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easy, but I thought it would be
>> In the itv documentary "Harry
and Meghan: An African-American
journey," Meghan speaks out
about the unfair scrutiny she
One of the reasons she's likely
distancing herself from the
royal family.
And the headlines that plagued
>> In very similar stories where
Kate and Meghan did a very
similar thing, Meghan's carried
one way and Kate another and
Kate's more favorable.
>> And calling out why can't
Meghan Markle keep her happened
off her bump.
>> And Kate tenderly cradles her
baby bump and story about Meghan
criticizes her.
If Kate does it, it's normal.
If Meghan does it, why is she
doing it?
It's a cause for investigation.
It's a cause for concern.
>> Believe it or not, avocados
were another source of
controversy for Meghan but not
>> The avocado story is prince
William is going on an
engagement and a boy gives him
an avocado because avocado might
help Kate's morning sickness.
Second story is how Meghan's
beloved avocado is Dooling
climate change and war crimes.
>> And then the choice of
wedding now everybodies.
>> When Kate married the
headline was it was flowers and
detailed look at the flowers in
her bouquet.
Among them, lily of the valley.
Meghan Markle also had lily of
the valley in her bouquet when
she married prince Harry.
She also had it in all of the
headpieces her flower girls
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Breaking Down Meghan Markle And Kate Middleton's Shocking Headline Differences

56 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on February 15, 2020
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