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[men singing The Proclaimers' "I'm Gonna Be"]
[indistinct chatter]
♪ ♪
♪ I would walk 500 miles, and I would walk 500 more ♪
♪ Just to be that man who walks 1,000 miles ♪
♪ To fall down at your door ♪
[faint cheers and applause]
[Peaches and Herb's "Reunited" plays]
♪ ♪
- [speaking native language]
♪ ♪
- ♪ I was a fool ♪
♪ To ever leave your side ♪
♪ Me minus you is such a lonely ride ♪
♪ The breakup we had has made me lonesome and sad ♪
[teleportation whooshes]
[indistinct chatter]
[teleportation whooshes, man grunts]
[claxons blaring in the distance]
[car horns honking]
- Hi, Doc.
- I was just a fucking kid when you people--
- [in English] I didn't know what they'd do, I swear.
- Bullshit. - [grunting]
- God damn it, I have a family now!
We deserve a chance at a normal life.
[high-pitched ring, buzz]
[tense music]
[device beeping]
[teleportation whooshes]
[speaks French]
[both grunting]
♪ ♪
[device beeping]
- So, I hear you have a son.
♪ ♪
[device beeping]
- [grunts] [beeping stops]
♪ ♪
- [gasps]
♪ ♪
[grunts] [people gasping]
[woman speaking French on TV]
[both speaking French]
- [speaks French]
- Oui.
[dramatic music]
♪ ♪
[teleportation whooshes] - [grunts]
[door opens]
[footsteps patter outside room]
- Dad!
[door closes]
- Hi.
- [gasps]
H-how did you-- - I don't know.
- How are you here? - I--I don't--
Fuck, I don't know.
- Did Lucas drop you off?
- I don't think so. - Well--
- Is there anybody here? - What the hell happened?
Are you okay? - He was...
I was in his trunk, and then-- - What?
- I had--yeah, I had, like, a seizure,
and I, like, blacked out and-- - Henry, Henry.
- Fuck, I don't know. - Henry.
- I don't know what's happening to me!
- Okay, well, we gotta call the police.
- Jenna, we cannot call the police!
Do you think that I can explain this to the police?
I can't explain that. [car horn honks]
[breathing heavily] [honking continues]
- It's your mom.
- Oh. [exhales]
Oh, fuck, I have an appointment.
- You should tell her, okay? - I cannot--I can't tell her.
- At least about Clay.
- I have to go.
[solemn music]
♪ ♪
- What're you doing?
- Uh...
Sorry, I--I-- I was just, uh, um...
- Did you get in an accident? - Uh, no.
Not really, I--I--I-- - "Not really"?
- Okay, there-- Okay, okay, there--there--
There--there was this girl, and she was with Clay
before his wreck, and I thought she might know something,
but she--she wouldn't even talk to me, so I--I--I--
Okay, I put her in the trunk of the car, and then now--
- You put a girl in the trunk of your car?
- Yeah, I--yeah, I know how that sounds,
but I didn't have any other choice.
- Stop, just stop. - Look, Pop.
I will get her to talk, just give me another chance.
- I don't give a shit about some girl.
Your brother is in a coma, for Chrissakes.
You saw his truck. No girl did that.
It was those fuckers up north.
- The Millers?
- We lost their product at the border.
That doesn't come without a price.
- Well, then let me help. I can go to Canada, I--
- No.
You wanna help?
You stay with your brother in the hospital.
- Yeah, but...
Okay, yes, sir.
- No, no, no. Oh, God.
These red lights. Ugh.
I can't believe Gregg would only give me an hour break.
He knows how important this is. He has kids.
Do you know he spells his name with three Gs?
Gregg, with three Gs.
One in the beginning, two at the end.
Who does that?
Someone you can't trust, that's who.
[voice muffles] At least we got into this doctor.
There was like a crazy long wait,
I could barely get in, you know...
[wind soughing drowns out her voice]
[seatbelt swishes, muffled]
[muffled voice] Henry, are you okay?
[rattling, glass shattering]
Henry? - [panting]
- Honey, you're sweating.
