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  • You there! Life is meaningless and death approaches.

  • So come play video games!

  • What's that? Who am I? Why, I'm Nevercake!

  • YouTuber extraordinaire.

  • And I'm here to tell you about League of Legends.

  • Just look at all it's diverse content.

  • With over 100 champions to choose from.

  • There's a perfect fit for everyone.

  • Pick a character that interests you.

  • Strength.

  • Magic.

  • Other reasons.

  • Now that you've picked a character that adequately expresses yourself, it's time to find a role that suits your play style.

  • Like to go it alone? Perfect!

  • Enjoy hunting monsters? Great!

  • Want to stick with a buddy and blame him for your mistakes?

  • It's like you're already a pro!

  • Of course, League of Legends is a team game.

  • So, if you had friends, it'd be even more fun!

  • But don't worry. You could always play with bots.

  • And they won't judge you when you die to minions.

  • Once the game starts, you'd better buckle up, cowboy, 'cause things about to get rowdy!

  • Just look!

  • Quality game play.

  • And there's strategy, too.

  • You've gotta buy items to get stronger.

  • Why use one sword when you can use all the swords?

  • But strategizing can be difficult... so don't!

  • Just spam your abilities instead.

  • I'm sure everything will work out.

  • So, what are you waiting for?

  • Hop on into some League of Legends today.

  • I mean, what else are you gonna do?

  • Contribute to society?

  • Yeah... didn't think so.

You there! Life is meaningless and death approaches.

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