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- Hey I'm Penn Badgley, I'm here at Buzzfeed
and I am here to answer your burning questions.
(suspenseful music)
So if you haven't seen You season two, don't!
No, but there's spoilers here so you're
just gonna wanna watch this later, or spoil it for yourself
if you don't have discipline of any kind.
All right, this one oof!
So hot!
What was it like filming the scene
where Joe cleans up Jasper's body after the killing?
Cleans up?
Not sure about that language.
Was it the most gruesome scene,
'cause he puts him in a meat grinder by the way,
was it the most gruesome scene for you to film?
Yeah, mmm no actually.
So here's a spoiler, when Delilah is dead
on the floor of the cage with her throat slashed,
the amount of fake blood that was required
to make that look real was more gruesome.
Next question.
What was the original audition process like?
Didn't audition.
No I'm kidding, well I met Greg and Sarah.
They apparently very much wanted me for it,
and it was really, ultimately my conversations with them
that made me overcome my pesky moral conflict
over playing such a guy.
But you had another part to the question.
How did you hear about the project?
Mm my agent, nothing mysterious there.
One of the biggest episodes in season two
was definitely when Joe and Forty trip on LSD, I agree.
Any fun memories from filming those episodes?
Yeah that was actually the most fun for me I think,
because it was the most physical, the most strange
and maniacal, yeah jumping out of the window was fun.
We actually had to do more stunts than you see really,
so yeah it's always fun to do physical stuff.
Trying to act as though I am, you know
weeping and tripping at the same time, that's interesting.
That's fun, it's also exhausting.
Since the show is heavily based on voice-over,
what's it like filming?
Are there long pauses to accommodate the voiceover,
yes there are, or is there dialogue that is eventually cut?
No there's no dialogue so, this is something
that I've gotten very good at, or at least I'm used to it,
and then all the other actors have to learn as well.
Which I think for them when it's new is always very jarring.
We have somebody, this season it was my stand-in Danny.
Shout out to Danny, he's not getting paid enough
because he had to do a lot more than an ordinary stand-in.
He's also in the eighth episode by the way,
he is the, spoiler alert, man whose wife has to kiss Forty.
So, it's a thankless role.
But we were really happy to see him on camera.
He reads my voice-overs, it's really strange to be honest.
It's very technical, it's not like normal acting at all.
When did you find out about the Love twist
at the end of season two,
did you know before you started filming this season?
I did know, I found out when I first read
with Victoria Pedretti, who plays Love.
Greg and Sarah told me after she left the room,
and we were talking about you know,
she was talented, it wasn't up to me but they
were kind of including me in their process.
And then Greg just said "Do you want to know?"
and I said "Yeah, that'd help."
And he's like "All right, so she's a killer."
and I was like "Oh interesting".
But what they didn't tell me,
was that Joe would not like that.
I just imagined like, okay so we're gonna
go on some weird Bonnie & Clyde season three kind of thing.
And that, maybe that still will happen, I don't know.
The part that I didn't know about, that I was upset about
was that Joe, I mean it is consistent with Joe,
wouldn't accept Love.
That really hurt my heart, but again
it's morally consistent with Joe's immorality.
What's your favorite behind-the-scenes memory
from filming You season two?
Damn, it's a real, it's all like a blur.
'Cause there was so much that I had to do.
For some reason, what's coming to mind is the fact
that I wasn't able to work with John Stamos again
which is a deep pain that I can't talk about.
But when I saw him, I forgot that he was in it
and then I saw him I was like "Get the, out of here"
John Stamos is in this show,
and he looks amazing in his jumper, and beard.
Do you think Joe definitely wants to find true love?
No, actually okay to be fair to his humanity
because we all need to worry about Joe's humanity more,
yeah I think he does want to find true love,
but he has not effing clue where to find it or how,
which is, you know, like a lot of us.
And do you think that he's found that with , no!
No, they both kill people okay.
How could that be true love?
I don't want to police people's feelings anymore,
it's exhausting.
What has it been like seeing the response to Joe online?
It's been interesting.
Is it odd for you to see people lusting
after a character that is inherently bad?
No because again, I mean come on look where we are,
like it's not weird, it's consistent with where we are.
So I think it makes a lot of sense, and thank God
we can have these kinds of conversations around it.
You know all of my like, moral policing
is just is in good humor, tongue-in-cheek,
I hope everybody understands that.
Do you think that Love is equally as bad as Joe?
I mean, yeah.
Like is she different?
Probably yeah, has he finally met his match?
Yeah apparently.
You'll have to tune in won't you?
I don't know though, I mean it's not up to me.
I just make the words come to life.
What can you tease about the neighbor
at the end of the season?
I know literally nothing.
Here's my theory, it says do you have any theories?
Yeah I think they're probably not gonna use the woman
they cast because they didn't know what they were gonna do.
This is the way television works,
no matter if it's good or bad or anything in between.
It's just, you can't know more than where you're at.
There is so much that goes into writing a season,
conceiving a season for the writers,
I mean they've got to arc out, I mean it's just a lot.
It's an organizational frickin' feat.
Yeah I mean he had to go back to his original Joe pattern
of literally the grass is always greener
on the other side of the fence, his fantasy.
I'm most interested in what's gonna happen
between Love and Joe, because they have a child.
Spoiler alert.
It would be great if I always said spoiler alert after.
I always spoil, that's what I'm gonna start doing.
Yeah, I have no theories,
I think that it's probably not gonna go in the direction
it seems like it is right at the end,
I think it's probably gonna like,
they're gonna do what they want, and deal with the neighbor.
I don't know, kill her!
That's terrible, and we can't even joke about that.
Thank you so much for tuning in.
If you haven't yet, please check out
You season two on Netflix, not the first season.
(upbeat music)
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Penn Badgley Answers Your Burning Questions

16 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on February 18, 2020
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