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  • What is a simile? A simile is a figurative piece of language that we use to compare one

  • thing with another. Just like this. 'My mama always said life is like a box of chocolates,

  • you never know what you are going to get'. What they are saying there is that life is

  • similar to a box of chocolates. When you open a box of chocolates you might not know what

  • flavour of chocolate you are going to get and life is kind of like that. We don't know

  • what we are going to get. Are we going to get a happy moment, a sad moment etc. So they

  • are comparing life with a box of chocolates. 'I'm in love with the shape of you, we push

  • and pull like a magnet do.' You'll notice in both examples the word 'like'. Like is

  • a fundamental part of a simile. We use like or as to compare the two things. Another famous

  • example is by William Wordsworth. 'I wandered lonely as a cloud'. I'm not saying there that

  • I am a cloud but I'm wandering lonely as a cloud. I'm comparing myself to a cloud. Similes

  • allow us to be really creative with our words. So for example 'The buildings were like giants'.

  • Again I'm not saying that the buildings are giants but that they remind me of giants.

  • That I'm comparing them to giants. So a simile allows you to be really creative. It's an

  • opportunity to express yourself in an imaginative way. Now there are a lot of very common similes

  • that we use all the time. Often with an as/as structure so for example 'as good as gold'

  • and that means very well behaved. You might describe a child as being as good as gold.

  • 'The kids in my class are a good as gold.' They behave very well, they are as good as

  • gold. As flat as a pancake. Very flat. So 'My hair is as flat as a pancake' you might

  • say. As hard as nails. So if you want to describe a very tough person you might describe them

  • as being as hard as nails. 'The security guard was as hard as nails.' Or as light asa feather.

  • Very light. So 'the ballerina was as light as a feather'. So you can see that we either

  • have very common similes that you can use like those ones or you can make your own ones

  • up, you can be creative. You can play with the language and that's what I love about

  • similes. It's allowing you to be creative, to play with the language and use your imagination.

  • Alright guys, it's your turn to write a simile. Now I'm going to give you a few ideas and

  • I want you to write a simile for me and put it in the comments below, Ok? So remember

  • we are comparing one thing to another, we are going to use the word like or as, ok?

  • And be creative! Be imaginative! Come up with something funny, witty, unbelievable, whatever

  • it is that you have got. Ok? So, are you ready? Alright guys thank you so much for hanging

  • out with me today. I hope you enjoyed it. Remember to check out my Instagram account

  • where I put fresh daily English content on there and of course Facebook as well. I've

  • got new videos every Tuesday and every Friday helping you take your English to the next

  • level. Thank you so much for hanging out with me guys, I've really appreciated it. This

  • is Tom, the Chief Dreamer, saying goodbye.

What is a simile? A simile is a figurative piece of language that we use to compare one

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