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You there! Life is meaningless and death approaches.
So come play video games!
What's that? Who am I? Why, I'm Nevercake!
YouTuber extraordinaire.
And I'm here to tell you about League of Legends.
Just look at all it's diverse content.
With over 100 champions to choose from.
There's a perfect fit for everyone.
Pick a character that interests you.
Other reasons.
Now that you've picked a character that adequately expresses yourself, it's time to find a role that suits your play style.
Like to go it alone? Perfect!
Enjoy hunting monsters? Great!
Want to stick with a buddy and blame him for your mistakes?
It's like you're already a pro!
Of course, League of Legends is a team game.
So, if you had friends, it'd be even more fun!
But don't worry. You could always play with bots.
And they won't judge you when you die to minions.
Once the game starts, you'd better buckle up, cowboy, 'cause things about to get rowdy!
Just look!
Quality game play.
And there's strategy, too.
You've gotta buy items to get stronger.
Why use one sword when you can use all the swords?
But strategizing can be difficult... so don't!
Just spam your abilities instead.
I'm sure everything will work out.
So, what are you waiting for?
Hop on into some League of Legends today.
I mean, what else are you gonna do?
Contribute to society?
Yeah... didn't think so.
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What is League of Legends? By Nevercake | Community Collab

2756 Folder Collection
Ingrid published on February 11, 2020    Ingrid translated    adam reviewed
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