B2 High-Intermediate US 73 Folder Collection
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- [Man] Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Famous for its stroopwafle or stroopwafles,
its marijuana (coughing),
I mean baked goods.
And it's delicious, slippery raw fish known as herring.
More importantly, Dutch new herring.
Yep, that's a headless raw fish. (ewing)
This one's gonna be delicious.
This is probably the most famous dish in the Netherlands.
But to understand why we must travel to the dish's origin.
Welcome to Scheveningen-
the seaside town obsessed with the herring,
illustrated by this giant herring eating statue.
I mean their town's flag even has three herrings on it.
Oh wait, sorry, that's a bad example; there we go.
Meet Cees. He's the owner of Haring Huisje.
- [Man] And chomp.
So let's go back to Amsterdam.
(bell ringing)
Here they eat the herring a little differently.
- [Man] But why the pickles and onions.
- [Man] The dish can't be found in restaurants-
only these last surviving herring stores
scattered around the dam.
(relax grunting)
- [Man] OK, wish me luck.
(light ragtime music)
(light electronica)
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Slurping Down Headless, Raw Fish in the Netherlands

73 Folder Collection
published on February 8, 2020
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