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Every year, the editors of Oxford Dictionaries name their Word of the Year.
They just chose their word for 2013
and that word is selfie
You know
a picture you take of yourself
usually with a smartphone and usually uploaded to the Internet with an ironic hashtag
and all too often it’s taken with a duckface
According to a statement on the Oxford Dictionaries’ blog
they choose words that aren’t necessarily new
but that assert some kind of prominence in society
The word selfie has been traced as far back as 2002
but it’s grown more than 17,000 percent this year alone
The statement goes on to say about selfie
If it’s good enough for the Obamas and the Pope
then it’s good enough for Word of the Year
Another word they considered was binge-watch
the practice of watching a million episodes of a TV
show in a row through a smart device

They also considered showrooming
a word that refers to the practice of going
to a store to check out items

and then going home to buy them online for less money
thus, screwing the store
Another word nominee was twerk
That’s all I’m going to say about that.
Those words are all overused enough to qualify
but Oxford really wanted to choose a word that
truly reflected the state of our present culture

and selfie was the perfect choice
because it genuinely captures how self-obsessed we’re all becoming
We’ve all got Facebook pages for our hobbies
We all have Kickstarters
where we ask our friends and families to give us money
for whatever we feel like doing besides working for someone else
The Internet is conditioning us all to believe how important we are
and that is turning our attention inward
We’re now more concerned with our profile pictures
than with what’s going on in the world around us
Oxford crystallized this point by choosing the word selfie
So maybe we can use this as a learning opportunity
to open our eyes about our selfish ways
Maybe we can start pointing our cameras at other things than ourselves
Maybe we can start pointing them at worthwhile causes
that need attention or natural beauty or social injustices
and strive to make unselfie the word for 2014
Or if that’s too much to ask of society
then maybe we can just strive for a little less duckface
Tonight, let’s talk about that by following me on Twitter at The Resident
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"Selfie" is Oxford's Word for 2013

37781 Folder Collection
Jason Lin published on December 5, 2013
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