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These are the most beautiful villages
in all of Italy.
The Cinque Terre are a collection
of five gorgeous villages
along Italy's epic Italian Riviera coast.
The towns are tiny and are special in their own unique ways.
There's Riomaggiore,
the most southern village
and known for it's small harbor,
tiny beach and quality restaurants.
It's also the end of the famous Via dell'Amore hike.
Slightly north is Manarola.
The second smallest of the Cinque Terre towns
and possibly its most ancient.
The town is one of the most picturesque
and has a rocky harbor which is great
for a dip on a hot day.
Right in the middle you can find Corniglia.
This village is a bit different from all the others
because it doesn't have any access to the sea.
It's located on top of a 100 meter high cliff
which gives you an epic view.
Down a hill you can find Vernazza
which is probably the most iconic of all the villages.
It's drop dead gorgeous
and famous for its colorful houses and lively square.
Next to Vernazza lies the most northern village,
Monterosso al Mare.
This village is much bigger than the other ones
and is the only town where cars are allowed.
It's home to some of the bigger hotels
and has lots of choices for restaurants and bars.
When you travel to Cinque Terre you can swim and relax,
enjoy great food and wine and you can get active!
There is a dedicated train line
that travels between the villages
but if you're adventurous,
you need to put on your hiking boots and hike your way
through the UNESCO World Heritage National Park
that connects all the villages.
There are a dozens of hiking tracks
and they take you along the coast, up the hills
and through the vineyards and other hidden villages.
And at the end of the day there's no better way
to appreciate the Cinque Terre than returning from a hike
and enjoying that epic sunset with a spritzy drink.
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Cinque Terre is the best place in Italy!

113 Folder Collection
Courtney Shih published on February 12, 2020
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