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I've been living in Tokyo for six years,
and this is still the first time
I'm going to a Maid café.
So, let's go check it out and get kawaii!
- Welcome!
Please have a seat.
So this is the menu.
They've got all this cool stuff that they'll do for you.
They'll draw a character on your omurice.
I feel like a boss.
Thank you!
- [Talking Japanese]
- Okay.
So she just asked, what to draw on my omurice,
so, I think I'll go with Pikachu.
Could you please draw Pikachu?
Mmm! This is really good.
So, when you're really tired,
you can get your favourite maid
to give you a hand massage to relax.
Ooh, nice!
Mmm, this is good.
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Tokyo's Maid Cafes A Must Have Experience!

1301 Folder Collection
Courtney Shih published on February 18, 2020
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