- Yeah.
Yeah, I'm just-- I think I need some air.
I was just wondering if certain things can...
trigger seizures.
- Like what?
- Um...
Like, if--
Like, if somebody gets close to me,
or if I'm in a confined space.
- I'm--I'm sorry, I don't think I understand what you mean.
- It's just that I've had se--
two other seizures since
I went to the ER, and they f--
felt pretty different from the others.
- Different how?
- Like I blacked out or something.
Or at least that's how it felt to me.
Like I--
Like I lost time.
And then when I came out of it, I was in a different place.
- First of all, there is no scientific evidence to suggest
that claustrophobia or touch can incite seizures.
I believe that what you have is called
mesial temporal sclerosis, or MTS.
It's a very common condition,
which causes a variety of symptoms,
one of which is mild memory and time loss.
So essentially everything that you described is normal,
for patients with MTS.
- Oh. [laughs]
- So, uh, what--
what's next? What do we do?
- Well, we begin with new medication,
something that will actually manage
your seizures and blackouts
and get your life back to normal.
How does that sound?
- Yeah, that sounds great. [chuckles]
- Okay, um... [sighs]
Hope this'll be enough. Here.
Why don't you take that? Now, just go ahead
and take all this too, okay?
- Yeah, that's fine, I'm sure. Thanks, Mom.
- I'm sorry I don't have time to go in with you.
- It's just a prescription.
- Hey, wait, are you hungry?
Do you wanna come by the diner for a snack?
I can make you maybe a Shirley Temple.
Remember how you used to love those
when you were a little girl?
- The pharmacy's gonna close soon.
- Okay. - So...
- Yeah, okay.
All right, well, just, um,
remember Thomas will come and pick you up.
- Okay.
- Hey, this town's not so bad, right?
- Sure.
- I read somewhere that happiness is a state of mind.
- Okay.
- What do you mean, "Okay"?
- [sighs] I don't know, I've gotta go.
[car door closes]
[Warpaint's "Heads Up" plays]
- ♪ You got me one way turn around ♪
♪ You remind me of our son ♪
♪ All brought up on my own ♪
♪ ♪
♪ You make me other ways ♪
♪ You burn the eyes on my aura ♪
♪ ♪
[pins clattering]
- Hey. - Hey, Henry.
- My mom told me that you'd give me a ride home.
- How was your appointment?
- Fun.
- Uh, all right.
Uh, I got a pin stuck on lane eight.
Do you mind giving me a hand?
Come on, then we can go.
Lane eight.
[machine creaking and clanking]
Can you pass me that little wrench in my toolbox?
Deputy Hulce paid me another visit.
She's got it in her head that you called in
Clay Boone's accident from the scene.
- That's...
really weird.
I have no idea why she would think that.
- I told her the same thing.
I also ditched all those car parts I found in your closet.
I hope that's okay.
Were you hurt?
Good. [sighs]
Bill Boone is not somebody that you wanna mess with.
He's gonna do whatever it takes to protect his family.
Do you understand?
[pensive music]
♪ ♪
- Sir, you got a minute?
Uh, I wanted to talk to you about Eddie Max.
A number of witnesses confirm he was at The Lodge
the night of Clay Boone's accident.
- You know, the dressing just sits
right on top of the lettuce.
The doctor says I got gout, you know.
No more red meat.
- Have you tried shaking it? - Hmm?
- If you close your lid and shake your salad,
the dressing will mix right in.
- No shit.
- So, I took it upon myself to check
Henry Cole's cell phone records
and cross-referenced them with cell towers.
- Yeah, don't--don't, uh-- don't do that.
- Excuse me? - Don't take it upon yourself.
It's not that I don't appreciate your tenacity.
I mean, you're a real modern-day Angela Lansbury.
You know who that is?
- I--I do, yeah. - She's a very talented woman.
She'll probably outlive us all.
But I said that the case was closed, and I meant it.
I suggest
you put more energy into making friends around here.
That'll serve you better.
