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00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:02,825 We're Dude Perfect, welcome to plunger trick shots.
00:00:20,010 --> 00:00:22,330 Dude Perfect.
This is The Swinging Sticker.
00:00:33,455 --> 00:00:33,955 Yes!
00:00:43,000 --> 00:00:43,990 We love plungers!
00:00:54,025 --> 00:00:55,019 Let's go!
00:01:02,971 --> 00:01:04,462 Yeah, baby!
Let's go, baby!
00:01:15,430 --> 00:01:18,523 You guys ever seen a Five Plunge Sticker?
No, I'm kidding.
It's one at a time.
It's going to be one at a time, but it's still
going to be impressive.
00:01:22,358 --> 00:01:22,858 [DING]
00:01:24,354 --> 00:01:24,854 [DING]
00:01:26,350 --> 00:01:26,850 [DING]
00:01:27,848 --> 00:01:28,845 [DING]
00:01:29,094 --> 00:01:29,844 [DING, DING, DING]
He's done it!
The Five Plunge Sticker!
00:01:36,829 --> 00:01:37,329 Whoa!
Oh my god!
We're good.
We're good!
00:01:46,800 --> 00:01:47,356 Whoo!
How you like them apples?
This is a Through the Ring Sticker.
Let's do it.
00:01:57,480 --> 00:01:57,980 Whoo!
Nice, Gary!
00:02:03,560 --> 00:02:04,640 What goes up--
00:02:06,715 --> 00:02:08,090 --will probably be there forever.
00:02:10,211 --> 00:02:11,419 [RECORD SCRATCH, MUSIC STOPS]
Gosh darn it.
00:02:16,540 --> 00:02:18,070 Hi-ya!
First try!
00:02:23,210 --> 00:02:25,580 Bottom of the ninth, two outs.
Really got to stick one here.
Check this out.
00:02:32,489 --> 00:02:33,830 [CROWD CHEERING]
00:02:37,752 --> 00:02:38,252 Let's go!
00:02:44,204 --> 00:02:45,590 He's a plunging wizard!
You guys will never guess what's about to come out that door.
En guard!
We got him!
You want to make sure you push with your legs, not your back.
It's actually not that heavy.
Got the plunge.
Got the target.
You're probably thinking to yourself, OK,
that's probably pretty good.
You gonna stop?
Wow, you're going to keep going?
OK, seems ambitious.
Surely you're going to stop now.
And you'd be correct.
Here we go, this is the Trip Flip Pul--
The Trip--
This is the Trip Flip Plunge.
Yes, it is.
00:03:20,526 --> 00:03:21,026 Yeah!
00:03:26,852 --> 00:03:29,060 Really was hoping you're going to high five me there.
00:03:43,900 --> 00:03:46,916 Don't throw at the TV, they said, it would be a bad idea.
Plunge time!
00:03:51,160 --> 00:03:52,096 Let's go!
That's so 2018.
Waterbottle flips?
2019 is the year of the plunge.
00:04:02,610 --> 00:04:04,264 Double plunge stick!
Let's go!
00:04:16,019 --> 00:04:17,680 This is the Front Flippy Sticky.
Here we go.
00:04:24,542 --> 00:04:27,059 Yeah!
Let's go!
00:04:30,238 --> 00:04:30,738 Yeah!
00:04:38,315 --> 00:04:38,940 That felt good.
Oh my god!
I started laughing too hard.
What's up, guys.
Thanks for watching.
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Also, many of you know, we're going on a live tour
this summer.
Click here if you haven't got your tickets yet.
Signing off for now.
Plunge it!
See ya!
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Plunger Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

80 Folder Collection
Yuen Yee Bertha Chan published on February 12, 2020
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