe Eddy wants this.

  • Hmmm

  • Or maybe he wants this.

  • Hmmm

  • Okay, here we are.

  • So what would you guys get for Eddy-

  • Oh my God. Look at this.

  • That would suit him.

  • How about this?

  • Mmm! Keep it PG for YouTube.

  • Maybe we could do with a party...

  • Happy Birthday.

  • Happy Birthday to him, right?

  • Happy Birthday!

  • Oh, here's a music related one.

  • This would be nice.

  • Now if you are...

  • gonna be Eddy's girlfriend,

  • You need to sign up for this thing.

  • Otherwise he will not approve.

  • And this one as well.

  • That's Eddy in a week.

  • We just need this.

  • And then, Janine is complete.

  • Naruto...

  • Right here!

  • This is exactly it.

  • So I think I'm gonna get one.

  • Straight in.

  • And there we go.

  • Alright, about to give this present to him.

  • What do you think?

  • Get him to run in this outf- costume.

  • Naruto run in Shibuya Crossing?

  • Or should I get him to wear it...

  • wear it for one day?

  • Haha

  • Brett: You look so Japanese! Hahahaha!

  • Brett: That is filmed. Happy Birthday.

  • Oh, what's this?

  • Brett: Ahahahaha!

  • - You have to wear it for a day. - Oh, f***! You serious?

  • Brett: Yes.

  • Dude, I was looking for this!

  • Brett: A legit costume.

  • - So what's happening? - It's my birthday gift.

  • And uh...

  • I'm gotta run across Shibuya Crossing.

  • Apparently like a thousand people cross every time.

  • Brett: Yeah. Do it for Naruto.

  • Oh man.

  • 影分身の術!

  • - Kagebunshin no jutsu! - Yes.

  • Brett: He's right there!

  • He's about to run it.

  • Oh, I can't see him. Can't see him.

  • Brett: He just looks like an idiot!

  • Eddy: Look at that dude.

  • Brett: You gotta work it out sometimes in life.

  • Brett: Life's hard sometimes.

  • Brett: He thought he was funny.

Happy birthday to you

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