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Your signature, please.
Yes, well, I'll call there and ask, but thanks a lot! Bye!
-- I need to talk to you about something. == This was an important call!
What I need to talk to you about is important, as well.
-- We're going to have a meeting in the storeroom, right now. == My break is not for another 30 minutes.
Perhaps I could talk to your boss and he'll make an exception.
You?! With my boss? That woman is a total workaholic, herself, constantly tensed up!
Maybe she wants to change and allow more muse and sensuality to get into her life.
What? Change! Her? Never!
What if she promises to you?
I'd need proof! Besides, it's been agreed to strictly seperate private and professional matters.
Me asking you to follow me to the storeroom is strictly professional, of course!
Well, that makes it an exception, then!
-- Whoa, my boss sure likes it rough, doesn't she? == Yeah, well, time is money!
Careful! Oh-oh...
That's my new desgin, it musn't be touched!
== It's really beautiful! -- Yeah, it is..
== However, it's not as beautiful as.... -- No! Please, don't say it! That would be really cheesy.
Why? I want to say that my girlfriend is the most beautiful woman in the world!
You're cute, especially when no one can understand what you're saying.
-- For the design to turn out that well... I have to thank you, too! == Why?
Because you fought for the employees to get their bonus and now they're working 150 percent.
You see? Sometimes it's good to think of the community!
Have you seen Rebecca?
Sometimes, I'm thinking half the people here can't even talk!
He can wait. Sorry!
That's one crazy guy. But also he's interesting in some way.
== Mhm...interesting, in what way? -- Not what you think!
== Yet, sometimes, he flirts with me, at the reception desk. -- He does?! == Yeah, it's a game, but it's funny in a way.
I don't wanna talk about that guy, right now.
Would you mind knocking first?!
Knocking at the storeroom?!
Do you need any...help?
I'm just looking for something... excuse me.
There it is! We have to talk to...I mean, I have to talk to you.
--And also...uhm...Tristan wanted something, as well! == Allright. Would you mind leaving the room with that golden shoe, now?
Yeah, sure!
== Too bad, I always thought.... -- Out!
You two look really sexy, can't I stay for a little longer?
That's a "no".
Have fun.
Piss off!
-- How nice of you to drop in! I thought, you wanted to talk to me! == Me, why?
You sent Kim to me. I was looking for you, where were you?
I was busy...sorry, it wasn't important. What's up? Thore still wants to talk to me.
I've been thinking about how to increase our cash flow.
Tristan, we all know we need to economize.
That's right! The answer is: manufacture wages.
I found a contractor in Bukarest who will take care of everything. Plus, he's very cheap.
== You're joking. -- No. We're going to outsource the entire production.
Excuse me?! You want to relocate the entire sewing department to Bukarest?!
-- I'm sorry. I've got the acknowledgements of orders you wanted. == Put them on the table
Keep shouting, I'm sure the guys from accounting haven't heard you, yet!
Don't change the subject, Tristan!
I thought we agreed that we didn't want to go along with the cheap trend!
Yes, we do agree with that!
-- However, I think Tristan should finish, first. == Why? The matter is settled!
We're going to outsource our production to Romania, including a loss of image and problems with quality and, last but not least, the job-cuts we'll have to face!
If we keep the outward processing procedure here in Germany, we won't even lose our "made-in Germany" attribute!
However, I'm wondering whether the only loss of image you're afraid of is yours when it comes to Marlene.
What do you mean?
You're panicking because there might be a domestic strife if she finds out, aren't you?
Is she going to withdraw her love then?
I can understand you being shocked. Rebecca wanted to disappear to New York, not long ago.
What about you?
It wouldn't have been easy for me to go with her. Away from you all...however, if you love someone...
== I don't know how it would be with Ricardo and me. -- Well, you're going to have to find that out for yourself.
-- How are things with Rebecca? == Good! Why are you asking?
I heard you fought a lot for the employees, lately!
Speak of the devil!
== Hi, Jess! -- They want to outsource us to Hungary!
-- Can you imagine that?! Hungary! == What?
I just heard in the bosses office they want to outsource the entire production to Bukarest!
-- I don't want to move to the Balaton! == Uhm, hold on... Balaton, that's in Hungary, however I thought you were talking about Romania...?
-- It doesn't matter! I'm probably gonna lose my job! == Just calm down! Are you sure that's what you heard?
-- Yes! What should I do, now? I don't want to be unemployed! == Hold on, did they say production?