[door clicks open]
- Hey. Is my dad coming in?
- Um, no, he just dropped me.
Have you eaten anything yet?
- I've-- made myself soup.
- Who makes themselves soup?
- People like me, I guess.
- That's so weird, Jenna. - [clears throat]
Did you talk to the doctor about what's been going on?
- Yep.
- So what'd he say?
- Basically that everything is normal, you know,
for someone with my condition anyway.
- Even the blackouts?
- Yeah, he's got me on these new meds
that are gonna fix everything.
- Just like that?
- Just like that.
- Did you talk to your mom?
- About what?
- Clay.
- No, Jenna, I did not.
- Look, if you don't wanna talk to your mom, or me,
Planned Parenthood has a hotline you could call--
- What're you doing?
- I'm trying to help you.
- Don't.
- Henry.
Henry, you were sexually assaulted.
- I liked it better when we didn't talk.
[Skylar Grey's "Straight Shooter" plays]
[percussive music]
- ♪ Married into this family ♪
♪ And I'm datin' a bunch of outlaws ♪
♪ Even the children drawing guns ♪
♪ Out of little crayon box ♪
♪ Playing with scissors ♪
♪ Cuttin' straight to the point ♪
♪ Don't need to beat around the bush ♪
♪ We takin' shots to the groin ♪
♪ I take what I want ♪
♪ Take what I need ♪
♪ And do it all with dignity ♪
♪ Say what I want, say what I mean ♪
♪ And I don't need you to agree, yeah ♪
♪ I don't spit before I fuck it ♪
♪ Got a hand on my pistol in my pocket ♪
♪ I don't play nice ♪
[music muffled in headphones] ♪ I'm not a shit-talker ♪
♪ I'm a straight shooter ♪
♪ Now just give me the money, honey ♪
[metal clinks, paper crinkles]
♪ Now just give me the money, honey ♪
♪ Straight shooter, now just give me the money ♪
♪ Got a hand on the pistol in my pocket ♪
[bag zips]
[keys jingle]
- Shit.
[foreboding music]
[sign creaking]
♪ ♪
[bird caws]
♪ ♪
[keys jingling]
♪ ♪
[engine turns over]
[car beeping]
♪ ♪
♪ ♪
♪ ♪
[door rattles]
♪ ♪
[door rattles]
♪ ♪
[door rattles]
♪ ♪
[country rock music] - What're you waiting for?
Come on down to Bill Boone Motors.
We've got the best deals in town.
In fact, we will...
- Oh, God, yeah. - Out-beat our competition.
- Oh, yes. - I guarantee it.
- [moaning] - When we say we have
what you're looking for, we mean it.
- [moaning] Oh! Fuck, Bill, yes.
[gasping and moaning] Oh, yes.
Bill, fuck yeah.
- What're you waiting for?
Come on down to Bill Boone Motors.
We've got the best deals in town.
In fact, we will out-beat our competition.
I guarantee it. [keys jingle]
When we say we have what you're looking for,
we mean it.
Just hold up, I wanna get you something.
- Listen, I can pay my own rent.
It only went up a little.
[buttons beeping] -It'd make me feel better
if I could help, Iris.
[door clicks, metal creaks]
- Thank you, Bill.
[door clicks, buttons beep] - Don't mention it.
- So how's Clay?
- Uh-- [sighs]
Uh, listen, we should go. Now, honey, come on.
- [sighs]
[pensive music]
♪ ♪
♪ ♪
- What is this?
- Oh, um... [laughs]
It's paint. It's spray paint.
- Mm.
Have I seen your work?
- I don't know.
♪ ♪
Maybe. - [chuckles]
♪ ♪
- Are you cool with this? - Yeah.
- [laughs]
♪ ♪
[upbeat music]
♪ ♪
- ♪ I don't need your good advice ♪
♪ I can do this by myself ♪
♪ You're just trying to be nice ♪
♪ But I'm all right, don't need your help ♪
♪ I don't need your good advice ♪
♪ I can do this by myself ♪
♪ You're just trying to be nice ♪
♪ But I'm all right, don't need your help ♪
♪ Doot de do do do, doot de do do do ♪
♪ Doot de do do do, doot de do do do ♪
♪ Come around and put me down and ♪
♪ Tell me how I'm doing it wrong ♪
- I like that shirt.
