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For a group to succeed, a member should have good fortune
An extraordinary Idol
An idol with extraordinary fortune
My mom grabbed 5 golden eggs
And she set 2 of them aside
Then she put 3 of them in her pocket
Oh that's why you have two sisters!
Wow! That's fascinating
To be the Idol with the best fortune in 2020
Even your conception dream has to be extraordinary
Just like her special conception dream, she has a special fortune as well
3 beautiful sisters, and the maknae Jeongyeon
The 96 liner Idols that have the best fortune in 2020
No.1 on the list is TWICE Jeongyeon
(Jealous) - She's gonna succeed even more?
2016 MAMA,
Best girl group
Since their debut in 2015, TWICE has been walking on a flower path
Thank you so much ONCE!
This award is for you~
And it looks like Jeongyeon's special fortune was behind TWICE's success
Jeongyeon is meant to have great fortune after she turns 21
And the year Jeongyeon turned 21 is when TWICE released
Coincidentally, it was the year that TWICE became one of the top girl groups
It all makes sense now
That's fascinating
Her good fortune started in 2016
And it's meant to continue for 4-5 years
In 2020, she'll meet an assistor, and she'll be filming a commercial as well
It's gonna be a flower path for you Jeongyeon!
Is he the assistor?
She has great fortune overseas as well
She's gonna succeed even more overseas
And that's gonna continue for about 3-4 years as well
But they were so popular overseas last year too!
They're gonna succeed even more?
Will they ever stop being popular?
The sky is the limit
And she has great luck in terms of real estate this year
Her fortune says she's meant to own a building in the future
Is Jeongyeon going to become a big player in the real estate world?
But there's more
Jeongyeon has great fortune
But even her destiny is indredible
Her destiny?
Out of all the other Idols, she has the best fortune/destiny
So is there something she doesn't have?
(Something she doesn't have?)
Umm... nothing
However, her 'gwan' is very prominent
(What's 'gwan'?)
A person with prominent 'gwan', has the power to control oneself
So she has a much greater chance of succeeding as a group than as an individual
Filming individual shots is lonely...
We're special because we are together, all 9 of us
She actually said that!
I know
Maybe it's because of her fortune
Jeongyeon looks much happier when she's with her members
She's better off as a team member
And this is important when choosing an agency
She should be in a big company, with a strong male leader
Goosebumps - JYP? - Really?
It's JYP ha ha
Jeongyeon, we hope you stay with JYP for a long long time
- He seems very surprised - Jackson is shocked
She's meant to be with a big company, and with fellow members
We hope TWICE stays together for a very long time
The 96 liner Idols that have the best fortune in 2020
No.1 was TWICE Jeongyeon
The 96 liner Idols that have the best fortune in 2020, No.1 was TWICE Jeongyeon!
Wow congratulations!
She's already so successful!
How much more success will she have?
We'll look forward to it
When he said "Umm... nothing" when we asked if Jeongyeon had any weaknesses
That was a memorable moment
I hope everything we've discussed on today's episode actually comes true
And if it does
TWICE, please come visit us at TMI NEWS
Why are you smiling?
- I feel kinda sorry for saying that - Why?
Because they're so busy
They are, but if they see this episode... TWICE will come to us
They're gonna walk right in here, ha ha ha
Coming to TMI NEWS... we'll be waiting
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[ENG sub] Mnet TMI NEWS [25회] 태몽부터 남다른 부동산계 큰손! '트와이스 정연' 200115 EP.25

23 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on February 15, 2020
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