-- God, how many more times, YES!! == That doesn't concern you, then, Jessica!
-- Why? == You're the assisstant of the management!
I'm sure they're not going to relocate the company headquarters to Bukarest!
That's true! Maybe you're right...
What do I do now?
I'm at the No Limits, right now, why don't you come over and we can talk about it?
Okay, I'll do that. See you in a bit!
Assisstant of the management! Hungary without me!
== Jessica is quite sure? -- Yes, if you don't count her usual insecurity component...
Rebecca would have told me about this!
You know what? Red Marlene is going to find out if this is true!
I'd like to pay, please!
-- Who told you that? == Jessica. -- I knew it!
That's not the issue, here!
When were you planning on telling me you're going to dismiss two thirds of the staff?!
First of all, I only got to know about it, just now! And second of all, nothing has been decided, yet!
Tristan's only thinking about it.
== What do YOU think about it? -- Could you lower your voice, please?!
Could you answer my question, please?
I think it's bad, of course! Which is what I told my brothers!
Okay. So you're going to prevent Tristan from taking that absurd plan of his any further, right?
This is only going to be an issue after the Fashion Days!
That doesn't matter! Which side are you on?
We had this discussion only a few days ago!
Yes, because it's important! So, do you want to prevent this or not?
I do!
Just promise me you'll keep it to yourself, at first!
Otherwise we can just cancel the Fashion Days and forget about my collection!
Okay, I'm going to try!
Man, you're stubborn!
Thanks! I love you, too!
I mean, it's clear what all of this means for us!
Good you're here! Have you heard about the Romania-scandal, yet?
Yes, I have.
== It's true, then! Okay. That means we're going on a strike! -- Definetely!
You wanna strike?!
What else?
Why would we work overtime without pay, just to be deported right after the Fashion Days?!
You guys, I'm sorry, but I don't think striking is such a good idea!
And why is that?
If we sabotage the Fashion Days, now, the company is going to be ruined and no one is going to profit from that!
What else should we do?
What worked once could work again.
We already talked them out of cancelling the bonus-payments, let's try that again!
Yes, let's do that!
If you take care of it, again!
Me? No, it doesn't always have to be me!
Someone else might take charge... Nicole! You'd be perfect for it!
== Me?...A simple ironer? -- How modest, all of a sudden...
-- No, it's just...you have a good rapport with the upper floor! == She's got a point.
Fine, I'll do it! But I can't promise you anything!
-- You got a moment? == What's up?
We have to talk, urgently.
The staff overheard that the production is supposed to be outsourced to Romania?
== I see. -- That's all you got to say?
Don't worry, I'll handle the staff.
Tristan, I don't think you're hearing me.
I've been sent by the employees to find a solution with you.
What kind of solution? I don't have a problem.
-- When and where, however, did you turn into Rosa Luxemburg? == Please, don't change the subject, okay?
We want you to know that going on a strike is only our last solution.
If you keep talking like that, I'll be forced to laugh at you.
I'm only telling you what the staff is planning to do.
By the way, uhm... are you here as official union representative?
== No. -- Then I've got the best solution for both sides:
You leave my office, right now, and I can keep working.
== Tristan, I... -- I'm going to restructure the company, whether you like it or not, allright?
You haven't heard the last of me...
Oh, and get me a new cellphone!
Then we have to strike, after all, if no one takes us seriously!
== Don't you get that it would make everything worse? -- I believe so, too.
But we have to do something! We can't just put up with this!
Yes, I agree.
Marlene! Suggest something!
Maybe... well, I could try to talk to Sebastian, once more.
Talking...that's no use.
Right. They only want to keep us quiet.However, I'm certainly not going to work to rule, anymore!
Why not?
Guys, maybe that's the solution!
Seriously, who of you still works to rule here?? No one!
Because that would mean: no more working on the weekend, no working overtime without pay and no more shortened breaks!
Yeah, and they wouldn't be able to say anything, cause we're still working!
A slowdown strike!
The only problem is we'll never get ready until the Fashion Days!
Yes and because no one wants that, especially not the bosses, they might give in faster!
I'm sorry, I didn't know what else to do.
Tristan didn't want to listen!
== You could have talked to me! -- I had to act fast!
We can't lose time if we want to get anywhere with this.
We? There is no WE in this...
>English transcript by Miral - Timings Novemberstern
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Marlene & Rebecca - Part 132 Reloaded (closed captions)

62 Folder Collection
p109130p published on February 9, 2020
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