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[Julian Huguet]: Hello and welcome to GeForce. I'm Julian here with Vijay.
And there's a lot on display here at CES, and that pun is intended
because there's a ton of cool G-SYNC tech that NVIDIA is showing off.
First off, we're going to look at the 360 Hz monitors. Tell me about these.
[Vijay Sharma]: 360 Hz monitors are our new G-SYNC category for Esports displays.
And 360 is six times faster than a 60 Hz monitor,
and it significantly improves a competitive gamer's gameplay.
[Julian Huguet]: So, let's go into specifics here.
We've got three different demonstrations showing off here at CES.
What does each one of these show that 360 Hz does?
[Vijay Sharma]: At a top level, we did some research with competitive gamers.
And we had them play on 60 Hz, and then we had them play on 360 Hz.
And their flick shot improvement was 37%, so an absolutely gigantic improvement.
And like you mentioned, there's three demos and three components we talk about.
The first is improved comprehension.
So, if you look at any game that has a lot of motion, like Dota 2,
at 360 Hz the animations are incredibly smooth.
And so you can read the text, and you can track the characters
for better target acquisition and that kill shot.
The second thing is something we call precision aiming and target acquisition.
As you're moving in a game, you want the clearest motion possible.
You don't want any ghosting, you don't want any tearing,
and you want smooth animation. So, as you're tracking a target,
you can tell it's a target, not the background.
The third thing is instant reaction times.
With a 360 Hz display, your screen is updated every 2.8 milliseconds.
At 60 Hz it's 16 milliseconds.
And so you can acquire a target much sooner
because your system latency is so much lower.
[Julian Huguet]: Yeah. I was playing the Dust II map op-ing
and I went from hitting nothing to 80% to 90% of the shots.
But for somebody who has a 240 Hz monitor, what kind of difference will 360 Hz make?
[Vijay Sharma]: Yeah. Great question. We had our research team look into that.
With pro players going from 60 to 240, we saw a 33% improvement.
And like I mentioned from 60 to 360, they saw 37, so 4%.
4% doesn't sound so big.
In the 2016 Summer Olympics, the difference between gold and silver
for the 100-meter and 200-meter dashes, men and woman, 1%.
So when you tell a pro I'll give you a 4% improvement, they get excited.
[Julian Huguet]: Yeah, that's a huge difference. We also are showing off
Mini LED monitors. Tell me more about these.
[Vijay Sharma]: Mini LED, we first introduced last year
with 576 local dimming zones and 1000 nits peak brightness.
What we're doing this year is we've doubled the number of zones to 1152,
so you get even deeper blacks, even brighter brights,
and we're increased the peak brightness to 1400 nits.
When you combined that with the latest RTX games,
the level of realism and immersion you get, it's absolutely amazing.
[Julian Huguet]: And then, of course, there's the big centerpiece
LG OLED that are G-SYNC compatible.
Tell me about these amazing TVs.
[Vijay Sharma]: They're big. They're OLED, so they give you
extremely black blacks, very bright lights.
Unlike other TVs you might game on, these ones are highly responsive.
It feels like you're playing on a desktop G-SYNC monitor,
but what you're playing on is a gigantic TV.
[Julian Huguet]: You know, when we spoke a year ago
and the G-SYNC compatible program was announced,
there were a total of 12 monitors out of 400 you had tested.
Now, right at the start of the year, 12 OLED TVs are certified.
Is the amount of monitors that are G-SYNC compatible just accelerating?
[Vijay Sharma]: It is increasing. Today at CES,
we have 90 G-SYNC compatible monitors.
So, we're working with the ecosystem every day
to bring better quality displays to the gamer.
[Julian Huguet]: Well, we hope you guys enjoyed this rundown of
all the amazing monitor tech that NVIDIA is showing off here at CES 2020.
Stay tuned for more coverage from CES, and I'll see you next time.
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Huge G-SYNC News! CES 2020

20 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on February 10, 2020
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