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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Word Origins 106. Yeah. And since you know, Valentine's

  • coming ... Valentine's Day is coming soon. I did a word origin about Cupid , erotic, and

  • aphrodisiac. So they're all kind of related to Valentine's Day in one way or

  • another. Anyway. Let's continue here. The origin of these words come from Greek

  • and Roman mythology. In Roman mythology Cupid is the son of Venus. So the goddess

  • Venus. Venus was the goddess of love in Greek mythology, he was known as Eros so

  • Cupid was known as Eros and Venus was known as Aphrodite. Okay. Yeah. In case you

  • don't know you know, the Greeks had these gods first and the Romans conquered them

  • and the Romans liked their gods. So they kind of adopted it , but they changed a

  • lot of names. So that's why you have a Greek name and a Roman name for a lot of

  • these old gods. You know back at that time. All right. Let's continue. The word Cupid

  • itself comes from the Latin word "Cupido." meaning desire. So that's why they ended

  • up naming him Cupid. Thus Cupid is known as the God of desire,

  • erotic love, and affection. You know, attraction. Anything like that. According

  • to Roman mythology, Venus mated with Mars. Even though there's a few stories

  • about where they mix up who she mated it with, but I think the main one is they say

  • Venus and Mars. And Mars is the God of War. So I don't know is that why

  • sometimes we have a lot of fights related to love ? I don't know maybe.

  • Anyway. Let's continue. In Greek mythology Cupid's name is Eros. This is where we

  • get the word erotic in English. So if you ever wondered where did it come from, it

  • comes from Eros which is the Greek name for Cupid. Okay. Eros . Erotic

  • in English means relating to sexual love, desire and excitement. Eros in Greek

  • meant sexual love. The Greek name of Aphrodite is where we derive the English

  • word for aphrodisiac in English. An aphrodisiac is any type of drug, food,

  • drink you know, et cetera that is believed to stimulate sexual desire in

  • people. Aphrodisiac comes directly from the Greek word aphrodisiakos . I

  • guess that's why you know, the female god was called Aphrodite too. Okay. Meaning

  • venereal. Okay. So we actually have another word here that's connected to

  • its origin. In English venereal means of or relating to external sexual organs. So

  • the sexual organs both for men and women on the outside is venereal. Okay. This is

  • where we also get the term venereal disease. Yeah. You might have heard of

  • that before which refers to any disease one can get through sex. So you know be

  • careful. Practice safe sex I guess. In Roman theology cupid is a grown winged

  • man with his bow and arrow. Okay. Yes. His arrows can make humans or gods fall in

  • love with uncontrollable desire. Yes. In Greek mythology he was a slender winged

  • youth and during the Hellenistic period, he was often portrayed as a cute

  • chubby boy. Yeah. In the past I also did a ... we get a lot of words from Greek

  • mythology and Roman mythology. And I did a word origin I

  • think on psyche and echo and maybe another one you could check some of my

  • old videos on word origin. So that was also related to a story with Cupid

  • as well. Okay. And anyway, we have three examples here for these words. So one

  • example for each of these three words. All right. Let's see the first one. Well

  • Okay. Some types of food claimed by you know, by

  • some , some people to be aphrodisiacs are watermelon, chocolate, oyster, chili,

  • peppers. You know, whether you realize it or not in some cultures. Different people

  • think that these might be the types of aphrodisiacs. Okay. figs,

  • strawberries etc. Okay. you probably eat a lot of these without realizing this , but

  • at least some people claim that you know, they are a type of aphrodisiac. Okay.

  • All right. The second one here. Images of Cupid are often seen around Valentine's

  • Day. Yes. Good and number three here . There was an erotic scene in that movie. All right.

  • That's an example of each one . Yeah. I think last year I did the origin of

  • Valentine's Day so if you like this one. Or you like the ones thats related

  • to Greek mythology check out some of my old word origins. You might see them too.

  • Anyway, I hope you got it. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you've found that it

  • was very informative. Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Word Origins 106. Yeah. And since you know, Valentine's

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English Tutor Nick P Word Origins (106) Cupid Erotic and Aprodisiac

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