- Whatever.
- ♪ And move along ♪
- Cool.
- ♪ Should be walking, should be runnin' out of town ♪
♪ Be dronin' ♪
♪ Bitch and moanin' ♪
♪ I can't even, not right now ♪
♪ Doesn't mean much to me ♪
- [laughs]
- ♪ All the noise you're making ♪
♪ And I can't get back ♪
♪ The time that you're wastin' ♪
[music slowing down] ♪ Doot de do do do ♪
♪ ♪
♪ Doot de do do do ♪
♪ ♪
♪ Doot de do do do ♪
[footsteps echoing]
[pensive music]
[indistinct chatter]
- He's an amazing guy, you know.
He just doesn't deserve this.
- Patty, Clay cheated on you. Like, a lot.
- Jesus, Jenna, I know that.
But he's on life support or something.
Have a heart.
- You're right. I'm--I'm sorry.
- We need to get our stories straight.
- About?
- What you did the other day.
I don't wanna get you in trouble.
- What're you talking about?
- The event.
Principal Paige wants to talk to us about what happened
in Dr. Gibson's class.
- Mister. - What?
- Nothing.
- It's important you know I would never reveal the truth
about your telekinesis.
- Townes, I've-- - It's true.
I have nothing to gain by exposing your secret.
I come from an upper-middle class family,
so the undoubtedly hefty financial reward
for selling you to the government
or some nameless, faceless multinational corporation
doesn't interest me. - Townes, stop.
I just get seizures sometimes. I mean--
Like, it sucks, but I--
That's it.
There's nothing special about me.
- [chuckles]
- What?
- This is exactly what I'm talking about.
Every super-powered individual experiences this sort of
pessimistic attitude before they learn to accept
their powers.
But we still need to determine whether you're a superhero
or a super villain.
- Bye, Townes.
- It could go either way. - [sighs]
- [exhales]
I got nothing to do with this, I swear.
- You dumped hundreds of thousands of dollars
worth of product down a drain.
- I had no choice.
Border Patrol was inspecting the truck.
- You were bringing a truckload of cars from Canada
into America without a passport.
- But I didn't hit Clay's truck.
I didn't do that.
- No.
You just caused our partners enough money
that they felt inclined to cripple my son.
- [sighs]
Look, I'm sorry, Bill, honest.
But I would never hurt Clay.
I can make it up to you.
- Why do you think you're here?
- What?
- I want justice done for my son.
You owe me.
[door buzzes open, slams shut]
[foreboding music]
♪ ♪
[hear rate monitor beeping]
♪ ♪
- So, uh...
I don't know any good jokes.
You were always better at remembering that kind of stuff.
But I should talk to you, right?
In case you can hear me.
[phone vibrates]
Shit, you're a popular motherfucker, that's for sure.
Dude, Patty Yang still texts you?
That poor girl.
[heart rate monitor beeping]
[phone keyboard clicking]
[foreboding music]
♪ ♪
[rock music]
♪ ♪
- ♪ Ah, ah-ah, ah-ah, ah-ah, ah ♪
♪ I want a noise ♪
♪ Ah, ah-ah, ah-ah, ah-ah, ah ♪
♪ I want it loud ♪
♪ Ah, ah-ah, ah-ah, ah-ah, ah ♪
♪ I want a noise ♪
♪ Ah, ah-ah, ah-ah, ah-ah, ah ♪
- Henrietta Coles?
- ♪ I want it loud ♪
- You're the new girl, right?
- Yeah, I guess so.
- Bill Boone.
Nice to meet you.
I saw you walking and I said to myself,
"I have to thank her."
If you hadn't called in Clay's accident,
doctors might not have got to him in time.
Say, what're you doing right now?
I could really use your help with something.
- You know, I'm actually walking home.
