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That was our way home... we lost another island.
What is happening?
Haven't you heard?
Riley is running away.
Wait, wait, hang on guys.
Are we really doing this?
I mean, this is serious.
Look, we have no core memories.
If we want Riley to be happy, let's get back to Minnesota and make more.
Joy, if we hurry we can still stop her.
Family Island.
Let's go!
It's too dangerous, we won't make it in time!
But that's our only way back.
A recall tube!
We can get recalled!
Have a great day sweetheart.
See you after-school monkey.
We love you.
Run, run, go!
Whoa, whoa, Sadness.
Sadness, stop!
You're hurting Riley!
No, no, no, I did it again...
If you get in here, these core memories will get sad.
I'm sorry.
Riley needs to be happy.
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Inside Out (2015) - Riley Runs Away

193 Folder Collection
Taka published on February 17, 2020
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