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  • TITLE: SURF MAC MILLER GUITAR LESSON hi it's Tom the posthumous Mac Miller album dropped last night and I've had to

  • listen to it's really really strongly reminder of what an extraordinary talent

  • Mac Miller was I'm going to do a few tutorials today I'm going to do one on

  • surf and I'm also going to go through circles as well with surf I will go

  • through the advanced chords which I think that the ones played on the track

  • and I'll also go through the simplified version of the chords I'm going to do

  • that in the tutorial section and I'll also go through the solo with the chord

  • progression I'll play through it at a few speeds as well

  • you

  • so the cause that I have for serf is the first one is a c-sharp minor 7

  • and the second chord i have is an f-sharp minor 7 and here I'm using that

  • D minor shape and the third chord is a big dominant 7 or b7 and I'm using that

  • East 7 shape here

  • and finally and this is a trickiest chord I have an e add 9

  • now a less awkward version of the e at nine if you're using a bar chord will be

  • this one it would be like playing an e sus two and you're going to get the same

  • kind of feel there as well although I believe the other one is the one which

  • has been played on the track so I've got the chord boxes there so you can see the

  • fingering that I'm using there's not much really to say here that one thing

  • is you want to make sure that you have that little rest after you play the note

  • so I have to do that strum so it's quite an abrupt strum so if you want to a nice

  • simple strumming you just strum on every second beat and that still sounds great

  • now there are some variations during the track and I've kind of got this 11 which

  • I'm using there to transition back to that c-sharp minor' and there are a few

  • different ways that that gets done and that's kind of the trickiest thing in

  • terms of fingering when I do that I'm using my ring finger and that's pretty

  • much it for the strumming with the basic strumming where you could use if you put

  • a capo onto the fourth fret you could use an a minor 7 and then a D minor 7

  • and then a g7 and then if you want a super basic you

  • could use a c-major here or even better you could use a C at 9:00 and once again

  • if you're using that version you could Strummer every second beat one two three

  • four one two three four and that sounds good as well

  • with the solo this is all being played in the c-sharp minor seven pentatonic

  • scale you can listen to the track to see how the rhythm is the kind of key things

  • which a bit tricky is that slide there and back and there's quite a lot of

  • vibrato there there's also the effect on there so that's kind of like a fuzz

  • distortion which kind of gets that feel so there's a kind of that gritty feel so

  • if you want to kind of try to replicate that as well that's kind of really a

  • part of the tone of how this the tracks being played so hope you found that

  • useful do let me know if you want to have more tracks from this album and

  • comment and subscribe if you want to get more content like this that's it

TITLE: SURF MAC MILLER GUITAR LESSON hi it's Tom the posthumous Mac Miller album dropped last night and I've had to

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