I've got a lot of homework to do, so...
Very sorry about Clay, Mr. Boone.
- Hey. [engine turns over]
Hold up a second.
You and Clay were close, right?
I mean, that's why he helped you, isn't it?
You know this... [taps steering wheel]
Baby runs pretty well,
given all the miles you put on her.
It won't take long, you know.
I'll have you back before you know it.
- Um...
Yeah, okay.
- Thanks.
Seat belt.
- Right.
[seat belt clicks]
[door rattles open, bells chime]
- What're you doing here? - Hi.
Well, I just figured,
even though you're working late, doesn't mean we can't
enjoy a meal together.
And the food here sucks. - Keep your voice down.
- All right, I can set up a table in the back.
- Um, ok-- okay?
Iris, do you mind if I take my break?
Just a little early? Okay. - Go for it. I can take those.
- Um, okay. Thank you. - Go. Okay.
- What is that?
- I tried to make a swan, but I guess it, you know,
turned out more like a-- like, maybe a duck,
or a--or a dog. - I was gonna say llama.
'Cause of the-- - Well, yeah.
At least that llama has warm bread inside.
- What? - Yeah, buddy.
- Mmm. - And...
I managed to snag us a couple of beers.
- Good man. - Here's to you.
- Oh. Thank you for this.
- You're welcome, my pleasure.
- Is this sauce homemade? - Um...
- You made this yourself?
- Well, Paul Newman made that sauce.
- Oh. - Right before he died.
- Oh. Thank you, Paul.
Mmm. It's good.
- Good.
- You know, Henry acts like these new meds
are gonna cure her, but the neurologist never made
those kind of promises.
And then I looked up MTS on WebMD,
and it says that it could get worse.
And if it does, it could require surgery.
I mean, what if something is really, really wrong
with Henry? I don't know what I would do.
And then she--Henry just acts so tough, you know?
She's always putting up these walls, but I know she's scared.
I can tell it. I know she is.
God knows I am, I mean-- - Cleo.
Whatever it is, whatever she needs,
okay, we will take care of it.
Henry is in good hands.
- Won't be too long now.
- Mr. Boone, I should probably get back.
Just 'cause I think my mom will be worried.
- You call her if you want to.
Don't worry, I don't plan on telling her what happened.
I was a teenager once too.
Smoking dope and having sex.
I get why you don't want anyone to know you were with Clay.
Kind of a double standard for girls, isn't it?
Oh, hold on.
[car creaking]
You know, when Clay was nine,
he and Lucas were messing around in the backyard.
Climbing that big oak.
Clay fell from one of the branches, broke his arm.
It was gruesome.
I mean, the bone was sticking out.
So I scooped him up.
I put him in the truck to take him to Emergency, right?
Well, the kid won't shut up.
I mean, he is wailing like a little girl.
So I stop.
I stop the truck.
And I said,
"Look at it. Look at your bone."
You should've seen the expression on his face.
Kind of the way you're looking at me right now.
But I tell him,
"We're not going to the hospital,
"until you do what I say."
So finally he turns and looks at it.
And again, he starts screaming and crying.
But I say to him, "Clay, underneath this shit,
"we're all just a sack of bones.
"Not a lot of people get to see the stuff underneath.
"Now is your chance to take a look at what you got
"and decide
what's gonna separate you from the other guys."
He stopped crying right then and there.
Nine years old and he got it.
That's strength.
- Stop! [tires screech]
- We're here.
- Mr. Boone, um...
- These men are business associates of mine.
They sell me used cars from time to time.
Stay put.
[car door closes]
[tense music]
[phone beeps]
- [whispers] Fuck.
[indistinct chatter]
♪ ♪
[metal rattling]
[car door opens]
- Okay, we're all set.
[gate creaking]
- Mr. Boone, I should probably call my mom now.
- These men that I work with are Mennonites.
I'm hoping you'll recognize one or two of them.
- I don't understand.
- All you have to do is tell me which one of them
attacked Clay.
And then we can go.
- Oh, no, no, no, no. [stammers]
I--I didn't see anything like that.
