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In 2015,
humanity came together
with a call to action
for a better world by 2030.
They agreed on 17 Sustainable Development Goals
to end poverty,
improve health and education,
reduce inequalities,
and tackle climate change.
It's going to take the entire world
to make these goals a reality.
And who better to lead the charge
than 50 million Scouts?
You may know us as the ones
who give a helping hand to the elderly,
keep forests clean,
run donation drives,
or who are generally just good,
active citizens.
And have you heard of the Scouts
welcoming refugees in Turkey?
Or leading peace talks in Colombia?
Or the ones giving thousands of students
access to clean water
in South Sudan?
We've already completed
over a billion hours
of community service for the SDGs.
Whether it's something really big or really small,
we can all do something to make these Goals a reality.
By taking millions of local actions
in almost every community,
we're making the world's largest youth contribution
to the SDGs.
We're just trying to make this world
a little better every day.
We're Scouts for SDGs.
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We’re Scouts for SDGs

179 Folder Collection
Courtney Shih published on February 11, 2020
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