- It's--it's okay. Calm down.
- I--I really didn't see anything like that.
I don't even remember what happened.
♪ ♪
- Put your hood up.
♪ ♪
- Mr. Boone, can-- - Pay attention now.
♪ ♪
[car door closes]
[footsteps tapping]
♪ ♪
[indistinct chatter]
♪ ♪
[zipper buzzes] - Procedures in place...
[speaks indistinctly] - Of course.
[indistinct chatter]
♪ ♪
- [exhales]
♪ ♪
[car door opens and closes]
- So?
♪ ♪
- I don't--I don't know.
- Look, you and I,
we're on the same team. You know that.
I'll protect you. - But I d--
I--I don't-- I don't remember.
- Yes, you do. - I really--I really--
- Yes, you do.
Look at me. Look at me.
I know you're afraid.
So am I. For Clay.
If I could talk to him, I--
If I could ask him what happened, I would.
But I can't.
I can't because one of these men put him in the hospital.
It's not Clay's fault.
My boy didn't do anything wrong.
It's mine. It's my fault.
And I need to make it right.
You care about my son, right?
So tell me which one of these men hurt him?
- I--
- Was it the one with the money bag, in the plaid?
Or the one with the black hat in the center?
He calls the shots around here.
Look, you have to remember.
- I--I-- - You have to.
Come on.
- Um, I--
♪ ♪
It could--
It could be the first one. The--the--the young one.
The one in the plaid, but I'm--
But I'm really-- I'm really not sure,
so I can't be positive.
- But you think so?
♪ ♪
we should keep this trip between us.
It'd be better for everyone involved, don't you think?
♪ ♪
- You have any idea how fast you were going?
- Uh, no, Officer. No, I don't.
- It's just 'cause you can go over 100
doesn't mean that you should.
[lights clicking]
- For some time now, the science community
has known that genetic mutations cause disease...
If we know what mutations... [door clicks open]
[footsteps tapping rapidly]
- Fuck.
- What're you doing? - [sighs]
Thank fuck. - Where have you been?
- Get out of my room.
- Henry, you've been gone for hours.
- Jenna, I can't right now, so...
- What happened? Henry, tell me--
- Jesus Christ, Jenna, can you just worry about your own shit
for one second, and just
fucking leave me the fuck alone?
Jesus, I'm sure Patty has some dress that she's, like,
fucking dying to show you.
- Yeah, she probably does. - [sighs]
- But I'm not leaving you alone right now.
So, whatever you wanna do, let's do.
[rock music builds up]
♪ ♪
- You don't smoke that much, do you?
- [chuckles] First time, mm.
- What?
Jenna, you've never smoked, but you'll--
you drink this shit?
- Only sometimes.
It tastes like Pop Rocks.
- No, give it to me.
Ah, Flamingo Pink.
- Oh, and you're so cool? Look at your stupid graffiti.
[mocking Henry's voice] "Fuck this, fuck everything."
[both laugh]
- Okay.
♪ ♪
- You know, this used to be, um--
this used to be my mom's workshop.
She made all our clothes up here.
She tried to teach me to sew, but...
I thought it was stupid.
♪ ♪
[whispers] So...
You know, like two minutes after she died,
I threw up.
All over her bed.
I felt so bad.
She was--she was still lying there, and I--
I just couldn't keep it all in anymore, you know?
It was too much.
♪ ♪
Henry, whatever Clay did to you--
- I-- - I--
- I don't really know what he did, so...
- Okay.
Okay, but I-- I still think--
- And he might not even wake up.
You know? So...
Everything will just be...
♪ ♪
I hope he dies.
♪ ♪
[chuckles] That's fucked up.
- Not if it's what you feel.
♪ ♪
Look, I know he's in the hospital, but just...
♪ ♪
Don't--don't let him get away with it, okay?
♪ ♪
No matter what.
♪ ♪
[door entrance bell rings]
- Ms. Coles.
- Oh. How embarrassing. - Hi.
- I must look like a total caffeine addict.
- If I don't have at least two cups a day, I'm a monster.
Hey, do you have some time
to talk about Henry and Clay Boone?
- Um, sure.
What's up?
[school bell rings]
[indistinct chatter]
- Henry.
Principal's office, I'm afraid.
- Right.
[camera shutter clicking on phone]
[woman speaking indistinctly over PA]
- I just went. They didn't suspect a thing.
- They?
[indistinct chatter]
[hear rate monitor beeping]
[man speaking indistinctly over PA]
[heart rate monitor beeping faster]
- [gagging]
- Hey, hey, Clay, Clay.
Clay, hey, Clay. - [gasping]
- Uh, excuse me, hey, my brother's choking.
I--I--um-- - Step outside, sir.
Step outside of the room. Thank you.
- Excuse me, sir. [Clay gasping and gagging]
[rapid electronic beeping]
[nurses speaking indistinctly] - Got it?
[foreboding music]
- It must've been troubling
experiencing a seizure in class.
- It was pretty awful for both of us, wasn't it, Ms. Coles?
But, outside of that, you must admit
that you are a disruptive presence in the classroom.
I--I do see potential in you, though.
And I wanna help you. I really do.
So, I'm sorry for any part I may have played the other day,
but I believe that it would be better for everyone
if we just moved on from this.
Don't you agree?
- Better for everyone. - That's right.
- Um...
You know, I'm not really sure if that's true.
'Cause I, for one, am not really ready to move on.
Not since you inappropriately put your hands on me in class.
Equally inappropriate was the bullying of a student
with autism who doesn't know how to defend himself, which,
since we're being honest, is how this incident began.
- Excuse me, but-- - Dr. Paige, can I ask you,
um, how are we expected to conduct ourselves
with an example like Mr. Gibson,
who claims that he has a doctorate
when he really does not?
- I swear to God-- you with this again?
Do you see what she's doing? - I just have to wonder
what kind of example this sets for the youth of America.
- [scoffs] - You know?
Lie and you will be put in a position of power?
Take advantage of those who you deem weaker than you
and you will be rewarded?
- Okay, this is absurd. You're 16 years old!
- Mr. Gibson! - What gives you the right
to come in here and-- - Please!
Thank you for your candor, Ms. Coles.
And I assure you, appropriate action will be taken.
- I appreciate that, Dr. Paige.
[upbeat rock music]
Thank you for your time.
- ♪ Let's go ♪
♪ ♪
♪ Come on and move yourself ♪
♪ Ah-ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah-ah, ♪
♪ Get on up ♪
♪ Ah-ah-ah-ah ♪
♪ ♪
[text messages beeping]
♪ Got them shakin', t-t-takin' it somewhere else ♪
- Watch it. [electronic beeps]
- Henry.
Clay woke up.
[music abruptly stops]
[no audible dialogue]
[foreboding music]
♪ ♪
- [coughs]
- You okay? - [grunts]
I can't-- I can't--I can't--
I can't breathe. [hyperventilating]
[glass cracking, shattering, lights buzzing]
Jenna, get back.
[crying and gasping]
[doors bang, glass shatters]
♪ ♪
[air hissing, light bulbs popping]
[doors creaking]
[sobbing and panting]
[whoosh, clattering]
[sobbing] No, no.
No, fuck.
- What is this?
- Oh, um... [laughs]
It's paint.
It's spray paint. - Oh. [chuckles]
Have I seen your work?
- I don't know. [chuckles]
[echoing] Maybe.
[pensive music]
♪ ♪
♪ ♪
Hey, I think...
I think I should go.
♪ ♪
Okay, yeah.
Yeah, I can take you home.
- Sorry. - No, it's okay.
- You know, it's not that-- [keys jingle]
It's not that I, like, don't want to--
- Yeah, no, no, no. It's cool, I get it.
I've got my reputation to protect anyway, so...
[both chuckle] - Right.
[birds chirping]
[birds chirping, dog barking]
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Impulse - Ep 2

71 Folder Collection
Mackenzie published on February 14, 2020
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